June 17, 2011
Oh, Right, I Have A Blog

Life went from very empty to very busy rather quickly - I'm taking a lab techniques class which is thirty-five hours a week, and, well, a lot of time. I'm the youngest person in the class, I think, as well as possibly the most outspoken - my classmates have this idea that I actually know what I'm doing all the time which... well, I guess there are worse things to happen. Even if they always want to see my (absolutely hideous) notes.

I did two trips while I was unemployed - one down to Seattle, and then one back to the East Coast for four days. Seattle was... busy, basically. We did a huge food tour which in retrospect - well, it was a lot of fun, but there were five of us and it's hard for me to be 'on' for basically three days straight. We spent one day at Sakuracon, where I spent piles of money on manga and pretty much only got photos of my own cosplay, which was Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki.

Boston was also busy, but more tiring than stressful. J came with me, and we basically crammed in 'VISIT ALL THE PEOPLE', more or less - my parents, my grandmother, and a friend I hadn't seen in about five years. We did lots of touristy things and generally had a great time of it, though the short time frame meant we didn't get to see quite everything we wanted.

I have also been watching hordes of tv and knitting and crocheting up a storm, but I think that's at least two or three posts by itself. I WILL GET TO IT.