April 15, 2010
Cosplay Notes

I've edited like 90% of my Sakuracon photos, but the internet is being fussy again (and I think 'fussy' is the best word here, really) so they won't go up until this weekend. I also prep-weeded most of my garden today, hooray!

Near-Future Stuff
(Don't want to say 'AE stuff' because I have more plans than there are days of the con)
-Shinra spruce-up - no shoe-failure, Elena wig that does not look like Lady Gaga reject, bonus Papa Shinra and Scarlet outfits. May need emergency Seattle day trip planning to engage in Dark Nation rescue mission (as it appears he did not make it all the way home with me, cry)
-Summoner Yuna spruce-up - Some little things on various pieces, making a new head for the staff, boots that don't pinch my toes, trim the wig down
-Bleach - ZANPAKUTO, making peasant shoes that don't destroy feet (and can survive damp - I made the mistake of putting the damp waraji in a plastic bag to pack and then forgetting about them and I discovered today that they were fuzzy :<). Possibly include new people in our mad Bleach cosplay adventures, but that's up in the air.
-Wonder Chef and Dark Chef - All new! I have Wonder Chef fabric and may go ahead and cut out the pants and vest this weekend. I look forward to building six foot tall forks
-Advent Children Rufus - Needs suit fabric so I can actually make the suit, Jellova

Far-Future Stuff/Brainstorming
-Integra - have fabric! Have no desire to try to make it for AE though because I'm a little burnt out on suits
-Braska and Auron - have been tossing the idea around with Jon for a while, because he'd make a cute young!Auron. Really intricate, though, so I'm not sure when I'll have the time for it.
-Nanoha something or other - Maybeeee? I love the character designs - would probably go for Hayate or Signum myself, but again, intricate.