September 26, 2009

So, tonight in 'food I just learned you can make at home': marshmallows! We used Alton Brown's recipe, and they turned out pretty tasty - although the real test will be tomorrow when I am not oversaturated with sugar already. It's a little messy, mostly in the transferring from mixing bowl to pan step, and I cut the mixing time a little short because my poor stand mixer was starting to strain itself. The phrase 'Old World charm' may have been thrown around a bit as we tried to wrestle the stuff into the pan (as well as 'facial', later - attempting to lick up the remains of sticky white goo leads to some amusing images).

Also, I think I may be starting to lose it. I spent a good fifteen minutes freaking out because I couldn't find the second replacement front panel for Rufus's long vest thing, so I'm freaking out, and going through all the pieces, and then put what I have finished on so I don't lose it...and then discovered I had already attached it. And I totally don't remember doing it. At least I didn't lose the pieces, I guess?

And my new keyboard unit for my laptop finally showed up yaaaay. No more hideous neon USB keyboard for me!