September 12, 2009
Some Shinra Stuff

First, a neat little Shinra-centric AMV - I'm not actually a huge AMV fan, as I think many of you know already (attention span of a goldfish, here), but this one is well-put-together.

Second, a combination of introspection and food for though for some of the Rufus-writers on my flist. I've been reading through the BC scripts a little more thoroughly than I did when I apped Tseng for City of Mako many years ago, now (I also think that at the time, like...only the first five or six were translated), and I've come to the realization that BC!Rufus is a huge dick to the Turks. First he gets Veld reassigned, then he orders Avalanche to kill the Turks when they're standing right in front of him, and then basically throws Veld under the bus to save his own ass. Now, as I am a huge Rufus/Turks shipper in general, I realized I need to find a compelling reason for the Turks to stay loyal to him. Because honestly? Given the way Tseng is characterized in BC and CC, I can't see why he'd stick around after Weapon to take care of Rufus's sorry ass.The two possibilities Jon and I came up with is either Rufus doing something totally altruistic in secret and the Turks finding out about it, or putting himself on the line to save one of them. Any other brilliant ideas?

Also, two fun Turks facts for writers - they apparently have company housing within the main Shinra tower, and there is a hidden room inside the Turks offices where Rufus is held temporarily following his secret arrest.Yeah, that second one sounded like a set-up for porn to me, too.