September 27, 2009
More FF7 Shit (And Some Other Stuff)

Which I realize I talk about a lot, but nobody cares about twenty-page-long microarray overview papers giving me headaches (mostly because the authors assume more of a data analysis background than I have). So, in no particular order-

-I am a huge nerd and contemplating trying to plot out functional mechanics for magic/mako and Geostigma ('science' and 'Final Fantasy' = two things that should probably not be in the same sentence)
-I bought a Crisis Core wallscroll today! This art, no idea where I'm going to hang it as I have CLAMP and FFX posters that still need hanging too
-Fangirl Freudian slip of the evening - substituting 'Wall Market' for 'Night Market'. I actually caught myself after the first word but was in a car of other fanpersons who called me on it. In my defense, the Night Market is like the Wall Market, only with more Chinese bootlegs and less places to sit.

In non-FF7 news, the marshmallows were (and are) absolutely delicious, I went into T&T to buy dried mushrooms and BBQ sauce and came out with two bags of groceries and eight kilos of rice, and I am seriously contemplating Kanji. Nevermind that I do not have a crazy widow's peak and have lots of cosplay projects already. But he's so full of win, and I've made that style of uniform before (teen!Seishirou, which never got worn and is now too small). Bonus points would be convincing Rosie to dress as Naoto, because she's got the right build and looks for it, and would be all over getting to wear a boy's uniform and a kickass hat.

September 26, 2009

So, tonight in 'food I just learned you can make at home': marshmallows! We used Alton Brown's recipe, and they turned out pretty tasty - although the real test will be tomorrow when I am not oversaturated with sugar already. It's a little messy, mostly in the transferring from mixing bowl to pan step, and I cut the mixing time a little short because my poor stand mixer was starting to strain itself. The phrase 'Old World charm' may have been thrown around a bit as we tried to wrestle the stuff into the pan (as well as 'facial', later - attempting to lick up the remains of sticky white goo leads to some amusing images).

Also, I think I may be starting to lose it. I spent a good fifteen minutes freaking out because I couldn't find the second replacement front panel for Rufus's long vest thing, so I'm freaking out, and going through all the pieces, and then put what I have finished on so I don't lose it...and then discovered I had already attached it. And I totally don't remember doing it. At least I didn't lose the pieces, I guess?

And my new keyboard unit for my laptop finally showed up yaaaay. No more hideous neon USB keyboard for me!

September 24, 2009

I hate it when I come across amazing WIP fics that haven't been updated for a year and a half :< I also hate it when I decide to wear my white pants out one day and of course they end up with some weird huge stain on one leg. Yes, they're my Rufus pants. Yes, I will actually cry if I can't get it out.

On the plus side - I have tea, techno, Alton Brown, and a successfully finished Population Genetics assignment, so it's not all bad.

EDIT: Ahaha wonders of using white cotton twill for this suit = the magic stain removing power of chloride bleach! The worst of the mess (looked like pen ink of some sort - very dark blue) is gone, and I'm going to let the last little dark bits soak overnight.

September 22, 2009
Happy Day

Awesome things today:
-Getting sewing done
-Beautiful weather
-Wearing my XKCD shirt
-Sushi and teriyaki for lunch
-Oneshotting an entire motorcade of security goons with one spell

Also, apropos of my last post:

J: oh, y'know my idea for the Reno slap thing?
The Momijizukamori:XD
J: C'mon, it's a good idea
The Momijizukamori: It is XD
J: Start with clips of FF7 females, then other FF females, and spiral out from there till we put in the really ridiculous ones
The Momijizukamori: XD

September 20, 2009
Tonight in 'Bad Reno Ideas'

Because I really need to start keeping track of them for the lulz posterity, and each dinner meeting of the cosplay group seems to generate new ones. Tonight's Bad Reno Idea: Reno + stripper cake + 'Happy Birthday Mr. President'. Bonus lulz for President Shinra Senior.

Previous Bad Reno Ideas:
-Fan dance!
-Slap Reno, 5 gil
-Reno + Napoleon Dynamite + 'Vote for Rufus' in body paint

September 13, 2009

So getting drunk on Bailey's last night and then staying up 'til three am reading FF7 fanfic was apparently not a great idea, because I feel crappy today. Not even really hungover-crappy, just...out of it and in a funk. Thus why I am sitting here morosely sipping at my tea and playing Flash minigames on MSN Gaming Zone.

I dunno, I just have this looming sense that I've horribly overcommitted myself again. Four classes this term, which are all interesting but fairly intense (one of them is actually a graduate-level class hahaha), Tuesday night gaming - I'm starting a campaign of my own up again, a comission for Mara-cookie I'm kind of tearing my hair out over, waiting to hear back from another job...I'd like to take a martial arts class but am terrified of looking like a total tool (and weeabo, out here - they don't joke about 'UBC' standing for 'University of a Billion Chinese' for nothing), and it would cut 'nights I can raid' down from like...two or three to none. I enjoy WoW, but...I think even with getting home before 7:30pm every night I still totally don't have the time for it.

QQ, fml, etc. I did get a little more writing down before the ennui and angst kicked in, so fic just needs some bits and pieces to connect the middle to the ending properly and some heavy editing. It is the longest piece of fiction I think I've written ever.

September 12, 2009

So I wrote 800 words of Rufus + Tseng fic. Over curry. On my cellphone. I know this is not actually a massively awe-inspiring wordcount, but the last thing I actually managed to finish was just under 900, so for me, this is a lot for me XD Hopefully I'll get it finished! The beginning flowed easily, but now I have sort of plot out where exactly I want it to go, which is a bit trickier.

Also, I had a fucking amazing burger tonight. Rosie and some of her friends were having a massive joint birthday party, and it turns out one of the wargamers works in a five-star restaurant and roped a bunch of us into helping him cook. So homemade patties with red pepper relish (also homemade), goat brie, honey carmelized onions, chipotle mayo (ditto), and honey maple syrup bacon. Om nom nom nom.

Some Shinra Stuff

First, a neat little Shinra-centric AMV - I'm not actually a huge AMV fan, as I think many of you know already (attention span of a goldfish, here), but this one is well-put-together.

Second, a combination of introspection and food for though for some of the Rufus-writers on my flist. I've been reading through the BC scripts a little more thoroughly than I did when I apped Tseng for City of Mako many years ago, now (I also think that at the time, like...only the first five or six were translated), and I've come to the realization that BC!Rufus is a huge dick to the Turks. First he gets Veld reassigned, then he orders Avalanche to kill the Turks when they're standing right in front of him, and then basically throws Veld under the bus to save his own ass. Now, as I am a huge Rufus/Turks shipper in general, I realized I need to find a compelling reason for the Turks to stay loyal to him. Because honestly? Given the way Tseng is characterized in BC and CC, I can't see why he'd stick around after Weapon to take care of Rufus's sorry ass.The two possibilities Jon and I came up with is either Rufus doing something totally altruistic in secret and the Turks finding out about it, or putting himself on the line to save one of them. Any other brilliant ideas?

Also, two fun Turks facts for writers - they apparently have company housing within the main Shinra tower, and there is a hidden room inside the Turks offices where Rufus is held temporarily following his secret arrest.Yeah, that second one sounded like a set-up for porn to me, too.

September 8, 2009
Cosplay Rantings + Gaming

Dear con-goers,
No matter how much you look like a given Turk naturally (see: Tseng-boyfriend), getting up and putting on some random navy suit you bought for like graduation or whatever does not constitute good cosplay. Ever. Seriously, I am sick of seeing shitty closet-cosplay Turks on the internet. My esteemed Turks (who will not be shitty because /I/ am in charge here) will probably have to keep me from throttling people at Sakuracon.

In gaming news, all I can say is holy shit guys, we're in the future. Isak and Varus, being mages, are of course poking and prodding at everything to see how it works and Isak is going 'Death is free again? Whoa'. This is going to be awesome.

Classes start tomorrow and I am still waitlisted for two of mine aaaaagh.

September 7, 2009

Fall is here, with stormy weather, cool days, and school. I have worked what is, with any luck, my last day ever at my awful grocery store job, actually looking forward to school starting again. Ahh, the differences between being in high school and being in college. This is also possibly my last summer vacation ever - I should be graduating this year, and I'm not actually looking at pursuing a higher level degree any more, so. I feel like maybe have made more of it, but ah well. I managed to get back into some creative pursuits, which is good.

I also reactivated my WoW account, because Blizzard owns my soul. So much badge farming to do, QQ. But my baby pally has gained five and a half levels since last week. Soon she'll be a big pally!