February 27, 2010
OMG Shoes

And some clothes, too. Posted because Winter wanted to see them /o/ And cut to avoid layout-warping.

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February 25, 2010
Computer Adventures

Dear Western Digital, I love you and your five year warranties so much right now. I also love that I didn't have anything irreplaceable on the 640 GB drive I totally fried yesterday while trying to put it in its new tower. Yeah, I'm awesome, I know. At least I installed the wireless card without frying it, although as the tower has no boot drive, all I can do is run boot CDs and sigh along until my new drive comes in.

Back in Vancouver, with car in hand. I'll post the last two days of the trip and some photos once I actually get them off my phone (who was too lazy to dig out the digicam on the drive? Yeah, me). Have to drive my mother back down to Seattle for her flight tomorrow, but at least the house will be nice and quiet after.

Started playing Tales of the Abyss. Luke is a brat, Jade is definitely leaning towards Magnificent Bastard status. And is very pretty, ngh.

February 21, 2010
Road Trip Part 3

Today we passed just east of Minneapolis, swung up through Fargo, North Dakota, skimmed the top of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and wound up in Mitchell, where it is currently -12C. Had some minor panic over a passport on my mom's part (she left it at home, and we had my brother overnight it ahead), and got to meet some friends, which was nice ♥

The Dakotas are very flat and empty, and also have speed limits of 75 mph which on one hand is nice but on the other hand is very conducive to some major highway hypnosis. I haven't killed my mother yet, although if she accidently says 'MyFace page' one more time I may snap (she means 'Facebook', really).

February 20, 2010
Road Trip Part 2

Today's cities of interest: Chicago (very cool to look over the skyline, although the congestion around the city on I-90 kind of sucked), and Madison, Wisconsin. Currently we are at a Motel 6 with free wi-fi in the tiny town of Menemonie (which I have to admit is kind of an awesome name). Also, rural Wisconsin + fog + late night = CREEPY. Particularly on the sections where we were the only car on the road.

However, we have a Tom Tom loaded with the voice of John Cleese, which I must admit makes everything better.

Road Trip Part I

We have made it to the great city of Cleveland, Ohio, after spending the night in Willoughby. Passed through Albany, Buffalo, and Erie yesterday - good weather, low traffic. This morning was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was lots of fun - I loved seeing all of the stage costumes and stuff. Right now is a late breakfast/early lunch at Denny's - with free wi-fi!