September 27, 2009
More FF7 Shit (And Some Other Stuff)

Which I realize I talk about a lot, but nobody cares about twenty-page-long microarray overview papers giving me headaches (mostly because the authors assume more of a data analysis background than I have). So, in no particular order-

-I am a huge nerd and contemplating trying to plot out functional mechanics for magic/mako and Geostigma ('science' and 'Final Fantasy' = two things that should probably not be in the same sentence)
-I bought a Crisis Core wallscroll today! This art, no idea where I'm going to hang it as I have CLAMP and FFX posters that still need hanging too
-Fangirl Freudian slip of the evening - substituting 'Wall Market' for 'Night Market'. I actually caught myself after the first word but was in a car of other fanpersons who called me on it. In my defense, the Night Market is like the Wall Market, only with more Chinese bootlegs and less places to sit.

In non-FF7 news, the marshmallows were (and are) absolutely delicious, I went into T&T to buy dried mushrooms and BBQ sauce and came out with two bags of groceries and eight kilos of rice, and I am seriously contemplating Kanji. Nevermind that I do not have a crazy widow's peak and have lots of cosplay projects already. But he's so full of win, and I've made that style of uniform before (teen!Seishirou, which never got worn and is now too small). Bonus points would be convincing Rosie to dress as Naoto, because she's got the right build and looks for it, and would be all over getting to wear a boy's uniform and a kickass hat.