October 30, 2009
I Like Lists Okay :<

Things That Are Awesome
-Midterms! Are! Done!
-Chocolate fudge for the party tomorrow is actually appropriately fudgey
-Halloween = I finally have things for Clow to do in Desai
-Finding a stuffed black panther at Value Village for $3. It will become my cute tentacled bodyguard soon
-UBUNTU 9.10! They finally fixed the 3D rendering problems on Intel graphics cards.
--Which means... YES. That is me playing WoW on Linux, with similar FPSs to Windows, and the only graphical tweak I had to do was disable shadows, because they were rending badly on ground textures
--Fun fact: the OSS drivers for my display and and wifi card are better than the closed-source Windows ones (okay, so they fixed the display bugs...but only on the Vista drivers).
-zombie!Scientist is a go!

Things That Are Not Awesome
-Value Village was out of fake blood :(
-Attempts to make creepy bright orange marshmallows resulted in very very pale pastel orange marshmallows. Still tasty though!
-Sleep cycle is still fucked ughhh. Going to try and work that out next week I think.

Verdict? Awesome day.

October 25, 2009
Blah blah blah my life is boring

Relevent to some people's interests! The first chunk of the translation of Case of Shinra is online (NB: the arrows at the bottom only go up to page three. The drop down menu goes up to page six). Interesting bits:

-Reeve is badass
-teeny BC!Turks cameo (blink and you'll miss it)
-The presidential office has an ESCAPE CHUTE
-I was totally right about them having Rufus be fine after Weapon's attack
-And this little gem which is so awesome I am going to quote it here, when Tseng shows up post-Sephiroth gut wound and all of the other Turks think he was dead:

She suddenly jumped up and gave Tseng a hug.

"Oh come on, Elena. You know I want to do that too," said Reno.

"No need to hold back, Senpai."

Real life news is that midterms suck, my house is still a mess, and that is pretty much it. My blog had it's eight-year anniversary back on the 10th, which is awesome although not really noteworthy. Trying to decide if I should be lazy this year and dress as Virgil for Halloween again (stfu, I know I'm a nerd), or get off my ass and actually do my zombie umbrella scientist idea. Decisions.

October 6, 2009
A Series of Non Sequitors

WTB reliable Rufus RPer. I know posting here won't get me one, I just feel like whining XD

What is with all the crappy FF7 werewolf AUs. I have seen at least three (by different people!). I blame Twilight for this one.

For my Dystopian Lit term paper - elements of transhumanism and definitions of humanity in dystopian literature (focusing on Neuromancer and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), or antiheroes, sociopaths, and their role in dystopian societies (focusing on Neuromancer, Watchmen, and A Clockwork Orange)? Am actually somewhat curious for others' thoughts on this, although I have a month to pick still

Related to the above, get to write a paper on parallels between A Handmaid's Tale and Children of Men, which means rewatching the latter this weekend and probably throwing popcorn at the tv.

Still have a cold ugh.

October 5, 2009
Ahhh Nerdy

So sometime in my 'let's play good idea, bad idea' zone of three am this morning, I decided that Braska's teeny apartment in Desai needed a floor plan so I could figure out where everything went, and because I am an overachiever sometimes, I decided to build it in SketchUp and make it fully 3D. So...I did. And I love it. I started working on the huge house the Turks live in, but it is three stories and five bedrooms and has a fireplace and bay windows and fancy stuff, so it'll probably be a little longer to build. Anyway! Endearingly ugly little apartment behind the cut.

Read More?

October 2, 2009

I have done so much writing this week, pretty much all of it incredibly self-indulgent. And you know what? I don't care. I am having an awesome time RPing and having Tseng discuss cats with Vash and get into fights with Reno and be fluffy with Sheska and Aeris, and writing Rufus genderswap, and Braska having break-downs, and all that jazz. It just feels good to be doing something fun and creative again.

Also, fall is finally actually here, which means I got to break out my favorite coat ever (yes, it is leather, no, I still can't believe I bought it for $75 either) for the cool weather. Unfortunately aforementioned weather has also brought with it the first cold of the season, which is annoying but bearable for the moment. Hopefully it will not morph into ZOMGdeath flu!!1! or something.