March 19, 2011
Nerd Wars: My Round 1 Submissions

Photos and descriptions behind the cut because I'm long-winded ;)

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March 14, 2011

I keep thinking of things, as I follow the BBC's live news updates, which I've had open pretty much since Friday morning, but - they all feel too callous and self-centered, right now. Maybe later, when things look brighter, but not right now.

To the people I know in Japan, and the people you know, and the people they know - my thoughts are with you. If I could package up hugs, I would send a big box of them to Honshu right now. But I can't, so I'm donating instead, as well as offering my own little bit on the help_japan auction (it is for knitted things. I promise they will be lovely).

March 2, 2011
The Best of Nerd Wars, Round 1

My selection of favorite projects from the first round! I picked stuff that really stood out to me as being particularly unique or nerdy - there were a lot of gorgeous shawls submitted, but there's a lot of gorgeous shawls all over Ravelry, so I didn't really feel the need to highlight them, for instance. There may be some awesome ones I missed because people didn't put them in the group pool, but sorting through the threads themselves would take HOURS, so this will have to do. Links to project pages as well, for Rav members :D

Cut to save your bandwidth, as I gleefully abuse hotlinking.

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