April 30, 2002
Hmmm...we could have done better,

Hmmm...we could have done better, we could have done worse. My school came in third out of I think six, and we beat our long standing rivals, Hikaru's school. So the first thing I did was come home and call her and laugh at her, like she was laughing at me and Tama last year. Plus we got free t-shirts, Mr. Nosek is buying us pizza tomorrow, and I stole the pencil that the guy gave us to do the answers with. I survived, although my pencil's eraser didn't...I kind of mutilated it to prevent having a nervous break down... Something amusing for all the more knowledgeable CLAMP fans out there...you know how there's a CLAMP Campus School, mentioned in CLAMP Campus Detectives, X, I think Tokyo Babylon, and a couple of other schools? Well, there's a collage in my city called Clark. And there's a middle school on the grounds, which most people call University Park School. But some call it Clark Campus School. Isn't that wierd?

Very excellent day...the sakura trees

Very excellent day...the sakura trees in my area are finally in bloom, your blog is working, my mom won a free course at a college in my area in a silent auction (the procceds benifitted charity) and she said that if they offer Japanese, I can take it, and I am now the Sakurazukamori of Biomath by title and Phong. Only in title however...I unfortunately do not get an evil cherry tree, I refuse to wear all black, and I don't kill people except for my brother in the figurative sense. The only dark point in this is the fact that I have to go to this academic competition at my school, which means three other people from my class and I have to dress up and get up on stage and make fools of ourselves on local television because our school never wins against any of the other middle schools in my town....

April 29, 2002
Oh, that one's easy. Clow

Oh, that one's easy. Clow of course! He gets the power, the eccentricity, the mansion, the cool armchair, the funny glasses, the long life span, the gorgeous costume, and of course most importantly, the moon angel, in slightly less angsty form. I'm telling you, Clow's got it made! For the previous question, I'd still pick my two fangirl faves....Yuki and TB Subaru. X Subaru is cool to think about and analyze, but he's too old for me, and two angsty too. Yuki and TB Subaru are totally the kind of guys I'd go for in real life...just ask my friends about Link-kun ^^

Oh yeah...this layout is absolutely

Oh yeah...this layout is absolutely hilarious. Shell, you are a genius.

*looks at hands* Me is

*looks at hands* Me is turning into Subaru...no, actually, I'm wearing gloves because my basement is freezing. Unfortunately, they're realluy hard to type in, even if they are a rather nice shade of red fleece that compliment my bathrobe nicely. Must get myself some thinner ones....hmmm..in random mood. Oh, my dad is convinced you are a pedophilic stalker..he's like that about anyone he hasn't seen with his own eyes. Must go read fanfics......

Wai~! Matching commet box! ...God,

Wai~! Matching commet box! ...God, I really need a hobby. Lesse...absolutely nothing happened Saturday, and everything happened Sunday, thus explaining my lack of blogging. This was my Sunday: Get up, go to Church, go out to eat, come home, go on walk to raise money to stop violence against women, come home, go to Youth Group (salsa is fat-free!), go to dinner at my brother's loser best friend's house, come home, take shower, watch X-Files, go to bed. Today was pretty good. No homework, nothing important to run around for...just me, my PC, and fanfics...ahhhh...this is the life! *pokes* Your blog better be working soon...its getting irritating.

You are the Dragon.

You are the Dragon. In medieval Europe, dragons were considered mostly evil and a generally bad omin. Christianity linked the dragon with Satan because of the dragon's snake-like apperance. However, to the Orient cultures the dragon was a symbol of widom and roalty. It was a benign animal and the fifth creature of the Chinese zodiac. It resided over the east and the sunsrise. It was also said to bring rain and the springtime. The dragon is interesting because it combines all four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. It could fly, had the horns of a ox, breathed fire, and resided over the moon.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

Dragon! Whoohoo! Hmmm...wonder if I'm of Heaven or of Earth? Eheheheh...I'm an X fangirl, all right.

April 26, 2002
^______^ Expect this layout to

^______^ Expect this layout to stay up for a while! It turned out even better than I first imgagined. Pretty pretty pretty....Yuki and purple, the perfect combination! Today was kind of wierd. We had a half day, during gym me and my friends were really hyper and running around poking each other with sticks, and we discoverd that you can fit two eighth graders, five seventh graders, and one principal in my principal's car. This afternoon, Hikaru came over and we were hyper and locked my brother out of the house for half an hour, and then went and read stuff at Venus Gospel and X Handpuppet Theatre. We had fun. Then I worked on this layout, and shortly I'm going to go to bed, because I really haven't gotten enough sleep this week ^^;

April 25, 2002
I have just watched the

I have just watched the last half of The Empire Strikes Back on TV, and this is what I have to say. One. I'm glad I was at fencing, because I missed the first, crappy half. Second, Yoda definately has something for Luke...doesn't help that he's about the right height to continusly stare at his ass. Third, Han Solo is most definately the hotest guy in that movie - too bad he's old and wrinkley in real life now. Fourth, Darth Vader was a cool villian until they made him a wrinkley old dude under that cool black mask.

All my notecards are done!

All my notecards are done! Yay!!! *does happy dance* And there's fencing tonight, which means I get to see you! Fun fun fun... And I got basicly all the image editing for my new layout done, so it should be up sooner than I thought, this weekend possibly. It's Yuki, it's Sakura, it's flowery, and it's purple, my favorite color in the whole world! Subaru-kun, I love you, but the yellow is getting to be a bit scary... I suddenly realized that while writing up notecards on the mistreatment of the American and Filipino soldiers by the Japanese troops, I was listening to my Utena CD. Which of course is in Japanese. Ironic, ne?

April 24, 2002
AHHH!!!! I just went on

AHHH!!!! I just went on a Kaho site of my own free will! What's happening to me?! Scary, scary, scary.... On a lighter note, I found the layout that I thought had dissappeared, and its almost done now. Should be up sometime next week. Oh...here are some little mental lists I've decided on:
People Who Look Really Good In Trenchcoats
-That guy from the Sprint commercials

What I Must Someday Learn To Do From Anime Charecters
-Smile Evily
-Perfect my Death Glare.

*stares* Oh. My. God. I

*stares* Oh. My. God. I so know who I'm going to beg to let me use an image for my blog. On a similar note, it's Moonie and Peaches! Pretty! Now, back to staring at Subaru....*stares at pic some more*

Taking a quick break from

Taking a quick break from the horrors of note taking...I still have to do around twenty more notecards tonight, and another fifteen or so tomorrow. And I just realized that the layout I spent forty-five minutes working on last night is totally gone from my computor...why do things like this always happen to me? Oh well...I might make myself a Seishirou layout similar to the Kamui one I made you, because it would be easy, and I have a cool pic I can use.

April 23, 2002
Working on stupid research paper...grrrrr.

Working on stupid research paper...grrrrr. I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! My topic has now been changed to the Bataan death march, which is a bit more specific that the involvement of the Philippines in WWII, and I have seven note cards out of the 40-50 that need to be done by this Friday done. Damn. I'm feeling all alone and friendless, both online and IRL...online there's you and kind of you. It makes me kinda depressed when I see all these blogs with people with all these friends. Gah...I'll deal with it when I get the rest of my life pulled together....

April 22, 2002
Lalalalalalaaaa~! I'm supposed to be

Lalalalalalaaaa~! I'm supposed to be working on my research paper on the involvement of the Philippines in WWII, but I keep getting horribly side tracked by blogs and the hilarious 30-second Ashes summeries at Clampesque which has become one of my new favorite online hang-outs. Of course, the fact that I'm listening to my copy of CCS Original Soundtrack 4 probably isn't helping much. One little question - what area of the US do you live in? Because that weather is exactly like what we're having here in central Massachusetts...well, the snow's turned to rain now... Crazy weather we've got. ...Gah. I'm in a going out and making new friends kind of mood, only its too wet and cold to really go outside, and my neighborhood is full of old people anyway, and I really don't know how one goes about making friends anyway...socializing has never been one of my strong points, right below keeping my temper in check...oh well...if anyone wants to IM me, my screen name's Darkowl12 and I'm almost always on ^^

April 21, 2002
*takes Subaru-shaped cookie*Thanks, Megan. *munches

*takes Subaru-shaped cookie*Thanks, Megan. *munches on cookie thoughtfully* Y'know, I've decided that someone needs to start a support group for angsty bishounen, like the kind they have for drug addicts and stuff. They could hold it in one of Kakyou's Dreamscapes, there's plenty of space. Let's see..who would be in it off the top of my head...Kamui, Subaru and Kakyou, definately...Yue...Ken Ichijouji from middle to late 02, not when he's all psycho and 'must take over world...MWAHAHAHA!!!!'. Hmmm...maybe Matt Ishida in 01, as he's all nice and friendly by 02...who else? Any ideas, anyone? Oh, glad you like your layout...Kamui is so huggable. I had a whole bunch of odd but cool dreams last night...I'll ramble about them later, as I don't have much time now.

April 20, 2002
Oh dear. It seems I

Oh dear. It seems I picked a very bad time to become obsessed with X.... Everyone seems to be arguing with everyone else or ranting or getting depressed and giving up and leaving. Now, if this was my RL friends, I'd step in drag everyone apart and tell them to stop being idiots. Unfortunatly, this isn't real life, and getting to know people is one of my worst qualties, so I don't really know anyone I'd feel comfortable getting this out at. So I'll say it here...can't we just all be friends, or barring that, friendly enemies? *puppy dog eyes* Please? For the sake of us little, easily depressed, newcomer X fans out here?

April 19, 2002
Well, as to be expected,

Well, as to be expected, my little plan didn't work. I found some really funny CCS and X fanfics and ended up getting majorly side tracked. Gah. I'm in one of my 'I feel like my life is falling into a million pieces around me' moods. I hate it when this happens. I've decided that I really, really need to get a new CCS tape. Very soon. I need something to sidetrack me from X/TB. Unfortunately, that means I have to convince someone to drive me to the mall. Damn.

Yeah, I know, I didn't

Yeah, I know, I didn't blog yesterday, but I was feeling lazy... Wednesday I convinced my dad to take me into Boston to go to the Japanese bookstore there, which means I know have X6, 7, 8, and 10 in Japanese, CCS 6 in bilingual format, and a spiffy little Japanese - English dictionary. We also went to a nice little Greek restaurant before going home and stuffed ourselves. Yesterday morning, I made an attempt at understanding Tokyo Bablyon 6 with help from my dictionary, but discovered that it has an insane amount of kanji, basicly none of which I understand, so I sort of gave up. Scully and I went bike riding for a while, and then I came home and almost finished a layout for my Yuki site, plus your layout. Fencing was very fun last night. Only three other people came, and Doug, my fencing instructor, let me use one of the pistol grip foils, which is much more comfortable than the French grip. I've decided that I really need to get away from anime for a little while, before it eats up more of my life than it has already. I'm a very sad excuse for a human being, I know. I'm not sure I even know how to have a semi-normal life at this point. I think I'm going to go try to find some SNES roms or call Hikaru or something.... maybe I can figure out where I stuck my Secret of Mana save files or my FF3 save files and actually finish one of my games.

April 17, 2002
Heh heh heh heh...

What's your FOTR slash pairing?
Heh heh heh heh... *waits for Tama to stumble across this entry and choke on something upon reading it*

Hum-dee-dum. I think God has

Hum-dee-dum. I think God has decided to take mercy on us poor New Englanders, as it's yet another beautiful day outside. Yet here I am, sitting in my basement that still manages to be freezing, even though its not unlike early summer outside. Right now I'm editing a Kamui layout for you, because I felt inspired. I still have to do some little images and text, and all the coding, but its turning out remarkebly well, if I don't say so myself. Ah, such is the nature of sudden brilliant inspirations. I sat myself down last night and started working on my Yuki site and got a lot done. Unfortunately its all text stuff, so I'm going to have to go in and code it all later. And get a layout done. I even mangaged to get some orginizational stuff for Tree done. That layout is going to be hard, as I don't have a scanner myself, to my knowledge there are no good color pics of the Tree, and not many people put up black and white manga pics. Maybe I'll steal a tree from a CCS pic or something.... 'Moonie' and 'Peaches'? Odd, but incredibly cute...kind of helps that I like both Remus and Kakyou a lot, so I can deal with them having the same nickname. Like your new layout...Kakyou is very cool. *laughs her head off* That's hilarious.

April 16, 2002
Find your emotion! [?]

Find your emotion!

These quizzes are surprisingly accurate....
Just got back from Hikaru's

Just got back from Hikaru's and hour ago. The mini-party was fun - it was just the three of us, plus Hikaru's family. We stayed up all night watching movies. First we watched Spaceballs, which was hilarious, and filled with an insanely large amount of innuendo for a PG movie. Then we watched the Princess Bride on TV, which is one of my favorite movies of all time... *fake Spanish accent* Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Heh he...Now imagine Subaru going up to Seishirou, and saying in a fake Spanish accent "Hello. My name is Subaru Sumeragi. You killed my sister. Prepare to die." It's quite amusing. After that, we watched the first half of Mrs. Doubtfire, before getting too tired and going to bed. We finished it this morning, then Hikaru and I went bikeriding a little after Tama went home. Its absolutely gorgeous out today - 78 in the shade. I'm in my basement because its the coolest place in the house. For one last source of amusement, I'll leave you all with the inside of the card Tama gave me. The front is a small picture of a white rabbit in front of a cresent moon. *coughyueandyukicough*

Hehe...this card's not symbolic..ok maybe it is. Anyways - Happy Birthday!!!
From Gracie (Tama's real name is Grace), Yue, Yuki, and Mr. Bumbary.
Oh and Mordecai, and Mr. Snicket and Hansworth. And Oscar says hello
too. O no! Why are you taking me away? Whati is the straightjacket for? I
son't wanna go with the nice man in the white jacket! Nooooo!
-From your messed up friend

April 15, 2002
My friends are awesome.

My friends are awesome. Tama and Hikaru threw me a surprise party. Tama's drawing on my hand and its a bit distracting ^^; They got me the newest volume of Fushigi Yuugi, and the X-Files CD which we're all listening to in Hikaru's computor room. They even made a cheesecake for me! I love you guys. Hope you have a less boring day today.

April 14, 2002
Today was a very good

Today was a very good day, overall. My dad insisted that we get up and go to church, even though its vacation and I stayed up way too late reading fanfics again. I managed to keep from going insane from boredom by thinking about what I was going to write for each of the Sakurazukamori. And then I went home and wrote it all. I meant only to do a brief description of each, but I ended up going a bit overboard on Subaru, and his was half a page. But I got something done. I feel so proud of myself. Then Tama and Link came over and we talked about anime (well, mostly I rambled about the Tree, Subaru, and Seishirou, and Tama and I discussed all the weird relationships), watched anime, and then I forced everyone to listen to Santana for a while. The song Wishing it Was is very, very Subaru/Seishirou-told-from-Sei's-point-of-view-ish. Thus, it is also now one of my favorite songs. My brother actually succeded enjoying playing Magic after Tama left, while my dad took me to the movies. We saw Monsoon Wedding which was excellent, although a little confusing. It struck me as something that CLAMP might write, only with less slash. There was even a bit of angst, coming from a couple that for some reason reminded of me of Sorata and Arashi - Dubye and Alice. My dad loved it too, and we went out and got some Indian food afterwards.

April 13, 2002
Glad you liked X. I

Glad you liked X. I might consider letting you borrow some of my Japanese manga, along with the translation on a floppy.Unfortunately, I was kind of like "Screw order. I'm going to get the volumes with lots of Subaru, and lots of Kamui torture. And that stupid girl Kotori getting killed", so I have one and two in English, and then nine, twelve, and fourteen in Japanese. Maybe I'll make you a nice Kamui layout later ^^...after I finish my Seishirou and Yuuto layout for Stardust, which is giving me another one of those finding the right font problems, and my layout for the revisesed Under the Moon, which is partially done, and a layout for Tree, which I have no idea what to do for, but I should probably get some of the content done first. My brother was being very irritating today. It took a lot of self-control not to find out of you really can shove your find through someone's chest, Seishirou-style. I doubt it...he's twice my size, fictional, and he's kinda a dark onmyouji. Today was pretty good, although Tama promised she'd do something with me but then was busy, and I got kind of upset until i forced myself to go bikeriding, and ended up at the bookstore kind of near my house. I was looking through travel guides to Japan, when I almost had a heart attack upon discovering the Ueno Park is a real place. I knew Tokyo Tower was real, and Rainbow Bridge, but I didn't think Ueno Park was...does this mean that there's a giant dark pink sakura tree somewhere in the park? o.0 And do we really want to know?

Yes, I'm blogging at 1:30

Yes, I'm blogging at 1:30 in the morning. I'm just special like that. IT'S VACATION!!! *prances around basement at thought of a week of no school* Fun! I promised Tama I'd call her if I get up before three in the afternoon. I sleep so much that I'm on the verge of being like Kakyou - sleeping so much to the point at which you don't wake up at all ^^ Been reading fanfiction for about five hours now. I had the sudden urge to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the CD has dissappeared of somewhere. Most likely my brother's room. That, of course, being the same room he is currently fast asleep in. So I'm listening to Santana instead. I'll probably go work on the site about the Tree, which I'm thinking of just calling 'Tree' for lack of a better title. It's actually a not so bad one. Oh, nice Miki layout!

April 11, 2002
Oh, one of the boys

Oh, one of the boys in my class kind of sort of looks like older Subaru, even though he's about ten years younger. They both have the same short-ish black hair, and pale skin and slender frame, although Hung tends to dress in lighter colors and has a personality more like that of the older Sumeragi twin. And although they have the same eye shape, Hung is neither blind in one eye, nor does he have the same vibrant green shade of Subaru's...his are dark brown (although he does have nice hands~_^). Unfortunately, also like Subaru, he is gay, or at least pretending to be. No one is quite sure, and no one quite really cares.

Fencing was fun, although the

Fencing was fun, although the one shoulder still belonging to me hurts some. This is what I get for not fencing for three weeks in a row. Tomorrow is the last day before April vacation! ^_____^ Happy happy happy. Tama has decided that she is going to attempt to make a cheesecake, and has inlisted mine and Hikaru's help. The results should be interesting. Glad you're feeling better. The trick is to tell yourself you are going to have a good day, and be happy, and try to live up to it. It works. I've decided to make a site the the Tree, as the Tree is cool, and needs a site about it but doesn't have one to my knowledge. Unfortuately, I can't think of a good name for it yet. It'll probably get worked on during the non-cheesecake-making part of my vacation.

I am the Tokyo Babylon

I am the Tokyo Babylon manga.

A lot of people own the Tokyo Babylon manga, seeing as its rather easy to find. It is the single most important part of the Tokyo Babylon merchandise because it litteraly is Tokyo Babylon. The manga is not cheap and not expensive. The story is very deep.

Like the Tokyo Babylon manga, you are probably a very imporant person, or are destined to be one. Your intelligence and practicality will help you on the road to success. Are you or were you in any honors class? You are a big fan of 'canon'.

What Tokyo Bablyon Merchandise Are You?

^^ Its all true!

April 10, 2002
I no longer own my

I no longer own my right shoulder. Tama and Scully have decided that it is their's. In other words, I'm going back to my normal genki Keichii-like self...well, maybe Keichii-like is not the best metaphor. That boy is hyper to the point at which it starts to become frightening. Especially because he's a boy. I find it amusing that in all the volumes I now have his first reaction upon seeing Kamui is "SHIROU-KUN!!!", followed by "So you did get hurt!", which in my personal opinion really should be followed by the word 'again', given the amount of pain and torture Kamui seems to usually get himself into. As for the Tie-Tying scene, I was in fangirl heaven....yes, I like Subaru/Kamui. Its cute. Some of the boys in my class demonstrated that their tie-tying ablities rival Kamui's in incompetance, and Kamui had a decent excuse. Brattin brought in a lime green tie which I saw on at least three different people, and no one knew how to tie it expect for Brattin and Alex. Tama says she thinks ties are sexy. Ah well. I must go work on my new layout for Under the Moon, which I think I'm going to turn into a site just about Yuki, and rename White Rabbit. *hugs* Don't worry, things'll get better.

April 9, 2002
You linked me! *hugs* You're

You linked me! *hugs* You're so nice. I have made it my resolve today to be a nicer, friendlier, more talkative person. Oh, one little requests, if anyone can help me.... if someone has an English (although I could live with Spanish) script of Tokyo Babylon volume six, if you could kindly send it to me, I will love you forever and ever. I searched for an hour and half and found nada, which of course means I can understand all of three lines of my wonderful new TB manga. I would also love to get my hands on Kakyou's charecter file (the dialouge, not the BG music), although I think that's asking a bit much....

I'm feeling much better...Today is

I'm feeling much better...Today is a beautiful sunny warm day, although its still as cold as heck in my basement. Stupid Massachusetts weather. I actually have done all my homework, aside from a little studying, which is amazing for me. Usually I turn in some half-finished piece of crap I through together in Homeroom. Yet I still manage to get pull off First Honors most of the time. Insane, isn't it? Thank you. You're such a good friend.

April 8, 2002
Still in a bad mood.

Still in a bad mood. I just heard the Italian CCS theme on internet radio. Why does every other country have a decently good song while we in the US get stuck with some male Britney Spears-wannabe?

Y'know, I've realized something. I'm

Y'know, I've realized something. I'm horrible at communicating with people. I'm practically incapable of holding a conversation with people most of the time, especially if its non-anime. That's a really, really depressing thought. It also might explain why I have all of three good friends. How does one go about making friends, anyway? Its something I've never been good at. Excuse me while I go wallow in self-pity over the fact that I have very few friends, are incaple of making more, and some of the ones I have seem to be slowly drifting away from me and I can't do anything about it. Tama always seems to be too busy now adays to do anything with, usually hanging out with Emily, and Hikaru, who usually puts me in a good mood always has too much homework to do anything with anyone.

Today was an excellent day...

Today was an excellent day... New enrichment class, so no more evil Ms. Riveria. Our new teacher seems really nice. I have a 100 average in Spanish, though I have no idea why, I got a 90 on my project, which is far higher than I expected, and Scully and Weatherbee assitted in helping me quasi-one-up Tama, although I haven't had time to tell her that's she's been one-upped yet. She's been going on about how and guy in our class, Aurnab, called her cute and sweet, so both Scully and Weatherbee called me cute and sweet so I'd beat her two to one. Scully and I also had a very interesting discussion during Spanish. This is how it begun:
Kisel: Mrs. Munoz, can we tell you about slavery? (We're studying the civil war in History)
Mrs. Munoz: You can teach mee all about slavery after school if you want.
Me: (to Scully) One word comes to mind - bondage.
Scully: *evil grin* Yeah...
From there we started talking about sex, and I told him about Leareth's fic 'Crucify My Love', which is dark and violent and deep and has a sex scene in it, and he said that I'm the only girl he's talked to that hasn't been totally grossed out when sex is mentioned...I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.....Some one took a picture of a body builder in a thong and pasted a pic of my math teacher's head on it and stuck it on Mr. Eddy's bulletin board. We were all laughing about that.

Yay! New layout featuring beautiful

Yay! New layout featuring beautiful Subaru-kun!

April 6, 2002
*loud fangirl screech* I HAVE

*loud fangirl screech* I HAVE X!!!! I HAVE X!!!! *dances around with Japanese X manga in arms* And Tokyo Babylon too! Happy happy happy....My dad is so awesome. He got me X 9, 12 (EYE!!!), and 14, and Tokyo Babylon 6. And my Subaru layout is basicly done. Should be up tomorrow. Now...I have some manga to read!

April 5, 2002
Oh yes - upon seeing

Oh yes - upon seeing my newly Kamui-fied desktop, my dad thought Kamui was a girl.

I just had a very

I just had a very interesting Japanese class....we ended up getting into a discussion of the word 'onmyouji', which I love *glomps word 'onmyouji' + Subaru* Fuuuuuuun word. Tomorrow my dad hopefully gets me Japanese X and TB manga! Yay! *does happy manga dance* New layout here soon.

Gah. Seriously resisting the urge

Gah. Seriously resisting the urge to put up new layout...even though it's still unfinished. The weather here isn't quite what you'd call warm, but its been sunny and bright. This dark layout is starting to get me down. The Geography Bee wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be, but I did have to compete against Hikaru. Neither of us won...not that we were expecting to anyway. Still haven't thought of a good new name for Under the Moon, nor a good layout, but hopefully I'll think of something soon. My attempted day of no X or Tokyo Babylon failed horribly. I couldn't keep myself away from FF.Net last night...Bad Cocoa. Very bad Cocoa. Must...do...something....non X/TB.....

April 4, 2002
I know I've said it

I know I've said it before, but orthodontists are total sadists - like Fuuma, only more legal. If you didn't guess, I went to the orthodontists today and they poked the inside of my mouth without mercy. But enough of that. I spent all day mentally comparing the bishounen factors of various charecters in my favorite series, and it suddenly stuck me how misused the word is. Fans tend to use it to describe any good looking male charecter...but isn't the translation of the word some roughly like 'beautiful boy'? As lovable as they are charecters like Tasuki or Touya don't exactly fall into the 'beautiful' category... I am making a desperate attempt at breaking free of my little X/TB obsession by reading some Wish scans. God, that manga is so fluffy and sugary-sweet. Its worse that CCS...and CCS is pretty high up on the kawaii scale. I need to get some more CCS videos. And I really need to work on Under the Moon. Hopefully there'll be some major renovations, as well as a possible name change sometime soon. Something mildly amusing happened today....here we are in Science, discussing Mendel, when we hear this sudden clatter. Everyone turns around to see Dan Rheaume and his chair on the ground. Everyone started laughing at him, including Mr. Nosek.

April 3, 2002
My desktop is now officially

My desktop is now officially Kamui-fied and silver. I can only stand so much red and Hokut's costumes. Today was a very nice day...almost springlike. If this weather keeps up, that Subaru layout might be up sooner than I thought. Today was a meh sort of day. We had the Projects Fair, which means I almost had a mental break down, but somehow I survived. Now if I can just survive the state Geography Bee this Friday.... At least I get to miss school. I am unbelievebly tired, and have been for the last week or so...must get offline and go to bed at a reasonable time....

April 2, 2002
Just got of the phone

Just got of the phone after an hour and a half conversation with Link. This of course was a very good thing, as I otherwise would still be moping in the throes of depression I was in earlier. We had much catching up to do, and I promised that I'd call him again soon. I haven't seen him for a while.... Anyway, I had a very nice dream last night. It was Kakyou-oriented, although I woke up right before he appeared. I was in an attic room in this run down house, with my parents and my brother, and we were waiting for him, and we hear footsteps in the corridor outside....and then I woke up. I was very angry with my foolish brain for waking me up at the good part. Fuuma existed in this dream, as I was afraid to go through the house on my own looking for Kakyou because I was afraid of Fuuma, although I'm not quite sure if he actually appeared. This house has been in my dreams before - old, run down, and full of odd secret passages. I often have reoccuring locations in my dreams. When I was younger I had a whole bunch of dreams about this empty white mansion, that had one of those huge staircases that split in half and go to opposite sides half-way up, all carpeted in this thick royal blue carpeting. Its insane that I still remember details like that, but that's how my mind works. I've also discovered that you retain any wierd tendancies you have in real life in your dreams. In my dream last night, I was claustophobic, as I am in real life, and in the dream I had over the weekend in which Hotohori told me that he thought I was nice, I blushed furiously at this, just like how I would do in real life. That dream was nice, only my subcounciouss just had to remember that Hotohori eventually does get married (I think). Damn.

April 1, 2002
*does happy dance* IT WORKS!!

*does happy dance* IT WORKS!! Boy, have I missed blogging...Its so much fuuuun! Now, much blogging, both social and personal shall ensue. I like your new layout...nice and clean and white. Your's is cool too. I'm working on a new Subaru layout, but I refuse to put it up until I see some spring around here....*drools* Not only are you fun to talk to on AIM, you have what are probably my two favorite X pretty-boys on your layout. I have finally lost my temper with Viz, and when my dad goes into Boston this weekend, he's going to try to find me some of the Japanese manga. The last straw was when I looked at book six in the comic books store near my house and realized that because of the whole 'flipped-panel' thing, Seishirou is missing the wrong eye. Those who know me well know I'm a stickler for details in anime and manga. And this is just unacceptable. I almost threw a fit in the store. Die, Viz, die... Ok, on to another topic. Thursday I finally got a new pair of sneakers, and pair of dress sandals that gave me blisters when I wore them on Sunday. I also turned in a summer job application to my mom's clinic. Friday and Saturday, I didn't do anything of real importance other than Japanese lessons, sleep, and forcing Hikaru to watch my Tokyo Babylon OAV I picked up used last Monday. It's decent, although I like the manga better. I'm slowly starting to like X Subaru. He was too angsty at first, but he's growing on me, as is Kamui. I've discovered that I have a bit of a sadistic streak. It was there before, only it didn't quite have a name. But now it does. I like seeing Fuuma torture poor Kamui. Yeah, I know, I'm really twisted....anyway, I'm going to go hunt down some Subaru x Kamui fics now....