December 16, 2009

MMO I want to be excited about but can't quite get worked up about - Final Fantasy XIV

(I tend to like Final Fantasy games in part for their worldbuilding - see Midgar and Spira - and I'm just not getting a feel for that from XIV. It seems so...generic high fantasy with chocobos :<)

MMO I didn't expect to be excited about and am - Guild Wars 2

(It looks gorgeous, and while the races play into some of the fantasy tropes they also all manage to look really unique. I want a cute little Asura already, augh. And the lack of extreme sexual dimorphism - contrast with WoW - makes me happy. Female cat people aren't hypersexualized, hooray!)

I also keep wanting to reactivate my WoW account, but most of what I want to do is raiding and as far as I know there are no non-shitty two-night-a-week raiding guilds, which is all I have time for right now. I'm an elitist bitch and I don't want to play with lousy players, but I think pretty much anyone who is a good raider is in a three-four raid a week guild which I just...can't do.

December 15, 2009
Talking Points

- Actual CBC news broadcaster ticker seen yesterday while I ate cheeseburgers in McDonald's: "Its Way Way Too Cold Out"
- We got an inch of snow! Which means everyone was driving like an idiot yesterday, and today it's all melted again into the occasional puddle of slush on the grass
- Daiso is a magical land of small, cheap, useful, Japanese things that you didn't know you needed until you saw them. I had to talk myself down to twenty dollars worth of stuff (everything is $2 each, so :<)
-Corollary to above - I now have the perfect case for my BPAL imps! it's a bit plain, but it has little perfectly sized compartments.
-The Delly has a new culinary invention - the potato chop. It's an inner core of ground beef, onions, peas, and carrots, surrounded by mashed potatoes, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. It's delicious.
-Apparently sleep-dep makes me poetic. I ended my eight and a half page 20th century lit final (a discussion of how Watchmen and The Matrix represent fears of technology current to their time periods) with "Scientific progress moves forward while the the ethical debate surrounding its use lags behind, and we are left in uncertain territory apt to breed nightmares."
-Eleven page paper of doom netted me a B+/A- and and admonishment to proofread. I did skim it once, but I was a bit tripped out on the clonazepam and really sick of looking at it, so there's a few word switches, half the 'it's' should be 'its', and I stopped editing a line mid-sentance.

December 4, 2009
Adventures in Anti-Anxiety Meds
Me: I have to say, trying to install open office dictionaries while you are doped on benzos is an interesting experience Ced:Benzo'ed Rufus? I see photoshoots in that. Me: Haha Me: Yeah, of me walking into things Me: Or falling over Ced: Hey, it'd explain the wheelchair pretty nicely. Me: Haha Me: Well, if Geostigma induces seizures the way actual lupus does, he totally could be tripped up on benzos in AC Me: Klonopin I think is mostly used as an anti-epileptic Ced: Wikipedia says so, yes. Ced: So, maybe we'll forego the breaking of legs for realism and just go for the sleeping pills and the wheelchair at the 'con? Me: XD

I did actually manage to get the dictionaries installed despite my very short attention span. Final paper count was 3.1k words, ten pages plus an eleventh of bibliography. I'm now setting off into my second one, which is horribly boring but now one-fifth done.

And as promised - My glasses in action! Another bus-stop camera phone photo, this one far less cool-looking than the last.

December 2, 2009

A brief digression away from uploading things (mostly of the musical variety), term papers (Friday's paper - 7/8 pages, 1 secondary source out of 5; Tuesday's - 0/6, but at least I have a topic), and maple brown sugar bacon (still delicious), because omg, I bought stuff this week.

First and foremost was replacing broken electronics - the DS cost me $85, but it was a Triforce one and came with a one year warranty, so I can't complain too much (apparently my old one was fried past the point of fixing? Hooray for Nintendo's guaranteed repair, though). Headphones cost me a half hour of my time while things were deliberated over, and having to take a slight downgrade (oh no, they don't fold up any more, I am so put out /sarcasm).

I also bought new screen protectors for the DS, and 358/2 Days because Squeenix owns my soul :( I haven't actually gotten past the introduction, though, because my gametime lately has been devoted to Persona 4. And then I went to IKEA and bought a full-length mirror, and carried it home on the bus in the rain. This would have been okay if my house wasn't three blocks from the bus stop. Mirror is fine, but arms were definitely sore.

And finally! I bought these a few weeks ago, but just got to pick them up on Saturday, but new glasses! (And why is that that I can look way more intense and evil in a random one-off shot I took on my phone at the bus than I can in cosplay photos? Sigh). These were my old pair, for reference. If it is sunny again tomorrow and I remember I will try to get an ~action shot~, because they are Transition lenses and are seriously awesome. My glasses are like, from the future, guys.