July 31, 2010

Goddamnit I hate UPS and how utterly useless trying to arrange anything with them is. They have my power cord. Apparently they need an adult signature for the package. They only deliver on weekdays when GUESS WHAT. People who live here are at work. Going to their website gives me no options to hold for pick-up - only to return to sender. Calling them gives me automated messages telling me to go to their website. This is such BS I just want my new power cord arghhhhhh

I was going to do tags but now I am too angry to write. Perhaps I should sleep...

July 26, 2010
Such Is Life
Me: (Ukitake doesn't need kids, he has a magic sword instead :<) Raven: you know what a field day freud would have with that? i mean seriously

Despite being sleep-deprived and tea-free (I left my mug on the counter) first day at the new job was good. The work is kind of dull, but I'm developing a system for it, and I have my own little nook in the back and can put on my own music, so it's pretty good. Cosplay is coming along well, which part of me thinks is code for 'totally won't be done in time for the con', just because lol my life is like that, but I'm going to try my best. Bits of Dawn so far look super-cute.

July 25, 2010
Good News, Everybody!

1) I have a job! Only part time, but it is both closer and more relevant to my interests than grocery store hell job.

2) Wintergreen Lifesavers were three for five dollars at London Drugs! I already ate one of the bags. Don't judge me, they're like my candy crack.


July 14, 2010
Photo Post Time~

...Still not much of substance but eh, I've been meaning to do this for a while. All stuff from my camera phone XD My garden, photos from Van Dusen, and some random stuff.

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