September 9, 2013
Moving Moving Moving

So I am... theoretically moved back to the US and the East Coast, though I still have like two boxes to unpack. Basically my mom is even more of a packrat than I am so trying to find space for things - the room I moved back into is the smallest bedroom and already had stuff on the shelves and dresser and a closet full of things (99% of which needed to be tossed like five years ago minimum). It's a little frustrating and I know I'm going to have to work really hard not to start hoarding more that there's more storage space/tool space. I also have to resist the urge to just clear off huge swaths of bookcase and donate them somewhere because my mom would have a fit.

On the plus side, having my brother around means that we both end up getting out to do stuff (mostly errands but errands need doing), and have some sort of human interaction.

I have also discovered that podcasts and knitting go together quite well, which is how I've listened to all of Night Vale (and I have Thoughts about that but... another post), and am halfway through a sweater vest pattern I started months ago, ignored, discovered I'd done twenty rows mobius-strip'ed and had to take out on my giant week of crosscountry driving, and then started again. So that's a thing?