October 10, 2011
A Decade of Blogging

Yep. The oldest entry on my blog is ten years ago today (read at your own risk, I was thirteen).

It's kind of a weird feeling. When I started, blogging was pretty niche - it wasn't something talked about in the mainstream, and only a handful of my online friends did it. I watched it explode into the mainstream, to the point where everyone had a blog or a livejournal or a xanga. It became something you could get paid for. In the last few years, personal blogging has kind of declined. Big-name writers still keep blogs, and there's a lot of focused-topic ones around - I follow probably close to ten on my feed reader. But it's kind of falling out of favor for person contact, and being replaced by social networking. Which yes, I'm guilty of, I throw most of my thoughts at Plurk these days XD

But I do still like the permanence of a place like this - I can see how far I've come, as embarrassing to myself as it can be, sometimes. And it gives me a place to put down longer thoughts and ideas.

So - here's to a decade more, maybe.