May 31, 2002
Yay! Winter has a blog!

Yay! Winter has a blog! Let's see how many other of my friends I can talk into getting blogs!

See? I'm posting. Happy now?

See? I'm posting. Happy now? ...I'm getting really bad about updating this poor little bloggie. And layouts. But the ever wonderful Lillyness has offered to make a layout for me, and its a surprise too. *hugs* I can't wait to see what it is, Lilly! Wednesday was very very blah. Basicly nothing of interest happend. Yesterday was totally different. We had this field trip thing as kind of a reward for all the kids who made honor roll or had perfect attendance or won in the Projects Fair. We went to a resort in Connecticut which wasn't really much of a resort after all. The first interesting incident of the day was when Tama, Morgan, and I went canoeing, and Morgan, being the extra clever person he is, managed to capsize the canoe. In a foot and a half of water. Somehow, we all managed to get almost completely soaked in this foot and a half of water. Things were pretty normal until Tama had some 'problems' which I can't detail more because she's standing right next to me and will hit me if I say anything more. Then we all went in paddle boats in the river and splashed each other and jumped in and switched paddleboats and generally had a fun time getting each other completely soaked in our clothing. Today was kind of boring too...yes, I agree. Gym does suck. BTW, nice layouts, both of you.

May 29, 2002
which Episode II character are

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

Hehe...Obi Wan kicks butt. And Ewan McGregor is very good looking.

What Type of Villain are You? / <º>
May 28, 2002
Ooookay. This is going to

Ooookay. This is going to be a long post, because I have much to ramble about. I'll start with Friday. School was very good, as we had next to no real classes, and my egg drop thing actually worked! Then of course my mother managed to misread the train schedule and in the process of trying to get to a station where Amtrak actually ran (i.e., Boston), broke it least three different traffic laws, including doing a U-turn across four lanes of traffic on the interstate. Somehow we managed to make it to Maryland in one piece, and had a pretty fun time. Saturday morning we went to the mall, I got a new FY video (*cries* Nooooo! Not Nuriko!!!), and got dragged on the Quest for the Perfect Blue Sandals. I never want to see a shoe store again in my life....although one of them had a pair of boots that looked like some one had been raiding Fuuma's closet - buckles, leather, and black. That evening we went and saw Spiderman, which was pretty cool. Even my great-aunt liked it. On Sunday we went to an art museum in Baltimore, which was more fun than I thought it would be. My favorite exhibit was a collection of swords from Japan. Very cool. Then we ate lunch, and walked around the harbor for a while. Yesterday was much much less fun. I watched the Fushigi Yuugi DVDs we rented pretty early on, and was bored for half of the train ride. When we finally got back to Boston, I managed to do something very, very stupid. I left my backpack under the seat of the train, and didn't realize it until about ten minutes after we got off the train. Of course, that waoud just have to be the one with all the valuble stuff in it - all my school stuff including my Spanish textbook, my CD player, all my CDs that I brought, of which the CCS Charecter Songbook that my dad bought for me in Japan was one, the two rented DVDs, and the first two and a half pages of my fanfic. If Amtrak doesn't get all my stuff back to me in one piece, I will kill someone. And feed them to the Japanese maple in my back yard, because there are no decent sakura trees near by. Today was a little better. We had a field trip to Boston, and went and saw Spacestation at the new IMAX theater at the aquarium there, which was awesome, and then went to Quincy Market, where Tama and I successfully dragged Anthony into a Bath and Body Works, and I had awesome fudge. My new power cord for my laptop came today as well, so I now have acess to all the files for my sites....expect the Yuki one up later this week I hope. *_* I feel loved...Lillly-ness linked me. If you can wait two weeks, I'll be on summer vacation too, and then you can talk to me in the mornings, if I'm not asleep that is ^^. BTW, nice layout. Me likes purple. I think I'm going to make a nice purple Nuriko layout here next, cause Nuriko kicks butt. *hugs* Sounds like you need it, Kira-san, even if I am still just one of the undiscovered stalkers. I must be going now, so I can be awake enough to explain to my Spanish teacher why I don't have the assignment tomorrow. Stupid Amtrak people. I was actually enjoying this one. We had to write a story, and mine was going to mostly be about almost everyone's least favorite charecter, Kotori, as well as Saiki, cause I don't like him getting killed by Seishirou, who lives in a big castle on a hill.

May 23, 2002
Just a quick little post,

Just a quick little post, because I need sleep. I won't be around this weekend, because my mom and I are going to Maryland to visit my great aunt. But I'll be back on Monday ^^ I also managed to finally get the second CCD tape, and have come to the conclusion that Suoh definately has something for Nokoru. He was doing an unusually large amount of blushing, verging on the 'Li around Yuki' level. And that's pretty extreme. Anyone who's reading this, please wish my demented vehicle that's supposed to keep and egg from breaking from a ten foot drop good luck! I'm going to need it. It count's as a test mark, and I have this horrible sensation that when I do it for real tomorrow, the whole thing is going to fall apart.

May 22, 2002
discover what candy you are

discover what candy you are @

Ah, so true, so true. Half the kids in my class think I'm stuck up because I'm not a very social person, even though I'm wicked hyper around my friends.

Yay! My ISP is finally

Yay! My ISP is finally working again! It decided to die yesterday afternoon, right when I seriously needed it for once to do my Science homework. Unfortunately, now Audiogalaxy is bein screwy, so I can't get the song Tama made me promise I'd download at lunch today. Also, I seriously need seven bucks. I want that CCD tape! No one in my family will lend me any money so I have to wait until I get my allowence to go get it. I did something like that once. Got two of my fingers caught in the little space near the hinges of this huge door, then it accidently swung close. Not a pretty sight. Having that expericne, I sincerly hope that your hand feels better soon. Wah. Have not read your bloggie in a while, Masako. Glad you got your life into some semblence of order....I'm trying to work on mine. *repeats "Three more weeks until summer vacation. Three more weeks until summer vacation."* Thanks for pointing that out...all better now ^^

This blog is really wanting a new layout. As is Stardust. I must get of my lazy butt and actually do something....

May 19, 2002
Oh desktop is now

Oh desktop is now graced with a picture of a semi-nude know, the one where he has the wing tatoo on his back? this layout. And I was saved from being dragged to New Hampshire because my neighbor backed out at the last minute. Thank God. I think you're passing up a good deal here...the tapes are what, a third the price of the DVDs?

For the second time this

For the second time this week, I think I'm in shock. I have just watched the sereies finale of the X-Files, one of the few TV shows I still watch. And it was...indescribable. There was a whole bunch of stuff about changing the truth and what not that made me think of the whole "The Future is undecided" thing in X. I also got around to seeing Star Wars II...It was decent. There was a scene that made me think a bit of the whole Subaru/Seishirou eye deal, but I won't say anything and spoil it for those who haven't seen it. Yoda was wicked cool. Mace Windu is too. I was gonna make an X layout here next, but I might make a Star Wars one instead. I also got around to buying the first CLAMP Campus Detectives tape. I didn't realize how fluff-deprived I've been until I watched that thing. It also had the effect of making me unbelieveibly cheerful and hyper. Needless to say I've reserved the second one. I think Suoh's my fave so far, because he's like me - whenever we do group work, I'm always the one who ends up forcing everyone else to actually work instead of goofing off. I managed to get Hikaru over here to show her it, and she likes Akira best so far...probably because he's short, like her. The reason her online nickname is Hikaru is because she's short and red-headed like Hikaru Shidou from Rayearth. Now I think I have some more being-in-shock to do. Maybe I'll read Rainbow Bridge again....

May 17, 2002
Hmm...if I don't blog for

Hmm...if I don't blog for a while after this, its because my mom actually carried through with one of her threats for once and I'm grounded because I was whining about having to go to New Hampshire all day tomorrow with her and my next door neighbor. Grah. Stupid parents. Anyway, now you know just in case.

WHOOHOO!!! Excuse me while I

WHOOHOO!!! Excuse me while I jump around in happiness and make very little sense for a while...X TV! X TV! X TV! And Pioneer acutally does a good job with their stuff, aside from the slow releases. Today is now a very good day. No homework and the fact that I got a good page written on my fic helps too. This fic is also causing me to go back and watch old episodes of Star Trek, even though I want to rip Kirk's throat out. This stems from my personal idea that Sei is like a Vulcan. So I'm going back to study Spock, my favorite Vulcan of all time to get a better idea of the inside works of Seishirou's mind. Now, I must go be a happy fangirl for a while, then go watch the X-Files....the final episode is Sunday. Mulder comes back!!! Mulder is totally awsome. I think I'm going to have to tape it, like I did with the oh so sucky ending of Digimon 02 (Matt marries Sora?! WTF?!).

May 16, 2002
Ok. After that little bit

Ok. After that little bit of ranting down below, as well as some ranting to some people online, I feel much much better. Plus That's Entertainment, the comic book/anime/hobby store near my house, is having a big sale on all their anime tapes. All the new ones are $10. People who know me IRL, I'm taking requests. You just have to pay me back. Yes, before you ask, they have Saber Marionette J videos. Now I just have to wait until I get my allowence this week, and I have enough to buy a nice shiny new video for myself. CLAMP Campus Detectives looks mildly promising - cute, CLAMP, and mystery. I used to be a total mystery addict when I was in third and fourth grade. Still am....although I like to think that my tastes have matured past Nancy Drew stuff ^^

I am so not talking

I am so not talking to Tama ever again. Not that she'd notice anyway. Here's the deal. She's going to see Star Wars II this Saturday with a bunch of people from my class, and she told Hikaru that this kid she has a major crush on invited her, and said she could invite some of her friends. She said she would have invited us, but we would be the only non-'couple' there...not like Hikaru and I even care. And then to me she basicly said "By the way, I'm going to Star Wars this Saturday. Without you." And we're supposedly her two best friends. So we're both really mad. My dad says we should tell her that she can't treat people like this and still expect them to be her friends, cause she's been doing this a lot lately. I think he's right. I hope that's what he said too. That would make me a very happy fangirl. Sat down and wrote the first couple of sentances of my fic today during school. Hope this is one that will actually get finished. It'll be a bit of a challenge because its not senseless fluff. But I do get to get inside of Sei-chan's head. Hehe...this'll be more fun than getting inside Yue's head for The Elysian Fields, which I went back and read recently. And I realized that its the kind of fic that I now run in fear from, they're that bad. Now, I must go meet Hikaru and discuss Tama-killing plans.

May 15, 2002
I have just read Rainbow

I have just read Rainbow Bridge. Oh. My. God. He's dead. Really, truly dead. And that has to be one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen. I'm in shock. I have little tingly sensations running up my spine. At certain points if it hadn't been so serious, I would have jumped for fangirl joy. I want X 16. Right now. And a nice dark Sei layout. I hope CLAMP decideds to tell us at some later point in time what his last words to Subaru were, because I really want to know. Excuse me while I go be shocked for a while.

Some thing really scary....if you

Some thing really scary....if you look at a side view of Hinoto's face, she looks like some kind of creepy fish. It gives me shudders just thinking about it. Aside from realizing that, not much else happened, although I did think up an interesting idea for an X AU fic, and something one of the boys in my class said would make a hilarious S/S fic - strip checkers. Need I say more? Right now I'm discussing getting inside charecters' heads with Ian, one of my two quasi-cyberstalkers. If do end up going through with this fic idea, it means a lot of getting inside Seishirou's mind, but unfortunately not Subaru's. Subaru's mind would probably tramautize me anyway. I know how you feel. Very few people understand my logic or explanations. *sigh* Such are the problems of the wise.Thanks for pointing that out...all fixed now. And of course I'll like your new layout. I like all your layouts ^^ Hmmmm...I'll get thinking on a good name. Some of my former creativity has been coming back to me lately. I'm debating about making a Sei site, once I get some of my other stuff worked on, and I've already thought of a whole bunch of good names.

May 14, 2002
Enough with the angsting now.

Enough with the angsting now. Let me give you some hilights from the past couple of days. I did a thirty hours fast with my youth group this weekend. During the course of said fast, the guy in charge of electricical stuff at my dad's church showed me and Sora how to hook up a CD player to the building speaker system, and we skipped around in happiness when we figured it out and put my Lord of the Rings CD on. Then yesterday Winter and I discoverd that you can get high by smelling limes at lunch, and went around going "Smell the LIMES!!" the rest of the day. Today was day one of that evil standardized test known as the MCAS. Supposedly it stands for Massachusetts Comprehensive Assesment System, although my brother and I call it the Massachusetts Child Assassination System. Not much else happened today, although I'm making a sad attempt at rewriting one of my even sadder fanfics in hopes of making it worthy for posting at Clampesque, where I've been spending way too much time lately. X fanfics are really addicting.

May 13, 2002
Feeling a bit better, but

Feeling a bit better, but I have an insane urge to kill my PC. It crashed just as I was almost finished downloading the CLAMP in Wonderland video, and finally managed to get a connection to download the TB music video. A new computor is on my list of things i desperately want, but will probably never get, along with a whole bunch of artbooks, a life, meeting CLAMP in person, and no school. I can wish, alright? Must...tear self...away from...pretty S/S fanfics (The TB one, not the CCS one...Sakura/Syaoran... *shudders*)...Stupid awesome authors I could never match in creativity and talent.

Remind me not to ever

Remind me not to ever bother trying to help anyone again. No one appreciates me. I am on the verge of sinking into one of my depressive moods, and the fact that I got four and a half hours of sleep last night is not helping. I'm feeling all alone and friendless and all the angsty crap. And I'm seriously resisting the urge to go on a mad rampage and kill/break a bunch of things. Most definately not in a mood to go to fencing. Want fanfics, friends, and sleep. Most likely will get only the first and the last. Where are you when I need some random insanity to cheer me up? I think I'm going to go sit in a corner and feel worthless, and then if I'm feeling particually ambitous I might try to get my laptop to work again and then break down in tears when I can't and realize that I can't get to all my site files and my huge fanfiction collection.

May 10, 2002
Ahhhh...Friday, at last. I have

Ahhhh...Friday, at last. I have waited so long for this day to come. I need sleep, and lots of it. I'm haveing a very insane conversation with these two, and her earlier, as well as Link. We are a bunch of very rabid fangirls (and one fanboy ^^). I don't mind...rabid fangirlism is fun! I'm going to make another attempt at working on my Yuki site, and my Tree site this weekend. I think you'd be scared if you met the Fuuma-lookalike in my class. He's got a personality like a rabid fangirl, only not directed at anything....he squeals. Its scary alright...that and he's like half your age! I'm not really in a 'ramble about life for a while mood', although Tama and Hikaru came over, and we were hyper. We invented a superhero called Fruity Lady. Enough said.

May 8, 2002
^^ I am far more

^^ I am far more hyper than one should be at 9:30 PM.... Am having a very insane conversation with Lily, who is now the official Rabid Fuuma Fangirl, to complemiment your rabid Miki fangirlness and my rabid Yuki fangirlness (TM Suppi). I had a huge check list of things to get done today, and only accomplished one of them - I got a lot of the HTML for the new Stardust layout done. I also realized that if one of my friends had lighter skin, he would look kinda like Fuuma. Luckily, he has a personality more like Hokuto or something, otherwise it'd be really, really scary.

May 7, 2002
I just realized something...the common

I just realized something...the common abbreviations for the awesome manga Tokyo Babylon and the not-so-awesome disease tuberculosis are the same - TB. Wonder if that's ever confused anyone.... absolute torture done. It absolute torture done. It took me three and a half hours, but my research paper of Bataan is done! I'd rejoice and do my happy dance but I'm too tired. Need to go to bed soon. Or rather, need to go to matress on floor of room that is temporarily serving as bed for now soon, as my bed frame broke yesterday. But in better news, I've found a host for Codename: Insanity, so that should be up very very soon. And the History project that we did yesterday, that I got stuck with three of the class idiots, well we did the best in the class! Mr. Eddy is giving us plus points on the next test because it was so good! Yay! And it wasn't all me either. I only wrote half of it. They wrote the other half. So I'm happy about that. Now I just need to study more for Science. Fuuuuuuun.....

May 6, 2002
Realized that my 'short little

Realized that my 'short little post' was not so short after all.

Short little post before bed.

Short little post before bed. Did nothing except get four free comic books Saturday (Star Wars, Dark Angel, Sailor Moon, and Scully picked up CCS for me) All pretty sucky except CCS. Definately wouldn't have bought them if they weren't free. Sunday was kind of sucky. Went to church, was bored to death. Saved myself my comparing what I know of Tsuzuki so far with Tamahome. The restaurant we usually go to on Sundays was closed cause it was Orthodox Easter, so we went to another restaurant near by where the food was not so great and the wait was even worse. Came home to find that the power cord for my laptop has basically decided to die on me. And its an ancient model, so I have no idea where to get a new one. And the the files for my Yuki site and my Tree site, along with my huge collection of saved fanfics is on there. Youth Group was fun though. Only two other people, and my Youth Group leader showed up so we goofed off the entire time. I have come to the conclusion that Mary is a slightly stupider female Keiichi. She's certainly got the personality. Its kinda scary. Today was kind of meh. I got stuck with the three worst kids in my class for the History project, so I dread to think what we're going to get on it. I feel ignored in school. Even Tama, my supposed best friend basicly ignores me...must not be bitter, must not be bitter. I was supposed to get started on my first draft of my research paper, but being the idiot I am, I didn't, and haven't studied Science yet either. Made an attempt at talking to her, and I think I came off sounding like a total fool. I feel so stupid and lonly and on the verge of sinking back into one of my quasi-angsty moods. Glad you had fun in Geneva. I am so wanting to steal your CCS art book.

May 3, 2002
My first impression of Yami

My first impression of Yami no Matsuei: Its Tokyo Babylon, Fushigi Yuugi-style. The art work is more like Fushigi Yuugi than CLAMP stuff, and it has lots of humor intermixed with the seriousness, like FY. But the premise of the plot is much more like that of Tokyo Babylon, and the endings of the first chapters of both are rather similar. They both end with main-charecter thought reflections on certain subjects. Tsusuki's is about how everyone has a paradise where they are most important, and Subaru's is on Tokyo, following one of Seishirou's lines about how he likes Tokyo because it's the only city that can enjoy itself as it walks the path of destruction. Yami no Matsuei is a series I definately want to read more of - Tsuzuki is hilarious even if he looks like a girl at times...I swear, its the eyes.

Drats...foiled again! Sadly, no eye.

Drats...foiled again! Sadly, no eye. Volume 5 must be one of the ones with three parts in it. least there was Subaru being cute and blushing, and being mistaken for a girl again. Oh well...I downloaded a chapter of Yami no Matsuei. I'll go test that out, and then go to bed I think.

AHHHHHHH!!!! More TB scans up!

AHHHHHHH!!!! More TB scans up! And its the original eye scene!!! *skips around in fangirl heaven* Happy happy happy~! Now I just need some appropriate music, and maybe some green tea, for a nice atmosphere, like when I finally watched CCS ep. love love that eppy. I think I might go wear my Clow cloak even....wait, we have some nice trenchcoats upstairst...FUN!!!

....Oooooooh....*oogles layout* Wet! want!

Ok, enough about the chicken.

Ok, enough about the chicken. On to my day! I managed to live through my science test - Bob truly is a miraculous fish...Mr. Nosek got our tests corrected in one day, versus his usual three weeks - although we have a quiz in Science every single day for the next two weeks as 'review'. In Spanish, we started our tests today and will finish them Monday, which is a good thing, because otherwise I'd be so dead. I knew all of a third of the stuff on the test. Mr. Eddy is having us do some mysterious group work thing that he thought up at 2:30 AM instead of a History test, so I have to wait until Monday to find out exactly what it is. Japanese was fun this and Tama and Hikaru got really sugar high and were kind of scaring Atsuko....ehehehehe....thus is the nature of fangirls. I DON'T WANT YOUR WATER!!!!! *breaks down giggling* Have fun in Geneva! I'll try to come up with a better Kamui for you and Lily (happy belated birthday Lily!)...Tama, Queen of Moviegoing, was in one of her 'I'm grumpy so don't talk to me or I'll hit you with a notebook' moods so I couldn't get anything out of her, Hoshi said either Heath Ledger or Josh Hartnett, but that's because she likes them, not because they look like Kamui, and my highly opinionated father for once had no opinion as to the perfect actor for "the girl with the X carved in her shoulder", as he refers to Kamui as.

I take that back. The

I take that back. The chicken's name was Nellie.

May 2, 2002
For the record, Robert E.

For the record, Robert E. Lee had a chicken which he carried with him. Aforementioned chicken appears to be nameless.

Ahhhh...worked off all the excess

Ahhhh...worked off all the excess rage during fencing. Now for the studying. Oh, nice layout. Now, as we're having a minor thunder storm outside, I'd best be going.

*pulls on her killing gloves*

*pulls on her killing gloves* Not in good mood. Got a layout done for Codename: Insanity but spent all afternoon looking for a host with not a whole lot of luck. And I have three big tests tomorrow. I have the urge to hurt someone or something...guess I'll have to wait until fencing. Nice fits my current mood perfectly. And Subaru/Seishirou is cool. Only slightly less cooler is Subaru/Kamui. In other news, our class now has a miraculous fish named Bob. Go us. I wanted to call it either Sakurazukamori or Umi, but Bob got picked. ...I think I'm going to go attempt being angsty now.

May 1, 2002
Keanu Reeves as Subaru...I like

Keanu Reeves as Subaru...I like that. I like that a lot. But Elijah Wood fits Kamui in no way other than the eyes. I'll have to think of someone more suitable later...I'm thinking of resurrecting Codename: Insanity and inviting you, but that means finding somewhere to put it, most likely Pitas which I have yet to figure out how to work. But I got a nice idea for a layout for it this morning, so I'll work on that and hope. Today was good, even if we have two huge tests Friday. Mr. Nosek followed through with his pizza promise, so we ate pizza in his room, watched a hilarious video he and some of his friends made that has my math eacher in it ("Oh no. I'm dead. Brattin owns my soul." "Ha ha! Luke is dead!"), and I gave Mr. Nosek one of my mom's famous cookies just to spite Scully, and Mr. Nosek purposely ate it really slowly and made sounds that were supposed to sound like he was savoring it but ended up sounding more like a dying cow. It was quite amusing.