April 28, 2010
What the Hell, Brain

So I had two dreams I can remember with any clarity last night. In the first, I was bawwwing because someone was trying to convince me to get a race change for Alixia so I could faction swap or something and no you guys, Alixia will be a gnome forever :|

In the second, at one point I shouted 'Take that, CBS!' at an abandoned gas station security camera while waving a flash drive I stole back from a bunch of velociraptors in the air. Yeah it was pretty epic. I think I'm going to blame my Children's Lit final and the fact I wrote a nice big essay on heroic tropes in classic boys' adventure fiction for it.

And now I must make my house presentable for normal human beings, as in my infinite foolishness I agreed to host an end-of-exams party at my place (the great irony being that I'm the only one not actually done with exams yet, sigh). And, well. My living room hasn't quite recovered from the last con yet.