June 29, 2010
The context is 'awesome'
Me: Also back to my asldkfj over the game, the other player is in fact quite good and I just like. Have this complex where either I must be THE BEST at something or clearly I suck entirely Winter: well yeah, you're a perfectionist with an inferiority complex and an anxiety disorder Winter: makes sense Me: XD Me: Yeah Me: That is a very succint summation there XD

Me: Part of me wants someone to talk me into or out of this plan XD But you need sleep
Winter: mmmm what plan?
Me: The writing-an-app-for-the-game-with-the-intimidating-player plan
Me: (Okay to be fair I already wrote like...half of it)
Winter: ok, I was going to say I would say no unless you feel like torturing yoursef
Winter: but
Winter: if it's half done
Winter: show off!
Winter: and then everyone will be like "that's the app chickpersonthing!"
Winter: and you will get love.
Winter: and fanservice
Me: Attempt to get over my cripping fear of inferiority XD?
Winter: yeah.
Winter: because you can code
Winter: I know this
Winter: so go for it
Winter: seriously, nothing is more awesome than someone telling you how awesome you are
Winter: and they will do this for apps
Me: Only if it is an awesome app :<
Winter: well it will be
Winter: because you are awesome
Winter: it's like if you had a baby. It would have to be awesome by default and can only get better from there
Me: ...How many times have we used the word 'awesome' in the last two minutes
Winter: unless you shake it or kick it or write on it with a sharpie until it gets brain damage
Me: (I almost wrote 'in the last two awesomes' what)
Winter: an AWESOME number of times
(11:08:01 PM) momijizukamori: Clearly that was the correct answer
Winter: (lulz)
Winter: clearly the awesome answer
Winter: Oh God, what is my problem XD;
Me: Your problem is sleep-dep XD
Me: go to bed
Winter: oh yeah
Winter: Do the app! And remember what I said about your default baby
Winter: just don't sharpie it to death
Me: fffffff
Me: I'll do my best

June 20, 2010
Me: ....I just engulfed Byakuya in a tornado of water and then electrified it Me: /Awesome/
June 16, 2010

You know you are a nerd when:
1) you are still awake at five-thirty am
2) because you wanted to upgrade your phone's rom
3) and your first thought after upgrading is 'oh goddamnit, I'm going to have to teach predictive text all the Bleach names again'

Also, we ended the great big massive Earthdawn arc we've been playing through for like a year now! We purified three gods! And killed an elemental force of corruption! It was epic. We are all kind of surprised we survived.

June 13, 2010
Gardening Woes

aslfjk two-thirds of my tomato plants are covered in tomato blight, the ants are eating all my strawberries again, and the slugs are chomping on pretty much everything else (I think, anyway. I will have to do some late-night garden exploration to confirm). Before I got around to posting photos from my epic gardening afternoon last week too.

I am also still unemployed. Sigh my life :(

June 2, 2010
4AM Thoughts

I really want some Jyuushiko/Retsu...well, not necessarily porn, but shippy goodness, at least. I mean, I like Ukitake/Unohana as is - their personalities mesh well together - but the genderswap adds a whole new layer to it. Jyuushiko is someone who struggles sometimes with reconciling her strength and her femininity. She's a little bit of a tomboy sometimes, and she had to pose as a boy to gain her strength (well, didn't have to, but she felt she did which is what matters). So she looks up to Retsu, and admires her a lot as someone who does seem to manage balancing being very traditionally feminine with being strong and in charge. And they have a really cute dynamic even just as friends.

I think the fact that the only femmslash I can remember writing is mediocre-to-crappy Tomoyo/Meiling fic that still resides deep in the bowels of FF.net means I should probably do this, though I kind of need to get better at writing Unohana first.

June 1, 2010

I have a laptop power cord again! Oh my precious, how I have missed you ♥ Finally I can have all of my bookmarks and my addons and my saved passwords, which I did not want on the shared computer. I also have a terrible bout of insomnia, care of job hunting and visiting relatives, which has my 'flight' reaction cranked up to about ten. So I'm sitting around awake testing out a new Unohana journal on a Minazuki who is apparently also an insomniac (or lives in futureland).

I also actually signed up to write something for Springkink - Shunsui/Ukitake genderswap. Fic on a deadline, let's see if I can actually pull this off! But Jyuushiko topping Shunsui was just too damned tempting.