January 29, 2010
Star Wars Holiday Special

I HAVE WATCHED IT. Oh god, two hours of my life I am never getting back again. It's like someone took an episode of Family Guy - the non sequitors, the gags that get old after one minute that run to five, obnoxious laughter - and stretched it out into a whole movie. And then made it about wookies. We had had an ooc chat viewing session (okay, so it was just two of us while everyone else lol'd at our spazzing) and decided that the two best things about this movie were 1) The guard who hates fish and 2) Boba Fett riding a dinosaur.

It was so...just. WTF. That's all I can really say.

On a completely unrelated note, I got new BPAL today, and Whitechapel smells awesomeeeeee. I think I have my new Rufus BPAL here. Just citrusy enough to offset the lilac and musk. SO NICE.

January 26, 2010
Meme Time

In lieu of an actual update, have an RP meme! Because I felt like it.

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January 17, 2010
Uttered by me, over dinner:
"I awoke in a panic, and had to remind myself that I do not, in fact, own a toaster oven."

(Perhaps I will elaborate on this later, but I feel almost as if it's more interesting to leave it out of context. Back to getting ahead on course reading~)

January 16, 2010

Because I don't have much in the way of thinky stuff to talk about.

Whip It: Old, but something Greenie linked to the other day reminded me that I totally meant to post about how awesome this movie is and didn't when I saw it. It is so awesome that 1) I went by myself to see it at the theatre and 2) I cried in the theatre while watching it. It is Dead Poets Society with kickass girls and a happy ending. It takes most of the traditional Inspirational Sports Movie tropes and subverts them. I may actually buy this on DVD it was that good.

Sherlock Holmes: Okay so I think everyone already knows this was awesome, but I feel like adding my two cents. Watson is awesome! Holmes is gay for him! I've seen some complaints about the story being too cheesy but crazy supernatural ooga-booga is pretty much on part for the stories - Dan Brown has just kind of made us sick of grand secret society conspiracy theories, I think.

Daybreakers: Vampires! Who don't sparkle! Predictable story, but lots of fun nonetheless. Very bloody and dystopic (I love that like all the vampires smoke because none of them have to worry about lung cancer any more)

Tales of Symphonia: OH MY GOD WHY DID I WAIT THIS LONG TO PLAY THIS GAME. It's like Zelda's dungeon layouts teamed up with Secret of Mana's combat system to go kidnap FFX's plot. And yeah, it's about as awesome as that makes it sound. Some plot elements are kind of predictable, but it's ridiculously fun and has totally been sucking my time away from P3.

January 8, 2010
State of the Cocoa
Roommate: I am officially a trap now. Me: Huh? Roommate: I went by the club today and four people thought I was some new girl Me: *lols forever*

So I went back to the States for Christmas, and came back home for New Year's, and while it was all very busy I don't think much of note actually happened. The Museum of Science is still awesome, Finale is still delicious, and New England in winter is still fucking cold. Got to see some people I haven't seen in a while, which was nice - Winter and my grandmother, most notably.

Christmas gifts can largely be summed up as 'video games' and 'money which I used to buy video games', thus cementing my rep as a Huge Nerd. Am most of the way through Persona 3 FES and enjoying it immensely, and then Jon and I started Tales of Symphonia (go go multiplayer battle system!), which is also quite fun even if at times it feels like FFX - With Ten-Year-Olds! Seriously, Colette is so much like a teeny!Yuna, it's great.

Classes have started again - retaking the animal physio class I failed again (blah blah blah boring), Shakespeare and Children's Lit as online classes (interesting texts, not too much reading, but so much writing @.@ Weekly discussion questions and journal entries), Ethical Issues in the Life Sciences (mmm philosophy - also lots of writing), and Interdisciplinary Applications of Evolutionary Theory (mmm, memetics. And writing. And presentations).

January 1, 2010

Because I do this every year!

In 2009, I:
-Got a credit card
-Got a smartphone
-Failed a class
-Finished a JRPG in under six months!
-Got back into LJ RP (and how)
-Made a suit from scratch

...Not a very eventful year for new experiences, haha.