August 31, 2002
One little note before I'm

One little note before I'm on my way. There's shall be no blogging this weekend, as I will be away in NYC enjoying myself. Have a nice day, folks!

August 30, 2002
さくらずか せいしろうさん: ほんとう に かわいい

さくらずか せいしろうさん: ほんとう に かわいい です ね、 すばるくん。
...Why Cocoa shouldn't be aloud to have Japanese text support on her computer...

August 28, 2002
School, day two, was better

School, day two, was better than school, day one. Except socially. Socially it was worse. But other than that, it was good. The teachers I had were pretty good. I think I'm going to actually enjoy English this year. As well as Math. History should be good, but we're going to be doing a lot of work. No matter, we did a lot of work with Mr. Eddy last year. Although our teacher this year, Mr. Hamel, has obviously lived in New England his whole life. He got off on a rant about Southerners who still fly the Confederate flag ^^; Band...well, I'm not sure about band. Mrs. Falcone seems kinda scary. But music-wise, it should be good. And it's at the end of everyday, so it'll help me chill out. We had very little homework, just reading a short story for English, which I did already. Winter and I are going to join the cross-country team. We'll probably be the two people in the worst shape tomorrow. But half the point of me joining, anyway, is to get in better shape. Ummm...other than that, nothing really important has happened today....

August 27, 2002
Back from the evilness that

Back from the evilness that is school. The weather was nice today, and the teachers I met so far seem pretty good. Those were the only two good things. Our schedule must be the most screwed up schedule in the world, our building looks like its about to fall to pieces, I have to take a half an hour bus ride both ways this year, and we got a whole bunch of homework on the first day. And some of you might know some of the problems Tama and I were having at the end of last school year. I had hoped that they had gone and died over the summer. It seems they have not. Three months was bad enough, I can't go a whole year like this. *swears loudly* I am not in a very good mood at the moment. Although my rather dark mood inspired an almost equally dark new layout for Stardust. I'm pleased with how its coming along. Hopefully it'll be done by the end of next week or so. I'm terribly tired of that Akio layout...

Marion, I was talking about school friends there...I know you're my friend. I actually have a decent amount of friends outside of school, but only one real friend in school it seems -_- But thanks anyway ^^

YnM manga is calling me. As is my Math homework....

August 26, 2002
*sighs* My last post for

*sighs* My last post for summer vacation. I think a little reminiscing is in order. This would probably rate as a pretty good summer, I think. Let's see...high points:
-SHOUJOCON!!!! And meeting Katt.
-Meeting Lisa
-Seeing They Might Be Giants in concert
-Sleeping late and staying up all night.
Low points:
-Having a layout block for two months -_-

Hmmm...that's it for now, I guess. When I blog again, I shall have been forced into the tortures of public education once again.

Trying very hard not to

Trying very hard not to be depressed. I went to a near-by lake with Tama and Hikaru, and it was cold, and Tama kept talking about how she's so happy that we're going back to school tomorrow and she can see all her school friends again. Which means that most of the people from school I hang out with and talk to over the summer go back to their own little social groups, none of which I'm a part of, and I end up with Winter, the only other one as friendless as me. Which isn't that bad, only it means I get how utterly shy and pathetic I am rubbed in my face on a daily basis. Fuuuuun. I won't say I hate my life, but I'm not very pleased with it. Now, I'm going to go play some video games and try to forget school is tomorrow.

August 25, 2002
Oh, BTW, does anyone know

Oh, BTW, does anyone know where I could find a copy of the picture of Kamui with the angel wings tatooed on his back? All I can find is a copy with text on it, and I wanted to us it for a layout. If someone could just leave me a link or something, it would be much appreciated. And the continuing search for English translations to TB 6, but I've just about given up on that one.

Thank you everyone who complimented

Thank you everyone who complimented me on my layout ^^ I really like how it turned out. Plus Touya and Yuki are so cute its almost bad for your health. *glares at Subaru and Seishirou* Why can't you two be more like Touya and Yuki? You know, well adjusted -
Touya: Um, Yue comes with the packages and he's not well adjus-
*glares at Touya* Was I talking to you? As I was saying, why can't you two bee more well adjusted and cute? Cute is good!
Seishirou: *shrugs* I'm an assasin. Cute and well adjusted don't work.
Subaru: I try, but he *points vehmently at Seishirou* keeps abusing me!
*pushes Su and Sei into a room together and locks the door* Now, work out your problems and then be cute some. I start high school in two days. I need cute! Oh, and no abuse. At least not to each other. If you need to abuse something, do what I do, and abuse inanimate objects.

...Ok, now that anime charecters have stopped talking in my head...Mariion, tell you dad 'happy birthday' for me. Or rather, happy belated birthday, because by the time you read this, that's what it'll be. My dad's birthday is a month from yesterday...I think. I never quite remember. But I think its September 24. Must find out tomorrow. Which, incidently, is Hikaru's birthday (I think). See, I had these all writtend down in my agenda last year. And then Amtrak lost it, becasue they suck. *feeds Amtrak to the Tree* Um. So. What else. Had a very mundane conversation with Lilly on AIM. It was surprisingly nice. I didn't think I was capable of a conversation that only mentioned anime once. Dunno if that's a good thing or not. Immediately following that, me, my mom, and my brother went and saw Triple X. It was pretty good, as far as action movies go. Lots of explosions and neat stunts. Althhough I have no idea how it pulled off a PG13 rating. It had almost as much violence as The Matrix, plus women in thong underwear waving their butts at the camera and pole dancing. Luckily that scene didn't last long. There was one very Fuuma-ish line...
X to cop with measily little gun: Stop thinking city cop and start thinking Playstation! Blow shit up! *points to bazooka-like thing laying near them*

So, that was my evening ^^

Okay. In a slightly better

Okay. In a slightly better mood. At least I stopped glaring at everything and everyone. Right now I'm composing a draft Christmas list, because my Grandpa wants it by the end of September. High on my list is a domain, as I feel bad about taking up space on other people's servers and can't stand free servers, so I'm trying to pick out a couple good names to list (you know, just in case the first one or two are taken). Suggestions, anyone?

Nyreg. At the moment, my

Nyreg. At the moment, my day sucks. Guess who's two best friends said they could come over today? Now, guess who's sitting alone in her basement glaring at her computer for lack of anything better to do? I hate it when people do this to me - say that they're free and can spend time with me, and then when I'm all excited and cheerful about it, call and say they can't. And people do it to me all the time. There's been about two months of weekends where this has happened. People wonder why I'm so antisocial. Its because no one ever takes the time to be around me. I think I'm going to go glare at some stuff for a while now.

*looks at layout* ...Good. It

*looks at layout* ...Good. It wasn't my mind playing tricks on me at two am, this layout does look nice. Although it seems like the images are a little slow loading. If some one has a 56k modem, tell me if its taking a long time to load, and I can see if I can fix it. I've got a cable modem, so I don't know how it'll work on a slower connection. Let's see. All I've done today is roast in a heavy, but none the less cool looking white robe for an hour, then stuffed my face at a restaurant down town. Oh, random fact of the day. You know that little going Within stunt that Kamui pulls near the begining of X9? CLAMP didn't make that stuff up. There's an actual medical disorder that can occur when some has in a situation like that were they see a lot of violence and such. Their minds can't handle it, and it causes their bodies to do strange things. Catatonia (what Kamui was in) is an extreme and rare occurance, usually its stuff like loss of motion in a limb where there's no physical reason for there to be. My mom said it happens a lot in soldiers who live through wars and see a lot of fighting. Its got some long special name I don't remember. Ah, the things one learns when one's mother is a docter.

Yesh, hobbits and elves are cool. Although Gandalf is cool too. And yes, I gave in to Keiichi. I admit, he's pretty cool. And refreshingly non-angsty. Yes, your agenda is sexy. Mine will probaby end up covered in YnM, CCS, and X/TB pictures when I get it. Ooooh! Pretty-ful, Nia! Wah! Come back Winter! I'm going to see you Tuesday anyway but...still! There's no one online for me to talk to! ....Hmmm...maybe that's a subliminal message telling me to call Tama and figure out the best way to drag her and Hikaru over here.

Yay! New layout! And I'm

Yay! New layout! And I'm really happy with how it turned out too. Finally. Its the couple that turned me into a shounen-ai/yaoi fangirl, Touya and Yuki. And there's a shiny new matching comment box too! So go. Look. Leave lots of comments. *looks at clock* Wow. I really should go to bed, as I have to acolyte in church tomorrow, which means being up by eight and at the church by eight forty five or so. Oh well. I get to wear a spiffy white robe ^^

Oh, Keiichi has invaded my desktop and turned it blue. Tama will be pleased.

August 24, 2002
*giggles* I was joking, you

*giggles* I was joking, you two...I have some confidence in my layout making abilities. Although if I have to look at this one much long, I might end up gouging my eyes out with a blackend stick (loooong family joke, don't ask). I have four unfinished blog layouts on my hard drive, and I'm not pleased with any of them. Well, I'm pleased with one, but it refuses to code properly. Tried at least three times. Oh well. I had some inspiration about five minutes ago driving the Pope home, and maybe It'll work out. *sighs* Speaking of which, the Pope ended up coming over, as he was the only one my friends home. We ended up listening to much anime music, discussing plans for a possible webcomic, and discovering that he accidently brought the wrong cable over for the laptop he's letting me steal/permanatly borrow. I'm hoping it'll actually work. It got hit by lightening, which is why his family doesn't use it. That, and they have two scanners they know work anway. *crosses fingers* A working scanner would be wonderful....After all of this, we watched much CCS and I let him borrow some manga. And that was my day.

Yay! My PC is alive

Yay! My PC is alive again! Phew...I was getting kind of scared for a while. Everytime I tried to open something, it would crash. But its back to its normal wierd self ^^ Let's see. Nothing interesting is happening. I still have one more activity to do for summer reading, the Pope was supposed to call but he hasn't, my mom finally figured out how I'm getting to and from school this year, and all of my best friends are busy today - Hikaru is at a friend's and is spending the night, Winter is in Connecticut, and Tama is school shopping (read: clothes shopping) again. Agh. I guess I'll just sulk around my basement until my brother comes home from camp, and then challenge him to a nice long Mario Kart game. Anyway...on the a little social blogging. Lovely layouts, you two. You make me feel so lowly about this crap layout that's been up all, BTW, I go back to school this Tuesday, Marion. Changed your name on the sidebar. Although I might still keep calling you Hoshi anyway ^^

August 23, 2002
Nyarg. Just a short entry,

Nyarg. Just a short entry, as my PC is being a bitch so I'm on my ancient laptop on the suckiness that is AOL >_< I currently have most of my summer reading activities out of nine. Almost done...

August 22, 2002
Looked at my tracker stats.

Looked at my tracker stats. If this is acturated, then *gasp* I have people I don't know looking at this blog! I didn't think it was possible. Not only that, but they seem to be all over the world. Actually, that's how I know I don't know them. There are hits from people in countries I know I don't know anyone in. Like Italy and Poland. So hey, all you random visitors to my blog that I don't know - leave a comment or something! I'm always up for meeting new people!

Stayed up too late reading

Stayed up too late reading all the back comics for Okashina Okashi. Had a really wierd I met Piro from MegaTokyo and was talking to him about Okashina Okashi, and got his autograph. Reading webcomics late at night is not good for my sanity. Or my sleeping schedule. The same goes for fanfiction.

...In other news, my dad's back from LA, and he had a great time. He also bought me CCS 7 in English yesterday, and I didn't even have to beg. I'm really happy with how TokyoPop is doing the second half. I should have some good quotes up on White Rabbit soon. Struck by sudden inspiration in the supermarket yesterday, I've started a new blog layout, and it looks like it'll actually get finished, once I find a good font to use. I also need to do my summer reading book reports some time soon *groans* I hate summer reading. And pop-ups. I really hate pop-ups. *sighs* The summer is almost at a close. I go back to school next Tuesday. Its strange. I'm actually not as upset about going back to school as I thought I would be. I'm going to hate the work, and getting up early, but it'll give me something to do. God, do I sound pathetic. Anyway, something is telling me to go do something with my life, and I think I'll listen to it today.

August 20, 2002
Much to say/ramble about. I'll

Much to say/ramble about. I'll start with Sunday. We decided to kick back and relax for a day after going into Boston. I think the only thing of any intrest that we did was go see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which was very funny. I also ran into Tama at the movie theater as she was seeing Spy Kids 2 with her younger brothers. On Monday, my aunt dragged me and my cousins back into Boston again, mostly to do some shopping. All I came off with is a pair of new boots, but they're nice new boots, so I'm not that upset. Although I think they might be the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned ^^;; Oh, they had a bunch of nice leather coats on a rack, and there was one that looked exactly like Seishirou's coat. I tried it on, and didn't want to take it off. Unfortunately, it was also $250. Oh well ;_; On the train ride home, I saw someone who looked creepily like like the kawaii Subaru cosplayer from Shoujocon. Only I hope it wasn't because this person was dressed not unlike some corporate executive or something, and I thought the Subaru was around my age. I'll probably never know, as I'm too shy to e-mail her even though I've got her address. else. Tama was over here earlier, and we were talking about how men are idiots ^^ (no offense to all you guys out there). Oh, I'm glad we got that worked out, Marion. Can we put the incident behind us now? Please?

August 18, 2002
...You know, that's just plain

...You know, that's just plain bizzare, Lisa, as my aunt and cousins are here too, with their strange senses of humor too. For example, after you showed me, we were fooling around with it and laughing and being stupid sometime around eleven o' clock at night. The next morning when I finally get up and go into our living room, my cousin Ursula has found a stapler and has it sitting next to her. When she notices me, she picks it up and starts clicking it with an idiotic grin on her face, and we both crack up. what else is new, other than my cousins and I belong in an asylum somewhere....Oh, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Not THE best, but one of them. We drove to one of the T stations (the T is kind of like the Boston subway, only its not all underground) and rode the train into Boston. We first went to the Museum of Fine Arts, 'cause my cousin Ursula is an artist (she's a year younger than me and has already sold three of her paintings...) and looked at an exhibit of modern art, had wonderful desserts at the cafe there, and got tickets for a They Might Be Giants concert that night. Then we went down to Cambridge and browsed Sasuga Bookstore for a while. Ursula got some nice origami paper, she and her sister Natalie squealed over a giant Totoro plushie, my Aunt Donna gave me a twenty dollar gift certificate (hehehe...more manga!), and I manged to get a three week advance on my allowance from my mom. So I am now the proud proud owner of the Tokyo Babylon artbook and YnM 3, which I had to cover with two of the paper bookcovers the bookstore in Japan put on my CCS volumes when my dad bought them for me so I wouldn't have to look at Muraki's face on the cover. Unfortunately there's only about four panels with Tatsumi in them. I won't fight you two for any YnM bishies (actually, I wouldn't fight anyway...) as long as I can have Tatsumi. Don't know why I like the man, I just do. Anyway, when I saw the artbook up on a shelf, I just kind of stop and stared with my mouth hanging open for a minute or two before reaching up and taking it down. After that we went up to the North End, which is the Italian section of Boston, and had some really good Italian food for dinner, and saw a bunch of old people staked out by the side of the road in their lawn chairs chatting. It was very amusing. We then went to the concert, and they played my two favorite songs! *does happy fangirl dance* I was so happy! Me and my mom both sang along to all the songs we knew. It was around 11:30 PM at that point, so we went home and I fell asleep right away and didn't get up until noon today.

August 16, 2002
Going back and rereading old

Going back and rereading old blog entries. There's some pretty funny stuff floating around there. Like the 'shadow sex' incident from my DeadJournal. Basicly, the insane boys in my class got bored during gym and fooled around with perpective so it looked like their shadows were screwing each other when the two people where around two feet apart. Or several of my posts from mid-March that are mostly ramblings about Subaru. Or a really early DJ one from when I got a serial killer on a 'Which Evil Criminal Are You?' test... "Heh. Heh. Heh. I'm a serial killer. Like Argus Filch. That means I'll jump out of your cereal and kill you. Or kill your cereal.*evil psycho laugh* Hikari is the evil shoe lady from the Philippines. See, my mom told me about her.". And Tama the Psychic Chicken. Oh, and Winter? You promised me a Legolas bookmark on Tuesday, January 8th. I want my Legolas bookmark, dammit. Ooooh. Me talking about the prostitute fairies from Ocarina of Time. And the Peter Pettigrew the Cuban joke. ...Something scary. When I got X1 on Saturday, February 16th (I can't believe its only been that long), my comments on Kotori were "Kotori was pretty cool" *shudders* What in the name of God was I thinking? What was I on?! And my realization of how much of an antisocial loser I really am started to sink in on April 9Th *staves off evil 'I suck I'm going to go sit in a corner and cry' thoughts*. Oooooh...and Tama thinks ties are sexy ^^ April 14th I came to my senses regarding Kotori. This was my comment on the random sampling of X manga I in Japanese...."Screw order. I'm going to get the volumes with lots of Subaru, and lots of Kamui torture. And that stupid girl Kotori getting killed". Have I ever mentioned that my friends, especially Tama and Hikaru are wonderful in all their surprise-party-throwing glory? Well, they are. And someone needs to start a support group for angsty bishounen. They could hold meetings in Kakyou's Dreamscapes. Winter....SMELL THE LIMES!!!

I'm really tired, which means I'm lapsing into one of my angsty moments. Baaaad. Must go to sleep, and then go hang out with Hikaru and Tama until my cousins come. And I really need a new blog layout. Really really.

August 14, 2002
*stares* Hm. Right now I'm

*stares* Hm. Right now I'm wondering first how Audrey got my blog address, and second, why she even bothered linking to someone with as pathetic an existance as mine. But I'm not going to question it. Audrey, if you're reading this, you rock. Oh, and and who ever ended up here looking for Miaka/Tamahome pics, be gone. I know you're out there. And if you're reading this, let me say that I hate Tamahome. Now feel free to go back to your pic searching ^^

Hmmm. So whats new in my life. Well, I finally got off my lazy ass and put my Yukito site up. Go see. I also got dragged to the gym today by my mother, and then grocery shopping afterwards. As a result, my feet hurt, and we have some reall food. Actually, its just me and my mom here at the house until my aunt and cousins come up Friday. My dad's in L.A., and my brother's away at camp. So its basically us two for a couple days. And the cats. One of which is currently running around somewhere near the Christmas decorations in our basement closests. And Tama and her boyfriend who I really didn't like broke up. I'm torn between being sorry for her and happy that he's gone. Great friend I am. Guess that's it for now. I'm just gonna go harass people on AIM or something...

*yawns* Any idea why I'm

*yawns* Any idea why I'm still awake even though I'm exhausted? No? Me neither. I'm feeling a little better than I was Sunday and Monday - Sunday I was bored out of my mind, and Monday I was feeling bitchy and hurt, mostly because of this. Actually, I'm still feeling upset about it, but I'm not going to say any more, as I've almost lost friends before over stupid arguments, and I don't want to do it again. Plus I want to stay as far away from Muraki's lab as possible. You sure know how to difuse and fight, don't you Lilly...And I think you're the one with the most common sense at the moment. Oh, for those who don't read Lilly's blog, she's my brand new sister. Let's see, you're older than me, so you'd be my oneechan *glomps her oneechan* Thank you for being the level headed one around here, plus an awesome friend!

In other news, I saw Hikaru and got back the Berea Chronicles, AKA my four page long letters to Tama, on Monday. Highlights should be up when I stop feeling lazy. Oh, Hikaru's going to have a brand new little sister come December. I'm happy for her, but her one little sister is enough as it is. I went to see Men In Black II with my mom today-er, yesterday. I've come to the conclusion that I want a little colony of cute furry creatures that worship me to live in my locker. It would do my self-esteem wonders, I think.*yawns some more* I really need sleep....

August 10, 2002
I'm back! I managed to

I'm back! I managed to survive two weeks of life away from life among a group of major homophobes and no computer. I'll have more on that later though, once I get my four page long letters back from Hikaru-chan, who is finally home from France. Yay! In the meantime....I love your layout Marion. Someone at Shoujocon was cosplaying as Puppy Tsuzuki, but I didn't get a picture. Thank you for missing me Winter, and for sending me Atropos. Both make me feel happy and loved, and the second helped keep me from snapping and trying to feed my cabinmates to one of the many trees on the camp. Although I'm envious that you got adopted by not one, but two people. I just have my biological brother for sibling company. And not very good company at that. WAII~! Lilly's back! With a Muraki layout too o.0 *hides* I hate that man. Subaru-on-a-leash? That is priceless. There was an amusing incident dealing with my Home Ec teacher, some paper lanterns, and Tama that turned out like one of those Mastercard ads by accident. Actually, that was what made it amusing....

Now, I must go pick up Tama from church and go see Austin Powers ^^