September 12, 2009

So I wrote 800 words of Rufus + Tseng fic. Over curry. On my cellphone. I know this is not actually a massively awe-inspiring wordcount, but the last thing I actually managed to finish was just under 900, so for me, this is a lot for me XD Hopefully I'll get it finished! The beginning flowed easily, but now I have sort of plot out where exactly I want it to go, which is a bit trickier.

Also, I had a fucking amazing burger tonight. Rosie and some of her friends were having a massive joint birthday party, and it turns out one of the wargamers works in a five-star restaurant and roped a bunch of us into helping him cook. So homemade patties with red pepper relish (also homemade), goat brie, honey carmelized onions, chipotle mayo (ditto), and honey maple syrup bacon. Om nom nom nom.