March 30, 2002
Are you seme or
Call me Uke
Are you seme or uke? Find out!

This is mildly amusing, as it always seems to be the ukes that I fall for...
March 26, 2002
OMG! I just suddenly realized

OMG! I just suddenly realized that the beautiful bishie adorning your layout is dear Subaru-kun! I honest to God thought it was Kamui! Wow.

Note to self - chocolate

Note to self - chocolate and TB fics late at night are not a good mix. I had another insane dream last night. The first part had Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru (The charecter, not my friend) playing tennis in old fashioned 19th century outfits in a techno-ish building that looked like something out of X. Then there was a whole part about the Dragons of Earth, especially Satsuki, that I don't clearly remember. The last part was the oddest. Tama, Hikaru, and I were participating in a scavanger hunt, with some of the Dragons as well (both sides, I think....). Pretty normal, right? Well, which side won determined the fate of mankind...of course, this is coming from a girl who has had a dream that Clow sat on a shelf in her bathroom and told her she had a destiny to fulfill. That dream was odd. I had another slightly odd dream a couple nights ago...all I remember is that it was an X/Harry Potter crossover paring. Either Fuuma/Remus or Kakyou/Remus...yeah, I know I'm out of my mind. Tama and I have decided that the most ungodly cute pairing on the face of this earth would be early Tokyo Babylon Subaru and Yukito. Its a good thing its never going to happen, because I would die of asphyxiation from squealing happily too much. I've started comparing people's gloves to Subaru's...when my mom was taking me and Tama home from school, we got in the lane right behind a Subaru, as in the car. Me: Ahhh!!!! Look, LOOK! Its a Subaru! Me and Tama:*fall over laughing* Tama and Emily got harrassed by some creepy guy outside of the YMCA downtown yesterday....Tama says that she was afraid that he was going to try to rape them or something....what she told me of him, he sounded pretty nuts. When they ran away, he just called after them "Yes, run, little girls, run!" I'm just glad they got out of there...right now, I'm reading a rather exciting little fic by Leareth and reading Wish scanlations. Wish is really a fluffy cute little series. The main angel reminds me of my cousin Ursula for some reason, even though Ursula is a girl, and the angel looks like a guy, even though I suspect one of those Yue/Ruby Moon/Nataku genderless deals.

March 24, 2002
Today was fairly boring. I

Today was fairly boring. I was forced to acolyte because my brother's loser friend was too lazy to find a replacement, and as it was Palm Sunday, I got to stand for a good forty-five minutes....fuuuuun. At least the white acolyte robes made me think of two pleasent things. The first was Kakyou in his kimono. And the second was Subaru in his odd ceremonial robes that make him look like a girl...gloves are starting to make me think of Subaru too....Subaru's gloves are sexy.... Right now I'm hunting down pics to plaster all over my agenda book, and half of them are going to be Subaru. Although I might throw in a couple Fuuma, and I will have one of Nakuru glomping To-ya...cause that's just too funny to miss. Anyway....Hikaru and Tama came over and we just hung out and I rambled about X and Tokyo Babylon some more.... Then we went to my youth group, came home, and here I am....not much of a day, huh?

March 23, 2002
Yay! I finally found a

Yay! I finally found a complete version of Ordinary Girl! I didn't have to break down and buy the Cardcaptors CD which I was not going to do. And that's a good thing, because I seriously wonder about the sanity of the writers and singers of No More Nagging Anymore...even more than I wonder about Jamacian Tamahome's or Kero's background singers.....

I definately agree with you

I definately agree with you two...a large part of Fuuma's, er....charm...comes from the fact that he's totally un-stereotypical, like a lot of CLAMP villians. And he's not truly evil...more sort of quasi-evil. That's the phrase I use to describe Eriol. Quasi-evil. It probably makes no sense as a word, but I likes it anyway. Oh, meant to say earlier, but I like the layout, although I'd like it more if I actually knew who the charecters are. Hikaru and I went to a talk on Paganism at her church last night. It was interesting, but a little too deep for me. They did a little thing where they had each of us pick a tarot card at random from a deck without looking. I got Strength, which had a picture of a freaky naked lady riding what looked like Keroberos, sans wings and helmet, carrying banners with fires burning in the background. Hikaru got The Hermit, from a different deck. And it had a squirrel on it. We both were like "Ahhhhh!!!! Its a SQUIRREL!" It was mildly funny. In Japanese, we spent half an hour fooling around with Atsuko's Japanese-English translator and came up with Japanese nicknames for each other. Hikaru is Joo Risu (Squirrel Queen), Tama is Tama-akachan (Tama-baby, which Tama is short for anyway), and mine was basically what could be translated as Elfie...It was the Japanese word for elf plus -chan, which is a diminuative and the equivalent of changing elf to elfie...I don't remember what it was in Japanese.... Anyway, after the talk at Hikaru's church, I slept over her house, and we decided there is a fatal flaw in anime and manga, namely shoujo anime and manga - there are too many cute guys to obsess over. My current X/TB obsession is Subaru Sumeragi (Eye! EYE!!! Sorry, I'm feeling really random), but I also like Fuuma and Kamui and Kakyou...see the problem? I'm just as bad when it comes to CCS...Clow and Yue and Yuki and Touya...there are way too many cute guys in anime..... Today I did very little. Hikaru and I walked back to my house in the cold because her dad wouldn't give us a ride, and then looked through image galleries for two and a half hours while I rambled on about Subaru and X in general. Subaru is one of the few of my new obsessions that I really like for reasons other than they're looks or that they look and act a lot like one of my other favorite charecters. Subaru is a unique fangirl obsession for me. In TB he's so - huggable. That changes a little by X from what I've read. He's more hardened, the eye incident is testimony to. Now I'm just rambling again...I think I'm going to go search some X/TB sites for good Subaru pics. I found a nice X one on a Subaru/Seishirou site (now that's an S/S that I support! *kills horribly written Sakura/Syaoran fanfics*).

March 21, 2002
Snow and bikes do not

Snow and bikes do not mix. I learned this when my brother dragged me to our local comic book store so he could buy more Magic cards with his birthday money. I have also learned that Miaka gives a teddy bear to Hotohori (*happy fangirl sigh* so kawaii....), Tokyopop is releasing Love Hina in decently translated, non-flipped form (non-flipped...I think that's a first!), and another CLAMP manga, Chobits, is being released in the US...I think the chinese girl is a fan... Let's see...this makes Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, X, and Tokyo Babylon and CLAMP Campus Detectives the animes. I've probably forgotten one or two, but screw that. like nicknames? Then I must bestow you with another....once I think of one of course. Oh the Chinese girl with an unspellable name likes Yue too ^___________^ Yue-sama wa dai suki desu! Which reminds me...I really need to work on Under the Moon *sweatdrop* Oh, my dad is coming home tonight! Yay!

New home, and new layout

New home, and new layout too!

March 18, 2002
After reading the first three

After reading the first three volumes of Tokyo Babylon, here's what I've decided. Seishirou is creepy, but occasionaly hot while in evil mode. Hokuto is mildly fruity, but pretty cool anyway. Subaru is really cute, including his wierd little hat and cool gloves, which I must know the secret of! Grandmother Sumeragi is just plain scary, and I have no idea how the hell Hokuto and Subaru put up with her. Well, I contacted my host about the whole 'password invalid' problem, and hopefully everything'll get solved by tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I might even have my Satsuki layout done by the time its all figured out. However, as adding the text is being annoying, its a bit unlikely. Matching fonts with techno layouts is insanly hard..... Anyway, school was pretty good today. Both my math and science teacher weren't here, so we had basicly no homework. Tomorrow is my annoying little brother's birthday, and as he got me a good present, I feel obligated to get him a nice present too. In the meantime, me and my friend Kinuvian are having a rather interesting conversation about the voices in our heads. His is named Mister Flux. My two are Davis and Yue.....

March 17, 2002
Well, shuurinNU is working again...only

Well, shuurinNU is working again...only now my FTP program keeps saying my password is invalid...grrrr. I'm never going to get this blog moved. But I did manage to salvage the Satsuki layout. I just need to add some text, and write up the code. I was reading some Touya/Yuki fics last night, and I kept imagining Touya as Fuuma. *sweatdrop* I need to stop going on X sites. You got the scans back up! Yay!

March 16, 2002
Been reading up on X

Been reading up on X to get rid of my temporary CCS insanity while I wait for for and to come back online. It figures that as soon as I get someone to host me, that domain suddenly stops working.... What I've read about Satsuki makes me think a lot about the Digimon Emporer...they're both geniuses, and they both share the view that the rest of us dumber people are inferior and should be treated as such ("Insects! The world is full of insects!" ...wait, no, that was the girl Oikawa infected near the end of 02..). And I really feel like giving Kakyou a big hug right now...he sounds like he needs one. Reading about him, its very hard to imagine him as a 'bad' Eagle from MKR. I have a soft spot for sort of 'fragile' guys like Yuki and Remus. Unfortunately, the Satsuki layout is making a real ass of itself, so I might have to do something else. Today is the regional OM/DI tournament, which means that I can't call Tama or Hikaru, although I wish both their teams luck. (I'm wearing last years shirt for you guys!) I'll be interested to see if my former team even bothers trying to compete... Your new layout is...ummm...unique? No, actually, its pretty cool, even if it is a bit violent.

March 15, 2002
The Sakura version of Catch

The Sakura version of Catch You Catch Me is awesome...its really hyper, but what do I care? I'm hyper too! ...Well, most of the time anyway. It seems that my little Utena obsession of the last month and my little Harry Potter obsession of before that have sort of faded, and I've gone back to being a die-hard CCS fan...although I'm still making an X layout here next. I found a cool pic of Satsuki that might replace the pic of all the Dragons of Earth that I was planning on using earlier. Satsuki is just plain cool. End of story. X is a kind of interesting series, because a lot of the villians are actually likeable (well, not Kanoe...she's just a slut)...far more people like the Dragons of Earth than like, say, Nakago. Granted, Nakago has some fans, but I've seen at least two or three hate shrines to him. I'm rereading old blog entries and reminising...something I tend to do a lot. And I'm desperately waiting a reply on a hosting request from Puk...*crosses fingers* A random side note, in my search to find X pictures to use for a layout, I found a picture of a young Fuuma and Kamui sitting together in a blossming sakura tree... The first thing that entered my mind was that silly kids' chant, '*insert name here' and 'insert other name here' sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...' Its made the little Fuuma/Kamui fangirl inside of me grow a bit stronger...they look so darn cute together! Now, I have the sudden urge to watch my downloaded CCS episode 65 video again...excuse me while I go drool over my Yuki-chan.

Still feeling miserable...I managed to

Still feeling miserable...I managed to live through yesterday (which, by the way was National Pi Day...happy belated Pi Day, everyone) and the Science test was unbelievebly easy, which means I might pull off a B somehow... If you have the stomach flu, maybe I didn't catch it from you after all...All I have is a really bad cold, which has now passed to Sean McGraile and my mom as well... Masako, you can add me to your links if you want...I don't really care *feels special that someone other than her measly friends noticed her*...And I'm glad you're OK...being sick really sucks, as I know all too well at the moment... o_0 That's a man?! You could have fooled me, Suppi...but then Nuriko fooled me too..... ^_____^ Links to both RxS fanart and fanfics!!! *hugs Murasaki* Yay!

March 13, 2002
God, I feel horrible...I think

God, I feel horrible...I think I caught something from you. I was fine this morning, but by Spanish, I was about to fall asleep...I came home and took a four hour nap. I feel a bit better, but I think I gave what ever I have to Scully...he said he doesn't feel so great. For good news, I found out that Mae (sp?), the Chinese girl, does in fact like anime and manga. She likes Hotohori, and not Tamahome...Yesss! Score one for the Hotohori fangirls! And Scully got the English book that was number 666...I told him it says something about his personality. Speaking of which, I think the next layout here will be of the Dragons of Earth, cause they're cool bad guys. Now, I must go study for a Science test....

March 12, 2002
God, I feel really stupid...I

God, I feel really stupid...I was looking through an X site finding info about the charecters, mainly cause the whole Seiichirou/Seishirou thing was confusing me, and I discovered that the person I thought was Nataku in a whole buch of pics is really Kakyou Kuzuki, another one of the Dragons of Earth...oh well...Nataku is cool anyways.

*starry-eyed* It worked! No longer

*starry-eyed* It worked! No longer is my information migrating down the page! Now, there are pics of a certain Dragon of Earth that need to be printed and taped all over my agenda

Glad you like it. I

Glad you like it. I think it turned out pretty neat myself, but then I love most of my layouts, so Its not saying much. Turns our my brother couldn't find any X, and got me Evangelion instead, which is just as great, but means I have to find some way to get myself more X. I think the next layout for this blog might be X....Fuuma and Nataku hoooooot....

Sorry for not blogging

Sorry for not blogging the afternoon I was too depressed, and after Junior Team, I was too busy. Junior Team was good, I got to see Hoshi and switch CDs, and it helped improve my mood, beacause one of the people I fenced against, a lefty named Rachel (lefties are wierd to fence against....No Rachel, we don't all hate you ~_^) and I exchanged funny little comments the entire time, much like Sora (NOT Sora from Digimon, Sorata Arisugawa) and Yuto's battle in the begining of X 2. Today is my birthday! Yay! *dances around happily* And my brother hinted that he might be getting me X manga..he's out buying my present right now. We have a new girl in our class, who's Chinese and who's name I can't for the love of God remember...she told me it at least once, and Tama twice, and yet we can't remember it, and resorted to calling her what's-her-name to each other when talking about her. I'm like this when first seeing/reading anime series too...I called Alcyone 'the creepy lady in revealing clothing' until I learned her name, I used to and still call Kaho Mizuki 'the creepy lady who knows to much about everything', and I called Arashi 'sword girl', Sorata 'baseball cap guy', and Yuto 'trenchcoat man' until I learned their names. When Tama and I asked her if she liked anime, she said no, but later we saw a Hotohori sticker on the inside of her pocket English-Chinese translator. (Me: HA! HA! HA!!! In your face Tamahome fangirl! Our ranks are growing! Tama: ....) Morgan thinks that they have a different word for anime in China, and Tama thinks she understood 'anime' but nothing else and got confused...her English is not that good. Today was very good, except we have a lot of homework, and we ran out of oil, and the company came and refilled our tank, but my mom think's the pilot light went out...which means she has to relight it, something she's never done before and until then we have no heat. I must go obsess over Fuuma and Nataku for a while, and do my homework.

March 10, 2002
Listening to scary Jamacian-ish Tamahome

Listening to scary Jamacian-ish Tamahome theme on the CD that's really Hoshi's but just hasn't been switched for the one of mine I accidently gave her yet...some of the background vocals are even scarier than the ones in Kero's image song...and Hikaru and I firmly believe that Kero had to drug those singers before he got them to sing like that. Also working on a Miki layout for her, drooling over Japanese Harry Potter fan art, as I can't find any Japanese CCS fanart, reading a comparison of X and the Book of Revelations, and laughing over the X Handpuppet Theatre....all at the same time. I missed a very cool Youth Group meeting, as my mom was too busy to take me, but Tama came over instead and we planned cosplay for Shoujocon and laughed at pictures of overwieght forty-year old women trying to cosplay as least my mom has enough sense to realize that that would be just scary. I want chocolate. And more birthday is this Tuesday, hint, hint.... In church this morning, I actually did something good instead of sitting around being bored out of my mind...I remembered to pray for your friend and you two *feels semi-special* Ok, I'm going to go read more funny X summeries and find some nice X art to drool over...I think CLAMP really out did themselves with X...the art is gorgeus....

March 9, 2002
Yay! My utterly cool Akio

Yay! My utterly cool Akio layout is now up! Check it out!

*twitches* Anything I have ever

*twitches* Anything I have ever said about the Utena dub being decently good...I have just heard Akio's dubbed voice. *twitches agian* And it was almost worse than some of the Cardcaptors voices...I think I'm going to go hide now.

OMG!!!! The person who does

OMG!!!! The person who does Akio's voice does the voices of Lantis and Zagato in MKR! Lantis is my second favorite guy, after Eagle (my Yukito/Megumi Ogata fangirl won out), and Zagato was a very cool villian.

Why won't my vertical align

Why won't my vertical align tag work? All my info on the side is slowly migrating downward...*kicks blogger* grrrr.....

I love your layout Hoshi!

I love your layout Hoshi! Although I agree, its hard to read...I'll make you a cool Miki layout. Gah, the last few days have been kind of busy. Thursday I had fencing, which was tireing but fun...Hoshi and I are going to join the Junior Fencing team on Mondays. Yay! I spent half an hour burning a CD for her, and then I was listening it to make sure it was alright, and the CD I burned myself was in my CD player at the same time, and they look exactly alike, so I accidently grabbed the wrong one to give to her...*sweatdrop* Cocoa no baka.... Anyway, on Friday we sang an insanely hyper Mexican Day of the Dead song in Spanish that most of it was "Catatumba tumba tumba..." It made me think of Okashi no Uta and Groovy. I had Japanese after school, and we managed to get very hyper and very off-topic several times. Too many chocolate chip cookies, I think... Hikaru slept over, and we watched Fushigi Yuugi and CCS at ten o'clock at night and drooled over Hotohori and Touya and Yukito. I've decided that I like the manga version of FY a bit better than the's cheaper too. I've picked who I'm going to cosplay at Shoujocon...we ended up completely changing our plan of what to go as...Me, my mom, and Tama are all going to be Clow Cards...Tama is going to be Flower, I'm going to be Sand, and my mother hasn't decided what to do yet. ...YAY!!!! Chapter 13 of Legacy of the Master is up over at the CCS Yaoi mailing list...happy happy happy...more yummy Yue/Clow and Touya/Yuki! Speaking of CLAMP slash, when are you going to get Lipstick Boy back up? There's something there that I wanted to show to some morons over at the Harry Potter message boards....

March 6, 2002
Somehow, I managed to survive

Somehow, I managed to survive presenting my project...barely. I hate presenting stuff in front of the class. I was shaking really badly afterwards, and I forgot half the stuff I wanted to say...but I'm ok now. I'm reading funny Utena stuff and listening to the Akio car music...I really should be doing my compare contrast essay, which I'm actually not freaking about, because I'm doing a topic I like - Yue and Yuki. I just have to remember to avoid going into obsessed fangirl mode, the words kawaii and bishounen, and mentioning the Yue/Clow Touya/Yuki thing...I don't want to know what my English teacher would do when she reads my essay, and I ramble about two gay fictional charecters for a page and a half....she might send me up to guidance. I think I'll go work on a new layout for Stardust...I think its going to be evil as he is, he is also damn sexy...more so than the name Severus, and he has the coolest dueling theme. Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery is awesome. I'm also going to hopefully work on Under the Moon soon. And I have been left with the duty of trying to talk Tama into doing an Utena costume for Shoujocon. My mom wants us to all do related costumes, and the only charecter I could think of that she would be good as was Juri...although I might be able to talk her into being Tai that would be an original costume!

Getting there...working on a little

Getting there...working on a little bit of coloring right now. Of course, my printer decided that this was a wonderful time to stop working, so I have to wait until tomorrow to use the one in my brother's room. *yawns* I'm tired...I think I have a Spanish project due tomorrow...oh well... I'll do it tomorrow and hand it in on Thursday. *hugs Leareth-san* I hope your friend gets well as you *hugs Masako-san* Oh, as for you...Its totally unfair. We're the same age, yet you're so much better at designing stuff and websites...oh long as I can use your Yue icon and you keep Touya away from my Yuki, I'll be happy.

March 5, 2002
Just watched Buffy, mainly to

Just watched Buffy, mainly to understand what Emily and Tama always talk about, and it was pretty good. I might watch it again - if only to find out more about that kinda cute guy with a bit of a British accent who looks like someone crossbred Francis from Malcom in the Middle with Draco Malfoy. I think his name is Spike. Murasaki-san had him on one of her layouts once...and speaking of layouts, I'm glad to see she has not completely abandoned her love of TouyaxYuki...The new layout is awesome. I must go stay up until midnight trying to get my project done... *groans*

I've decided something. People become

I've decided something. People become orthadontists because they find joy in watching other people cringe when they poke the inside of their mouths with sharp metal things. If you didn't already guess, I've just come back from the orthadontist, and it was not enjoyable. And I have to completely finish my water quality project today, which means I have about five minutes before my mom comes home and makes me work on it. *mentally strangles science teacher* Stupid Mr. Nosek. At least least we had our normal Spanish teacher instead of the Super Bitch (AKA, Ms. Bellsito, incredibly mean language teacher) and we could finish our midterm in peace. For good news, Scully and some of his friends might order an orcestrated version of the Zelda Overworld theme, and they want me to play flute. Yay! And Emily borrowed some of my Fushigi Yuugi manga...I think we have an FY fangirl-in-training. Speaking of which, Tama, if you really want to do Miaka and Yui, I might give in, but we'd better be the best damn Miaka and Yui at the con...I'm a perfectionist when it comes to costumeing.

March 4, 2002
Fan-art guilt tripping? Now why

Fan-art guilt tripping? Now why didn't I think of that...wait, maybe its because I can't draw. Hope you feel better...if you don't come to fencing I can't give you your CD! Somehow, I managed to get my Shakespeare project done last night...and it doesn't look like total crap! Yay! My artistic talents are slowly improving. Right now I'm trying to work on my Project's Fair project, and only having some luck. I went down to the comic shop near my house, and was looking at the lastest issue of CCS, when I suddenly noticed that the evil translators (I refuse to buy Mixx stuff) changed Yue's name to Yueh. I managed not to start screaming, but I did glare angrily at it before I put it back...much like when I saw a stuffed Scabbers in a Barnes & Nobles and poked it repeatedly while muttering things like "lousy traitor..." under my breath. They also had the the February issue of Animerica Extra, and it had a little Utena side-story about explosive curry. Poor Chuchu...stuck as Saionji. If they don't include that in the second volume, I might get that back issue. My first day back to school was ok...everyone kept asking me how California was, and we had a huge Spanish midterm I didn't know about. My mom said she's going to try to get it so I can take Japanese somewhere instead of Spanish next year....thank God.

March 3, 2002
Grrr....of all the times my

Grrr....of all the times my computor to be screwy, it had to be right when I finally found someone to get the first X episode from. And I have to do research on the Globe Theatre. I think I'm going to go read some fics and make myself happy.

That's better.

That's better.

*pokes Geocities* WORK, darn it!

*pokes Geocities* WORK, darn it!

Severus is a very sexy

Severus is a very sexy name. All who agree, raise their hands. ...Hehehe...I'm slowly lapsing back into my Snape fangirlishness, as a result of a brilliant little fic called Pawn to Queen. Read this story if you like: Snape, Hermione, Snape and Hermione, Malfoy-bashing, Slytherins other than Malfoy and company, or just a well written story. Just be warned that its a bit R rated in spots...not to many though. At the moment, I'm taking a little break from my projects, which I think I deserve, as I've done all my summaries of acts of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

YES!!!! I have finally figured

YES!!!! I have finally figured Blogger out! Welcome to Enigmatic Eccentricity's new and hopefully permanent home.

March 1, 2002
Things are looking up...sort of

I'm in a much better mood now. I got my chocolate...actually I managed to eat two boxes of Thin Mints almost single-handedly. *hugs Tama* You're such a great friend. You should be a therapist or always know how to make people feel better. I hope your plan to convince Mr. Nosek to give me an extra week succedes...God knows I need it. And you're right, Never is a Promise is quite good. Durning the scene in the orphange, I was silently going 'Awwwww...'. I think once I finish it, I'm going to read Angels in the Rain and have a good cry. I love that story. Then to cheer myself up, I'm going to read Domestic Arrangements again. There all very good stories...the first one is a well written Hermione/Draco, the second is a rather sad one about Ruby Moon, and the third is a funny little bit of fluff about To-ya and Yuki (although there is mention of Yue/Fujitaka). I recommend them highly. Oh, in my haste, I failed to mention two of the high points in the National Parks..In Joshua Tree, we saw not one, but two coyotes. One came really close to our car...they were both gorgeus (but I bet Moony looks even better...). Then in Seqouia, my dad and I saw a mule deer. It stared right at me for about thirty seconds, and then went off into the forest. I've discovered that if you expect to see no interesting wildlife, you're pleasently surprised to see things like this.