July 27, 2002
On Hiatus This shall be

On Hiatus

This shall be my last post for two weeks, as I'm going away to camp ;_; If anyone I know online wants to reach me, ask Marion how, or if I know you IRL, call my house and ask there. Today was very fun. I got up early and packed, and then was supposed to meet Emily, Tama, Anthony, and the Pope, but only Emily and Tama showed up. Oh, Tama got hit by a car before hand too. But she's alright. We had pizza and then went to Emily's house and had cheesecake and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. I kept annoying them by making comments about how Drusilla was like Setsuka Sakurazuka, only less violent, and how Angel's treatment of Drusilla was not unlike Seishirou's treatment of Subaru, only more violent. Then Tama and I went canoeing for half an hour and discussed how its scary she knows most of the Gravitation opening even though she's only had the CD and lyrics since Tuesday. After that we came home, I worked on editing my Shoujocon pics which I finally got developed, and we went to some meet some friends of the family for dinner at their house. Me, my brother, and the two other kids played badmiton, which was fun even though we suck at it, and watched part of Remember the Titans. Then we came home and I went into spasic last minute check mode, and finished up my bussiness in the 'net world, which I'm doing now. The Shoujocon pics with my quasi-con report are up here, and I discovered that the cool Subaru cosplayer lives less than an hour away from me.
July 25, 2002
Whee...I think I've been contemplating

Whee...I think I've been contemplating Seishirou too long. I'm starting to have Seishirou-like thoughts. Only on a slightly shallower level. None of that contemplating emotions stuff for me. No, I was actually thinking about what defines a 'friend'. For instance, is it possible for some one who you've only talked to once or twice be considered a friend? And what would technically differentiate a 'friend' from a 'close friend'? If anyone has any decent answers, I wouldn't mind hearing them. There's a nice little comment box down there, along with an AIM screen name and e-mail address on the side.

...I think I'm going to stop trying to think about this before I give myself a headache...

July 24, 2002
Hmm...I think someone has been

Hmm...I think someone has been giving my blog link out. Not that I mind, 'cause Kim is cool. Kim, I laugh in your face. The Subaru that I think was the one who ran away from you gave me both hugs and her e-mail address..*basks in the goodness of Subaru hugs*. And thank you for your compliments. You make the third person not related to me to tell me that I'm cute, the other two being Marion and Link. In other news, we got our new cats. Note the plural there. They were brother and sister, and it was a 'take both or take neither' deal. They're two and a half years old, big, white, and have mismatched gold and blue eyes. The boy is deaf, and sitting next to me. They're really sweet, but a little shy. I some how managed to talk the rest of my family into naming them Subaru and Hokuto ^^

July 23, 2002
Hum. I suddenly realized that

Hum. I suddenly realized that I forgot a few interesting Shoujocon tidbits. One is that Winter and Tama and I got talking with a cute guy who responded to Winter's 'Free Hugs' sign. We all thought he was around twenty, but it turns out that he was only fifteen. He thought I was seventeen *blushes* We got his AIM screen name too. On the way home, we managed to start not one, but two little personal jokes. One is Seishirou and Fuuma, the closet Gravitation fanboys. Now that's a funny mental image. The other its more complicated, stemming from cosplay plans for next year, ice cream, and general hyperness. Winter is a lactose-intolerant Tree-san (also now known as Eert...that's a really long story), I am Seishirou, and Tama is Fuuma. Basiclly how this came about is that Winter and I decided that we are going to be Seishirou and the Tree next year, and we stopped at a rest stop and got ice cream. Well, me and Tama did, as Winter is lactose-intolerant. So basicly, we were all sitting in the back of the rental car eating ice cream (from this day forth, I shall think of Sei-chan's favorite flavor as being mint chocolate chip, and Fuuma's as double chocolate) when Tama pokes me and says "Hey, remember the ice cream scene in X?" And we all giggled, and called each other by those names the rest of the way home...Actually, I started part of earlier when I said "My loyal Tree, go get a picture of that Subaru." to Winter during the Bobbing for Bishounen game.

July 22, 2002
Okay...now comes the long Shoujocon

Okay...now comes the long Shoujocon ramble, as my cable modem lives again. Friday started of a little stressed, as we were running around putting finishing touches on costumes, which did get done, and then when we finally left, we got stuck in traffic, making a five hour drive into a seven hour one. But we finallly got there, with ten minutes before registration closed. We wandered around some looking at costumes, stalking a Hinoto, and watching the Dance Dance Revolution tournament. We also got several free hugs from a group giving them out. One of them was dressed as TB Subaru in the outfit I love so very very much, and it took a lot of self-control to keep from jumping up and down and squealing. I then dragged Tama to the Gravitation marathon in hopes of scaring her a little, as its a very shounen-ai series, and that makes her edgy. Bad idea. She was totally addicted, and would have stayed until six am watching it if we hadn't dragged her off.

Saturday we donned our costumes and roamed around some more. We went to the dealer's room several times, and I came away with X16 and the fifth Tokyo Babylon volume, as well as a lot of pocky. Winter and I also stalked Subaru and Co. (AKA "The Huggy People") for a while, and ended up talking to them. I also got glomped by the little one with elf ears who's name I did not learn. Actually, out of the four of them, I only learned 'Subaru's' name, and oppted to keep calling her Subaru because 1) that what we'd spent the last day calling her behind her back, and 2) if she was acting how she normally acts, I swear she was TB Subaru incarnate. She seemed so shy that I was afraid to be my scary fangirl self around her least she run and hid behind a Seishirou-like someone. I did, however, manage to get her e-mail. Now I just have to decide what to say that won't scare the daylights out of her. A random note, she has some lessons to learn about hugging. I got two rather limp Subaru-hugs. As far as anime goes, we saw some of Ayashi no Ceres. Tama and I decided that it sucked, and went and watched more Gravitation instead, while Winter loved it. Winter and I also saw Petshop of Horrors, and missed the cosplay because of it. Next year I'm only doing that if its something really good. Like more X TV. We also stopped by the Art Show (there was a beautiful Subaru sketch...unfortunately somebody else got it first *cries* Oh well...Tama's drawing something for me to make up for it) and ended up meeting a couple very interesting gals, namely Kim and Kerianne. As they haven't said what their costumes were on their own blogs yet, I won't give it away, but they were very cool. We had a discussion about X, bad lemons (there was mention of ofuda in there...*sweatdrop*), and how almost every single color pic of Fuuma seems to be staring at your chest. We got their e-mails, but being the overly shy person that I am, I'm afraid to e-mail them. They were also the only people other than my mom who took my picture. Said it was for a friend who was a Clow fangirl. Saturday night (or really Sunday morning) Winter and I went to the dance and dragged Tama along for part of it. It was kinda boring at first, but them some one unleashed crepe paper and balloons on the crowd, and we went nuts. I got a sore throat from all the screaming.

Sunday was a bit more low-key. Winter and I hunted for the Huggy People to no avail. We also watched more Gravitation and the first three episodes of X TV and the OAV. For the record, Sadame ownz j00. Anyone who hasn't heard it, go download it. Now. I have come to the conclusion that I would pay good money for the X TV soundtracks. It was awesome music. Another thing of note was the Whack-a-Thon. The principle is that you vote for your least favorite charecters of anime, they take the top five or so, make them into pinatas, and let the fans beat the stuffing (er, candy) out of them. We only went to three of the five, as we missed the first one, which was Touma, and we all refused to see the Gushoushin whacked to death. But we managed to get all of Nakago's cape (he lasted about three whacks. Says something about his charecter), some of Miaka's hair, and a wheel from the Akio Car. The Akio car was the best one. It lasted a good forty minutes, and there was a guy who hit it with nunchucks a couple times. Every time one of the two Utenas in line went up, people started chanting 'Kill the Car!'. A woman next to me commented that Utena dismantling the Akio car violently should be a fanart. We also saw another TB Subaru who had at slightly better costume than the Huggy Subaru, but the personality of Hokuto. The Huggy one was the best. There was also someone at the Bobbing for Bishounen (basiclly a quiz game about various bishounen) who would have died if I had known who they were. They got the question asking which number head Subaru was, and (incorrectly) guessed 11th. Stupid people. That one's easy. Subaru is unlucky number 13. I always wonder if CLAMP picked that number on purpose, or if it was just a random coincidence.

Well, I think that's just about all of it. I should hopefully have pictures up by the end of this week. And soon I will have my revenge. Its not very good revenge, but what it is gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, not from the revenge, but the nature of what it is, so it'll suffice.

I'm back! Shoujocon was awesome

I'm back!

Shoujocon was awesome awesome awesome, and I met tons of cool people. Unfortunately that's all going to have to wait until my cable modem starts working, as I can't tie up the phone line much longer. But it was awesome. Hopefully I'll get the film developed by the end of this week, and then every one can see pictures of me and my friends being scary fangirls.

July 16, 2002
Look at this. Note the

Look at this. Note the part where it says 'upcoming English language release of Yami no Matsuei'. That means there will most likely be a subtitled release too! *runs around in circles screeching* Happy happy happy...

*kicks stupid crashy computor* Damn

*kicks stupid crashy computor* Damn you...Grr. Now I have to type that all over again. Anyway, Sunday was fun. It turns out that my Uncle Chip's wife and three daughters (age 8, 4, and 3) are here too, for about a month. We went sea-kayaking and swimming, and then the two youngest girls roped me and my brother into playing horsey with them. Having a three year old sitting on your back is a humbling experience. They were cute though. I was even treated to half a glass of wine. It was really nice to be treated like an adult, even if I don't happen to like wine. On the way home, my mom managed to get lost in the dark, and I did some thinking, as I couldn't sleep with my brother moaning about how sick and tired he was. I've decided that I'd really, really like to do a Seishirou site. Only thing is I'm not sure I could do it by myself. Anyone interested (and no, Winter, you don't count. You've never read X or TB). I also had an incredibly cute mental image. TB Subaru curled up in the front of TB Sei's car, fast asleep, with, of course, Sei in the driver's seat next to him. Awwwww...so cute. Hmmm...I think I'll go make an apple pie. I finally have my good recipe, and apples. I've always mantained that if I ever some how found myself in the X universe, I'd give Subaru a big hug, a smack upside the head, and then I'd sit him down and force feed him apple pie, as its the only thing I make really well. That boy needs to eat more. He's too skinny...

July 13, 2002
Yay! My daddy's home from

Yay! My daddy's home from New York! Me is a slightly happier Cocoa ^^

Grah. Feeling mildly grumpy, and

Grah. Feeling mildly grumpy, and very out of it.. The first of those two I have an explanation for. It comes of getting my butt kicked in video games by my brother, and then having him make fun of me for it, and have a discussion with Tama about my love life of lack there of, a topic I'm very touchy about. The second, I have no idea why. Have been spending a lot of time in front of a sewing machine lately, which is why I haven't been blogging. Tama and Winter have been over here on and off the past week, for the same reason. Lesse...tomorrow we're going sea-kayaking with my Uncle Chip, who isn't really my uncle, just my dad's best friend, who's here from Indonesia, most likely on bussiness. So that should be fun.

Glad you're feeling better. And that's an awesome layout. Furura is really good at making layouts. And I am not, as evidenced by the fact that this mildly crap layout that I don't like has been up far longer than I wanted... To use one of my favorite quotes, I feel confident in your ability to succed. I look forward to seeing your first layout ^^ *pokes* Oi, Link-kun, you alive over there?

July 12, 2002
I just had a random

I just had a random thought while pondering X. CLAMP's style of writing in X is a bit like Charles Dicken's. They're both over all good, but kind of drawn out, even more than is neccesary. I think CLAMP must have some slight sadistic tendancies if they enjoy tortureing us fans this much.

...In other news, one of my friends from elementary school who I haven't seen for two years just called. Yay. Such is my life.

Hehe...X/Tokyo Babylon randomness taken from

Hehe...X/Tokyo Babylon randomness taken from Kira, who took it from someone else...

X/TB Fandom character(s) you'd most like to...

* spend the rest of your life with in perfect bliss: TB Subaru, because he's still none-angsty then.

* have an emotionally void but wicked hot one-night stand with: Ummm...no one, but if I had to pick, Seishirou.

* watch having an emotionally void but wicked hot one-night stand: 0.0 No one.

* set up with your best friend: Keiichi for Tama, because they could tolerate each other's cheerfulness. For Hikaru, probably Kamui, because he's short like she is, and she'd kill me if I set her up with some one half a foot taller than her.

* have as your best friend: Hokuto. She has that rabid fangirl personality, like me ^^

* get wasted with: I don't want to get wasted.

* employ as a live-in masseur: Seishirou...mmmm....

* use as a human pillow: Seishirou....he's big enough to make a good one.

* bring home to meet the 'rents: Again, TB Subaru.

* have as your sibling: Kamui, as a younger brother. Then I could harass him in that friendly sibling way.

* tie up in your basement and kick when you're feeling frustrated: Kotori...hehe..*kicks Kotori*

* tie up in your bed and lick when you're feeling frustrated: ...no one...

...Ok, I'm going to go back into hiding and costume making now...

July 9, 2002
Whee. Busy busy day. Got

Whee. Busy busy day. Got up early so I could go to Anthony's before my mom left for a flea market. The Pope joined us, and we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Pope's Gamecube (I lost most of the time) and trying to get Anthony's computor to play the Yami no Matsuei episodes I burned onto a disk to no avail. Upon returning home, I found out my mom bought me something at the flea market. Its a really neat Chinese style shirt in aqua edged in navy blue, with flowers embroidered on it. I'm wearing it right now, and its very very cool.

If this means what I think it means...*does happy dance*. And look who has a blog now...Link-kun! Now he'd better remeber to post or else...*hugs* Be cheerful again, or I'll be forced to sing the singing fish song. And I can't sing for crap.

July 7, 2002
I'm finally back, and have

I'm finally back, and have much to say regarding my trip, the ending of Fushigi Yuugi (I finally saw it, thanks to Anthony), friendships, random layouts, and that rather nice Subaru dream I had the night before we left that I still haven't talked about...Although it might be wiser if I didn't. Marion might kill me. Anyway...on to the first part. The end of my trip. That last post was written while testing out my mom's new software that lets you connect to the internet through a cellphone (obviously, it worked ^^) on our way to my Uncle's house. Once there, there was a little pre-Fourth of July party, and I ended up talking to one of the girls who lived nearby and was invited. She was quite nice. I also watched Pokemon 2000 with my little cousin Rachel. The plot sucked, but some of the music and costumes were nice. I think out of all the little kids (who I all hate) Rachel is my favorite. She's like me on a certain level. In her own words, she hates babies, especially when they touch her. We then drove back up to the mountains, and did some visiting, and came home. I think all our train rides are jinxed. This time, we got on a train heading in the opposite direction by mistake, and had to wait an hour to get one heading up to Boston. Right now, my dad's in New York for a week and my brother is with his best friend until tomorrow, so me and my mom had the house to ourselves. Tama came over and we did some fabric shopping for our Shoujocon costumes. Right now I'm pondering layouts...I had a rather good one for a Spock layout while reading a rather bad Star Trek book. Only problem is, I can't find any pictures of Spock. Darn. Must keep looking.

Now, for the social bit. Have fun in Austria Nia! If you're reading this, who do you want on your layout? You know, when I actually get around to finishing all the other layouts I owe people first. *glomps* Marion! You're back! Now, start going on AIM again so I'll have some one to talk to now that Lilly isn't around and Hikaru's in France for the summer. Winter, call me. I left a message at your house earlier, but no one's called back yet. I have a proposal which might intrest you.

July 3, 2002
I am currently driving down

I am currently driving down a highway in North Carolina. And I saw Mr. Deeds last night, and it was funny. That is all.

July 1, 2002
Note to self: Kill Blogger...it

Note to self: Kill Blogger...it just ate the insanely long post I just wrote. To sum things up, I'm in North Carolina finally. We came down Saturday morning with my Uncle John, went hiking on the Bluff Mountain in the morning, and went to the family reunion in the afternoon. It was kind of boring as my only two female relatives my age, Ursula and Natalie, were at a church conference in Kentucky with their mother, but the food was good. Yesterday we visited my cousin Steve who lives by a lake, and we went out on his pontoon boat. He also has a jet ski, which he let me drive by myself. Let me tell you, the sense of power you get from controling something that fast is incredible. I also took some of my cousins and my brother out for rides. Today we walked down to the Mast General Store, which is this old fashioned store in what amounts to downtown Valle Crucis. I bought a lot of candy, which I'm eating right now, and walked home, while my mom, brother, and my brother's best friend's family, who are staying with us, went hiking. I have the house all to myself now...its quite nice. I'm catching up on fanfic and blog reading.

Now for a short bit of social blogging...thank you for hearing me out on Saturday. Not many people would put up with me having a break down over something that's not that important. *cries* Lilly's gone...now who am I going to have insane anime conversations with over AIM?

...Now, back to fanfic-reading and cosplay-debating.