May 28, 2013
Hey, I still have a blog!

Microblogging has been the void that my thoughts have been funnelling into, because it's very easy to put running commentary on something I'm doing (or swearing I'm doing) there without having to sit and form my thoughts into a coherent whole, which I've been having some trouble with lately. I think it's my anti-depressant - it does in fact give me more motivation, but it also makes my brain try to go ten directions at once, and I haven't figured out the best way to temper that properly.

Creativity-wise, I'm doing lots of RP, got two new costumes done for Sakuracon in April (photos to come when I... get around to editting them properly), and doing some knitting. I got two sweaters done in rapid succession back in February/March, but my heart hasn't been in the projects since then. Also still doing DW work, as anyone reading the news posts has probably noticed.

In terms of media consumption, it's mostly been COMICS COMICS COMICS COMICS, though I'm still watching Dr Who, and J and I marathoned all of Last Exile a few weeks ago. But Marvel is a deep, dark abyss - I'm not sure I can recall everything I've read in the last few months offhand enough to list. The current titles I've been buying are All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men (despite Bendis not writing great X-titles), Young Avengers, X-Factor, and Cable & X-Force. Cable & X-Force is my favorite of the bunch, but my feelings about Nathan Summers, let me tell you about them (no, actually, you don't want to get me started).

Real life, as usual, is where the stress lays. I've been working odd temp shifts at a small food production plant, which is kind of frustrating because I never know if I'm going to have enough hours for all my rent and bills, and the work is hard on my body. But I like a lot of my coworkers, so it could be a lot worse. I'm still not sure what the future holds, though it's narrowed down to two major possibilities - either grad school, or probably moving back to MA unless something really unexpected happens. I've more or less made my peace with either option, but the uncertainty is a little nerve-wracking.