February 16, 2011
/blows dust off

One post a month, GO ME. I haven't had many thoughts not easily summed up into the 141 word blocks of Plurk though, many of which can be summed up as 'FUCK YOU WORLD'

The job...goes, mostly. It's dull, but it doesn't give me anxiety nightmare with anywhere near the frequency my last one did, which is a huge step up. Also people think I'm magic for knowing how to resize things in Photoshop. The downside is that head-boss assumes I'm psychic or something, and also sends e-mails in netspeak, both of which are frustrating, but I take a deep breath and try not to let it get to me.

Been doing a lot of knitting, and a lot of RPing. It feels good to be creative again, and to be making things with my hands. And knitting is a bit less stressful than cosplay, though not much cheaper. Participating in the Nerd Wars challenge on Ravelry, as a member of Team 1-Up - we're almost at the end of the first month, and I'm trying for six for six on the challenges. We'll see if it happens ;) I'll probably do a photo round up at some point - I've mostly been spamming plurk with all my yarn and knitporn. RP-wise, have been getting more involved with Edensphere, which, honestly, has turned out to be a lovely place, and a good fit for me.

I've also been spending more time watching/reading things (Dollhouse, Babylon 5, Gundam 00, Evangelion, Saiyuki) but... I think that's probably a blogpost in it's own right, heh.