April 5, 2010
Sakuracon 2010 Day 3

-Damage for the day: two more bottles of BPAL (Crowley and Black Forest, mmmm), and a book on cosplay make-up from Kinokuniya
-Discovered playing DDR again uses muscles I haven't used in a long time, ow.
-Had an epic moment of panic after l accidently left my camera bag in the washroom, but all was well - someone had turned it in to lost and found.
-Managed to not get lost driving around Seattle!
-Awesome cosplay of the day - fursuit Kyuubi, that guy from Durarara!! that throws vending machines (complete with vending machine)
-Technically Sunday, as it was in the early hours - Rufus-Aizen fistbump of evil.

Overall con impressions: lots of fun, despite epic amounts of organization-fail on the part of the con itself. Also, a lot of sleep deprivation.

I was hoping to come home, get all my photos up, and then make icons for the Sougyo no Kotowari journal I made last night, but I came home to find that the new modem was still not here, and as tomorrow is a stat holiday, it'll probably be Tuesday at the earliest, ugh. So that plus the sleep dep kind of put a damper on those plans. I did get the small shoots we did for the costumes I made for the con off Ced, so those will probably be edited and go up tomorrow, but in the meantime, have a shot from each of them.

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