April 23, 2010
Crafty Thoughts

I have flipped my sleep schedule yet again! Sigh, my life. I have gotten Important Boring Stuff done, or in some cases, at least started, so I do not actually feel very guilty about this at all right now. It's exam period, I'm allowed to do stupid shit like this for a week or two.

I've been looking at lots of photos of kimono and shibori dyeing and stuff, and it makes me want to make something beautiful. I know I'm a good seamstress, but somewhat ironically, I don't actually enjoy sewing that much. I enjoy seeing the finished product all put together, but the actual process usually just ends up as tedious and occasionally frustrating (it's not a project until I've put at least one sleeve on upside down or inside out). The stuff I actually really enjoy doing is what I think of as the 'crafty' bits - painting, beading, building props. I had a ton of fun with Yuna because a huge portion of the outfit is like that - the skirt and obi are all painting, the sleeves are gradient-dye (and I actually had a ton of fun doing that, and love how they turned out), the earrings were beading and painting my own beads and occasionally building my own beads. I wish I was better at the 'crafty' things - I've gotten better about being able to copy designs, and /way/ better about not smudging my paint everywhere (no smudges on either of the haori! It was like a miracle), but it's still all very basic.

Maybe when I am in Richmond next week acquiring a hot water dispenser and a new tower fan, I will drop by Michaels and go on a shopping spree or something. Not quite sure what to make, although I did rescue my knitting needles from languishing in my old bedroom closet back in the US.

Also, I realized the other day that I may have to edit some of what I'm writing for Jyuushiko's backstory, because I am thinking in fashion terms that are at least a thousand years too late for the setting of this story - realized when I was discussing how Sougyo no Kotowari basically wears a variation of Heian-era courtier's robes (now mostly known as Shinto priests' robes, but I think given the age of the zanpakuto, the historical connection is the more relevant one). I am thinking in other terms (mostly medical) that are probably closer to two thousand years too late, but I may give in and let some anachronisms lay.