November 5, 2011

I have a job! It's only for two months, but it's fulltime for those two months, and it's better than nothing. I'm working the nightshift at a distribution warehouse for a big clothing retailer up here. The work isn't too bad, though it's definitely a work-out - I'm still sort of adjusting to having eight hours of my day taken up by work, though. I get home at 12:30 and have no energy to get stuff done, but I surf the internet for a few hours and then sleep until it's basically time to get up to go to work again anyway. Ugh.

Needless to say, not much else is getting done around the house. I lost a big chunk of 'getting stuff done' in October to adventures in antidepressants - switched to a new one with the hopes it would be more effective than the one I was on, but apparently Zoloft makes me a nervous wreck. So I did a bunch of crafting and television watching and not much else.

In the watch pile lately (as I'm starting to give up hope of... actually blogging about things I'm watching/have watched) - Gintama, Fringe, Planetes, LOTS OF GUNDAM, Gurren Lagan, Gintama and Fringe I powered through earlier this year and am now watching as they air - the others are going through my backlog of recs and whatnot.