July 4, 2013
Transition States

I didn't get into grad school here in BC, so after a lot of hemming and hawing, I'm going to end up moving back in with my mom in MA. Also seeing about applying to do a second BSc from UMass, because my resume could use the boosto.

I've been trying to think about all the good things waiting for me back in MA (having a dishwasher, my mom's power tools, the comic book store I grew up with) instead of all the things I'm going to miss here (my friends, the weather, universal healthcare). It's mostly working, except I'm already getting antsy about packing and I've got a month and a half here still. I keep making mental lists of what is going to happen with all the furniture, what's going to happen if my first plan for all the furniture fails, what's getting packed where, all that.

It's kind of got my stress nightmares on the rise, which is less than exciting. But I'll survive. The current plan is to pack in mid-August, then leave here with my station-wagon and a UHaul trailer (and probably my dad) right before the end of the month, to drive the Trans-Canada back to MA.