September 8, 2009
Cosplay Rantings + Gaming

Dear con-goers,
No matter how much you look like a given Turk naturally (see: Tseng-boyfriend), getting up and putting on some random navy suit you bought for like graduation or whatever does not constitute good cosplay. Ever. Seriously, I am sick of seeing shitty closet-cosplay Turks on the internet. My esteemed Turks (who will not be shitty because /I/ am in charge here) will probably have to keep me from throttling people at Sakuracon.

In gaming news, all I can say is holy shit guys, we're in the future. Isak and Varus, being mages, are of course poking and prodding at everything to see how it works and Isak is going 'Death is free again? Whoa'. This is going to be awesome.

Classes start tomorrow and I am still waitlisted for two of mine aaaaagh.