June 28, 2002
Huh...*pokes layout* Expect this to

Huh...*pokes layout* Expect this to be gone the minute I get back to my computor at home. Its screwed up, too simplistic for my tastes, and I had a brilliant inspiration for a nice Tsuzuki layout. Not much worth blogging about happened today. We drove around Salem (Virginia that is), and to amuse ourselves we made up stories about the people in the cars we passed, and then took to waving at other people and then waving back. Hopefully I will be blogging from my mom's laptop tomorrow...I don't like this computor. Its kinda screwy.

June 27, 2002
Day three of my vacation,

Day three of my vacation, and its the first day we haven't been traveling for five plus hours. I'm at my cousins' house in Virginia, which means I can't write a lot, but we're heading down to North Carolina tomorrow, and then I'll have use of my mom's laptop, so I'll try to write more. I've discovered something rather unfortunate, that being that my cousins are a a bit homophobic which means I must 1) be careful not to mention the whole Subaru/Seishirou thing, as much as I love them, 2) not show them the fanfic I'm attempting at rewriting, and 3) possiblely get rid of my Tsuzuki/Tatsumi wallpaper on my computor at home before they come to visit, as it was even making Tama a little edgy. Ah well...such is the life of the secret yaoi fangirl ^^ I've also decided that dreams have mind of their own. I had a rather unpleasent one that I'd prefer not discussing again last night. This makes it about the six dream like it so far. I think my dreams are having fun tormenting me emotionally...although I had this absolutely wonderful Subaru dream about three nights ago, which also was my first YnM dream. It deserves its own post, so if I haven't done that by the time I get home, someone please remind me.

June 24, 2002
Ahhhh, at last a new

Ahhhh, at last a new layout. And its non-anime for once. I know I haven't been blogging a lot, mostly because there hasn't been much to blog about, although I hope to be a little better about it. Yesterday I went with my brother, my mom, and Hikaru to see Minority Report, which actually ended up being better than I thought it was going to be. Even I, for whom too much CLAMP manga has rendered immune to surprize plot twists, didn't guess the ending. There were even two little bits that reminded me of X. The first was when the main charecter is about to kill some one, which he's been predicted to kill, and the person with him says "Don't kill him! You know your future. You still have a choice!". It made me think of the only intelligent think Kotori Monou ever said in her measly little life, which is 'The Future is not yet decided'. The second part is when the main charecter gets his eyes replaced so the retinal scanners won't recognize him, and he has bandages over his eyes, and he looks kind of like Subaru dearest from X12 to X16. I also borrowed the last four Fushigi Yuugi DVDs from him and its taking all my self control not to start watching them before we leave for North Carolina tomorrow.

June 22, 2002
*stares* In the words of

*stares* In the words of several other people, there is a God. *wipes off drool* He lives, and he's drop-dead gorgeous. And he has two eyes. And a haircut that's the perfect balance between the original X hair and the TB hair. And he looks really hot in black. And he's wearing gloves again *steals Subaru's little sexy gloves*. And I'm rambling again, and I don't frickin' care. *stares some more*

...I was going to make a YnM layout here next, but with that pic....

Added my blog-stalker Nia to

Added my blog-stalker Nia to the links, and got a lot done on your layout. Too lazy to write much more now.

June 21, 2002
I think there's a point

I think there's a point at which staring at anime and manga pics for too long starts to get to you. I have reached that point. I've spent the last two and a half hours working on layouts and going through image galleries to find pics for layouts. As such, I've started a Subaru and Satsuki layout that's been in my head for a while now that I'm going to have to find some one to give to, as its orange and I hate the color orange. I've also been trying to find pics for your layout, as I had a random bit of inspiration that came from staring at this for too long. I think if I see one more picture of Tamahome and Miaka kissing I'm going to have to restrain from gougeing my eyes out... On the brighter side, I found an image that might make a good layout for you, my fellow Hotohori/Miaka shipper...as long as you don't mind light purple.

June 20, 2002
*giggles* As long as you

*giggles* As long as you don't actually try it...Yeah, ok, I'm in the realm of the Internet-living again. Sort of. Let's see...Tuesday I went into Lowell with my mom and brother and Winter and we went to the textile museum there and generally had a fun time. I also downloaded the first episode of Yami no Matsuei and ended staying up until 2:30 AM to watch it. It was worth it though...even if my dad did get mad it me for waking him up by using the microwave to make myself a cup of tea around 2:00. I'm downloading the second episode right now. Bye bye, hard drive space, hello Tsuzuki... Yesterday I slept until noon as a result, got up, made peanut butter cookies with my brother, and then volunteered at the Interfaith Hospitality Network with my brother and dad. Today I've done about nil, as there are only two people who live close enough to hang out with on such short notice, and Tama is...somewhere, and Hikaru is coming home from New York today, but I don't know when..*sigh* Such is my life...now back to Secret of Mana.

June 18, 2002
We officially have mice. I

We officially have mice. I saw one running across the basement floor - it was kind of small and cute and grey. This also means we officially need a new cat...maybe I can finally convince my mom to get me one. I'm a total cat lover, but my first kitty died last year ;_; Some stupid idiot in a car hit her. Anyway, I'm not in a real blogging mood, so I'm going to go read more addictive YnM fics and play Secret of Mana to keep myself from killing certain people.

June 17, 2002
w00t! I just discovered that

w00t! I just discovered that I have a whole bunch of my old RPG save files that I though I had lost saved on a floppy! Heh heh heh...something else to do in my free time this summer. And unfortunately, something else to feed my little Squaresoft obsession *sweatdrop* But they shall be saved for some time other than 3:15 AM, methinks. 'Sides, I got X and YnM fanfics to read...

June 15, 2002
Just watched The Princess Bride

Just watched The Princess Bride on tv. Have decided that I either need to make myself or some one else a Princess Bride layout and/or do a Princess Bride costumes with a bunch of friends. Have also decided that Squaresoft game music rocks.

And I applaude you for staying out of this whole mess. Wise decision, I'd say. BTW, can I use part of your little theory about the Sei-as-bishop pic in a layout for a friend if I give you credit?

I've been listening to too

I've been listening to too much Chrono Trigger music. I have the urge to make a new layout here, especially a Chrono Trigger one, even though this one has been up for less than two weeks. And I promised both Hoshi and the Pope blog layouts, and I really need to make a new layout for Stardust, and work on numerous sites...stupid brain of mine. Anyway, Tama and I had fun today. We attempted to make fudge, and it ended up totally hardening on the bottom of the saucepan. So we made peanut butter balls instead, which actually turned out quite well. Then we went and saw Undercover Brother, which was hilarious...Say, does Chris Kattan play Mango on SNL? Oh, BTW, nice layout, Marion.

Hmm...methinks I have some layout making to do...

June 14, 2002
Oh yes...Codename: Insanity lives again.

Oh yes...Codename: Insanity lives again. And the music in Guardia Castle in Chrono Trigger rocks ^^

Wow. I had a very

Wow. I had a very interesting first day of summer vacation. Got up at my usual no-school time of eleven (although I have been known to get up as late as two PM on occasion). As per an agreement made yesterday, Link and I went to see Spiderman, even though I've already seen it. And unlike some people *coughTamacough* we saw all the movie. Then my mom dragged me to a going away party for someone in her office, which was actually really fun. There was food, and lots of dance. For once, I actually danced most of the time...its helps to have people around you as bad as you are. There was one guy who danced for more than one song with all the girls. He was hilarious ^^ Now, being a rabid CLAMP and yaoi fangirl who as such tends to read way to far into things, I had my suspicions. And I was right. He's the only male nurse at my mom's office, along with around six or so girls, several of which are lesbians themselves.....Anyway, I had an awesome time.

June 13, 2002
*stares at in fear* Oh

*stares at in fear* Oh no. A real life Keiichi! *hides behind Yuki* Oh. My. God. Its Curly. And its in the 'Gay Pride' section of the website too. People who know what I'm talking about here, does this not say something about our now former History teacher? *sweatdrops* The things one finds when one is bored and caffiene high from chocolate....

Excuse me while I whine

Excuse me while I whine for a little bit here....*whiny voice* I wanna domain. A lot. I'm too impatient to wait and follow through with my previous plan, which was to ask for one for Christmas, as I have a grandpa who will get my basicly anything - he spoils all his grandchildren rotten. But I want one now. Unfortunately, that requires me to have two things. Money and a credit card. The first I almost never have because I buy too much anime stuff. The second I'm not even sure if I can have legally at this age in the US, and I seriously doubt either of my parents will let me use theirs. *pounds fists against computor table* Its not fair! Ok, me is done whining now ^^

Oh yes...A very big Happy

Oh yes...A very big

Happy Birthday!!!

to Tama darling, who is now fourteen ^^

Ahhhh...after that little bit of

Ahhhh...after that little bit of ranting down there, I feel much better. Blogging is a good stress reliever ^^ Anyway, its finally summer *cheers*!!! As a result, I can no longer use school as an excuse for not updating my sites...must...update...sites...

Yesterday was pretty fun. I went over to Winter's house and we were hyper and watched anime for a while. When Yuki came onscreen at one point in CCS, I squealed and rolled over and fell off her mom's futon ^^; I can be very clumsy at times. The only down point was that when I got home at ten at night my dad was really mad at me for being home so late, and he didn't have Sarah's mom's phone number. I have to remember not to do that again..my dad is scary when he's angry. For some wierd, twisted reason he reminds me of Seishirou, only my dad is nicer, about six years older, and is both going gray and bald. Odd. Very odd. Today was decent, if really boring. Me and my friends spent some time running around through the hallways, which was enjoyable. And I actually managed to say 'I'm sorry.' about something. Apologising isn't one of my strong points....

Actually, the Pope did see that picture. And laughed. Only we're not talking about the same Pope here ^^. The Pope of which I speak is a kid in my class who is also called the Pope, although I don't remember why (ask him. He'd know.), not some old bald guy living in a little country/city-state inside of Rome. As a result, when I say the Pope, I speak of the one I actually know. Who definately must get a blog someday....

Deep, Marion, very deep. I must show the Pope that. And its great that your dad's coming home Monday!

This post is going to

This post is going to be a whiny, bitchy, jealous rant. As such, feel free to leave now. A word of warning to Hikaru - if you do read this through, if you defend her, so God help me I will hurt you the next time I see you. The thing is this. While Tama is arguably one of my best friends, there are times I really truly dislike her. It seems like the world revolves around her. Whatever Tama wants, Tama gets. She has guys practicaly throwing themselves at her feet, particularly one individual who I feel very sorry for (you know who you are). She gets top grades. All the teachers love her, all the kids love her, everybody loves her. And I sit in a little corner, totally unnoticed by basicly everyone, with the second best of everything. Being second best is almost worse than being the tenth best, because its like they're telling you 'Oh, you did a good job, you almost made it. But you were just that much off.' And I hate being second best and I'm sick of it. Tama's always the one who gets all the awards and the praise showered on her, and I'm always the one who they consider and decide isn't good enough. Now excuse me, I think I'm going to sit in a corner and cry.

June 11, 2002
Ahahaha! Tama, Anthony, Winter, one

Ahahaha! Tama, Anthony, Winter, one of you, get the Pope over here to see this, as I know you're all reading this. Maybe it'll cheer him up. *giggles some more at Sei* That's pic's too much. Feeling lazy and not bloggish. Am going to read fanfics and work on my sites for a while.

June 10, 2002
Ahhh...finally kinda getting my life

Ahhh...finally kinda getting my life back into some semblence of order. Note the 'kinda' there. I'm trying to get things worked out with Tama, and hopefully it'll get somewhere. We're going to hang out this weekend, so hopefully things will get resolved then (or else you and Hikaru are going to kill us...) We only have three more days of school! Yay!
...Although I owe the school $48 because the idiots at Amtrak lost/stole my backpack...*kills Amtrak employees* Other than that, life is pretty good.

I hope your dad comes home soon too. Give him my best wishes. And no, I hadn't seen that pic of Subaru before Saturday. Yes, I'm slow. Lilly-ness, we have the non-existant spring here too....winter lasts until the middle of April or so, we have about two weeks of spring, and then its summer. As my dad likes to say, we have 'ten months of winter, and two months of bad sledding'. We have to have a sleep over again. Soon. Like before you go to the Cape, and I don't see you again until September. *psycho laugh* We shall make you into a rabid fangirl soon enough, yes we shall! *coughcough* I'm ok now...I think. Oh, I actually got something done on my Yuki site. It (hopefully) should be up later this week, and I'm actually serious about that this time.

June 8, 2002
All of my loser IRL

All of my loser IRL friends who were too busy to come to the movies with me, I laugh in your face. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood rocked. Everyone, go see it. Nuff said.

*stares* I. Want. X TV.

*stares* I. Want. X TV. Right. Now. See, CLAMP does not love the Subaru fangirls, only the Kamui one (as evidenced by my desktop...). The animators for X TV love the Subaru fangirls. Work faster, Pioneer subtitlers, faster! I want shirtless Subaru.

You're Sumeragi Subaru!
Angst, betrayal, and perhaps large floating sakura petals seem to follow you everywhere. And yet, through all the psychological anguish that characterizes your life, you still manage to be so much prettier than everyone else. Don't trust tall, dark and handsome men in sunglasses, no matter how sexy they may be.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

*sweatdrop* I didn't think I was that angsty....

June 7, 2002
I am bored out of

I am bored out of my mind. I need a life, I need a hobby, I need friends. More importantly, I need something to do. No one who lives nearby is home or willing to hang out with me. And I'm the only one in my house, so I can't go anywhere. School was ok. We had kind of a free day, and I discovered that three of the little seventh graders like anime and manga. Other than that I just talked to Winter cause Tama was kind of ignoring me.Oh, I had this really awesome dream last night. Me and the rest of my fruity family were on vacation somewhere, when who should show up but all these people I know from the online world, most prominently you, with a pair of scarily large glasses. Yes, something is not quite right inside of my head. I think you were there too, but I've actually seen a pic of you, so you didn't come out all wierd in my dream. Currently, I'm getting myself psyched for Shoujocon, even though its more than a month away, and trying to decide on the perfect cosplay costumes for me, Tama, and my mother, which is difficult as my mother is a little on the chubby side and absolutely refuses to wear anything unflattering on her. It would be totally awesome to go as X charecters, especially because Tama could pull of Karen really really easily. If her hair was a touch redder, it would be exactly the same as Karen's, and she looks similar in build too. And my mom has very blond hair and currently has a hair cut that looks just like a shorter version of Kakyou's. And I don't think she would consider a kimono unflattering. Unfortunately that leaves me in a bit of a bind, as I have long golden-brown hair. As a result I kinda look like a long-haired Kamui who has spent too much time in the sun, and thus unlike basicly any other X charecter. Although I'd absolutely love to be Sei-chan or Subaru-kun. That would be fun.

...Some guy from the music store downtown just called for my mom. He sounded like some creepy child molester or something o.0;

June 6, 2002
Note to self - when

Note to self - when and if I get another boyfriend/girlfriend (Hey, it could happen..), I will swear not to tell the world every single time they hold hands with me or something of that sort.

...In other words, Tama and her boyfriend were cute at first, but now if I hear swooning and ditzy-ness about one more horribly mushy e-mail, I think I'm going to feed the two of them to some tree some where, as I think they would give mine and Seishirou's indigestion. I think I'm going to go be bored and actually work on my sites for once until Winter comes.

:: how jedi are you?

:: how jedi are you? ::

YODA!!! Yoda is totally awesome -er, totally awesome, Yoda is. There, that's better. Today was a very good day. We had our last final, as far as I know, and we missed three periods for graduation practice. *dances around singing "One more week of school! One more week of school!"* And I got Audiogalaxy working again, so people can resume pestering me to download songs and listen to them ^^ I was supposed to go with Winter to help her pick out an outfit for the school dance (to which I am NOT going...) tomorrow, but its after four already, and she hasn't called so I'm not sure....

June 5, 2002
*yawn* Me is tired, thus

*yawn* Me is tired, thus me is going to bed soon. I'm no closer to a new screename than I was yesterday (although Rabid Yuki Fangirl is rather good, Hoshi), and I need to think of one soon, as I got an awesome new chat program called Trillian that let's you connect to a whole bunch of different services at once, includeing AIM and MSN, and me is thinking that its about time I got an MSN messanger account, as there are lots of people with MSN without AIM I wouldn't mind talking to. Oh, and Ai Shiteru works again. Heh..heh..heh. Time for more rabid fangirl-ness!

...After I sleep, that is.

June 4, 2002
What?! You haven't seen LotR

What?! You haven't seen LotR yet?! *drags Marion out from behind Subaru* Go. See LotR. The One Ring commands you. And so do I. And I'm holding your bishounen hostage until you do. *pushes Subaru into room with Yuki, Sei-chan, and several other random bishies*

Oh, I've decided I need a new AIM screename. Only I can't think of a good one. The best I can think of is 'Momijizukamori', as momiji is Japanese for maple, and I've been threatening to feed lots of people to the Japanese maple in my backyard lately. Suggestions, anyone? There's a nice little comment box down there waiting for use.

I have pinpointed at least

I have pinpointed at least three of my major flaws - 1) I have a jealous streak a mile wide, and I hate it and it won't go away. 2) I'm way too shy for my own good. I think I would have lots more friends IRL and online if I wasn't so scared to talk to people. This is another thing I hate and won't go away. 3) The thing I hate most about myself the most is that I'm over sensitive. I get upset at little things, and cry really easily, and think way too much of what people think of me.

....In other words, to paraphrase one of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, my mouth stopped moving and my brain started working. And if my working brain doesn't get distracted by fanfiction or something of the sort, it gets angsty. And I get depressed. Bad brain.

Yay! I am officially going

Yay! I am officially going to a con! Anyone going to Shoujocon, I'll be the rabid fangirl running around being scarily hyper with the badge with 'Cocoa' on it. Yes, I did put down my net name as my badge name, because it actually started as an IRL nickname my parents gave me when I was little - although I seriously considered putting down 'Sakurazukamori'. Now we just have to get Tama registered, our train tickets bought, and a car rented. A random side note concerning Tama, I have come to the conclusion that we have 'issues' that need to be resolved...unfortunately I'm too chicken to speak up about it, and she denies problems exist to begin with. Another random side note - Scully needs to be killed and fed to my Japanese maple. I don't mind that other people in the world don't particularly like anime and manga, but its starts to bother me when people repeat those opinions and mock something I happen to like a great deal for half of English. In other news, my group miraclulously managed to win Mr. Eddy's review game, even though we were in last place yesterday, I'm getting an award for something or other at the Awards Ceremony tonight, we have evil finals all this week, and I really really want Yami no Matsuei. And I had an awesome Tokyo Babylon dream last night. This marks my first Seishirou dream, and my first Hokuto dream - I've already had two other Subaru dreams.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, new layout up. Thank you Lillyness!

June 2, 2002
find your element at

find your element at mutedfaith.com. <º>

...Once again, quiz = scarily right. Anyway, today something mildly frightening happened. For the first time in my entire life, the fangirl part of my brain won out over the rational and ranting portions of my brain. And I bought a dubbed tape. That's Entertainment had the first TB OVA, dubbed, for four bucks (it was used), and the fangirl part of my mind went "AHHHH!!! Tokyo Babylon! Must get! Must get!" and the rational part went "Noooo...must save money for new CCS tape!" and the ranting part. And I bought it. As expected, the dubbed voices were pretty bad (Subaru sounded like dubbed Miki....), although Hokuto was OK, and most of the people enunciated too much, but I decided that the plot and the fact that Subaru wore my favorite Tokyo Babylon outfit of all time - you know, the one with the black pants and black sleeveless turtleneck and black shoes and gloves and hat and red jacket...I swear, I want that outfit - throughtout most of the thing made up for that. I also got the very first two eps of the X-Files on tape, because they had that used too, and have come to the conclusion that when Mulder wears his glasses he starts to look scarily like TB Seishirou. Oh, and that a TB/X-Files crossover would be totally awesome. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to write said crossover. Now, I'm tired so I'm going to go listen to jpop, and read fanfics and go to sleep.

June 1, 2002
I feel tropical. It's too

I feel tropical. It's too hot for long pants and too cool for shorts, and my capris are missing again. So I'm wearing this cool batik skirt my dad got me in Indonesia, along with a coral pink Hawaiin style shirt that looks not unlike some on took it from Yuki's closet. I like that. Oh, and I have a sunburn on the back of my neck. I think I'm going to look horribly out of place at the graduation party Tama and I are going to for one of our friends later today. Actually, I have no idea why I've been invited, as I haven't really talked to this person for a while now, and we have nada in common. Yes, I know how lucky I am...Lillyness's layouts are always awesome. Added some links - Freya cause she's cool and live near me (BTW, you and Lilly were right, Ayumi Hamasaki is and awesome singer) , Winter and Anthony because they're some of my few IRL friends, and Lilly because she's awesome and I could have sworn I'd linked her already, but I hadn't...gomen ne, Lilly!

Oh, if anyone knows how to set up a Blogger-powered blog on Pitas, please please e-mail me or IM me or something - both are over to the right - as I really need to find Winter and Anthony some space that's ad-free so I can design them better layouts.