September 30, 2011
Ahh, Domesticity.

So. I really don't post around here enough, do I? I do keep up with reading, though I am Ms. Perpetual Lurker. School went well - ended up with an 85 over all, which is excellent. The subsequent job hunt is... not going quite so well, though I have my fingers crossed. So I've spent most of the last month doing RP things, sending in applications, and trying to get the rest of my life into shape. Which is... mostly what the rest of this is going to be blathering about

Cleaning - My mom and brother were out here at the end of August, and typically, my mom power-cleaned my living room and kitchen. So I've been trying to at least keep my ground there, and I cleaned up my bathroom, too. Mostly the problem is that I have too much stuff, so I need to be stricter with myself about getting rid of things and organizing things.

Cooking - Because while I could live off of pasta and jarred tomato sauce, it's really boring. This is sort of the bit where I'd love outside input from friends - I'm interested in things that are either easy single-serving, or reheat well as leftovers. A friend gave me an oyakodon recipe last week which is delicious and I've made twice now, and it's kind of spurred me to want to do more cooking and find stuff that isn't too tiring to cook, but still tasty

Sleep/Fatigue - My nemesis :| I've realized in the last few weeks that I'm going to have to accept that whatever is making me fatigued all the time is probably not something with a magic-button cure, and that I'm going to have to learn to work with it and around it. And that my current whacky free-cycling sleep cycle isn't helping - I have like no baseline circadian rhythms, so if left alone I'll sleep for a long time, but drift in and out and spend a lot of time in REM sleep, which ends up being not very refreshing. So I'm going to start by compressing my sleep cycle slowly, and hope that quality goes up a little. We'll see.

I've also been doing a boatload of knitting, crocheting, and even some (!!!) spinning, and plan to do more, with another Nerd Wars tournament around the bend, but as I need to do a huge trip photodump, I think I'll talk about the knitting and stuff there. I am considering trying to make it out to a knit night and maybe meet some new people, though.