April 12, 2010
Oh hey there, life.

So guess who inverted their sleep cycle again! I predict whoever has to process my sleep diary and questionnare at the sleep clinic will probably facepalm forever when they see 'bedtime: 8:30 am' for like four days in a row. I did however get two of my three term papers done. They are kind of terribad and way too short, but they are /done/. I think I'm hitting a university-level senior slump, where at this point I just want to pass and be done with it all. Who's not going to grad school? Yeah, that'd be me.

I also read a bunch of manga, oh yay. And uh. May have made another Ukitake RP account. He is small and adorkable and already has a partner-in-crime (who is currently hitting on Jyuushiko because Kyouraku is incorrigible like that). Hollow!Orihime has also been creeping on little!Ukitake, which is...both creepy and awesome. Basically, tl;dr, I love Bleach Dressing Room.

Con photos will be up....eventually. I want to process them in Lightroom to get some more practice, but constant internet failures (even with a new modem, ugh) and the fact that I can't find my 4GB flash drive have been thwarting me.

(assorted notes to self - US taxes, doujin credits on icons, cosplay lists)