April 7, 2010

I have internet! I have WoW! I can run high graphics settings and get more than 10 FPS in Dalaran! I have a port of the last version of Amarok that was awesome before 2.0 killed it! I have everything but my term papers and finals done! I have adorable zanpakuto icons!

I also think I have some variety of upper respiratory tract infection, because I'm getting sinus headaches and waking up in the morning with the inside of my mouth tasting like mucousy death (and I slept fifteen hours Sunday night and another ten last night), but given the madness of the last two weeks, I am utterly unsurprised. It is only a minor bleh, but it is a minor bleh on top of term papers which means I will probably have a rather cranky week. Oh well. TWO MORE TO GO.