September 28, 2002
The words 'f**k' and 'PAIN' come to mind...

Argh. I hurt either my ankle or my foot, and it is not fun.. I was kind of jogging down a hill after my brother's soccer game, and my foot kind of twisted on it's side, and now it huts a lot. I really hope I just twisted it or something, because I don't want to be laughed at by her (I know, I probably deserve it), and I don't want to be out of commission for the rest of cross-country season. Double argh. In other news, I talked to Link for the entire game, and it was enjoyable. He's now about an inch taller than me... Let's see, other than that, I've done nada today. Although we might go to a movie later.

September 27, 2002
*kicks website*

Grah. Stupid T&G website won't let me see the full article on the South cross-country team which may or may not have my name in it because my parents stopped getting it a couple weeks ago. Anyone who has a copy wanna share? It'd be somewhere in the Sports section of this morning's paper.

September 23, 2002
Blog random-ness

So I was reading through Kiti's old LJ entries because she kept bugging me to, and it's easier to go with what Winter says than to fight her (Hint, hint *winks*), and I came across the Shoujocon entry (^___^ SHOUJOCON-NESS!). Now, most will remember that I rambled about her for a decent amount of time (What?! She was dressed in the TB Subaru outfit that I have always loved so very very much. Who can resist TB Subaru?!). Anyway. I didn't think that we did anything blog-worthy around her and her friends/siblings, but apparently we did. There is a mention of my Grand Scheme For Revenge against Marion (BTW, I love your layout *_*) which never actually resulted in anything, as well as mention of 'the plant girl & co.' which I must imagine was us, as I think Winter was the only one dressed as a plant there...oh well. Seeing as we called her group either 'The Huggy People' or 'Subaru and co.' the entire weekend. And looking back at my own Shoujocon-related posts, I totally missed mentioning borrowing an iron from a guy that looked like he was supposed to be someone from FY who was three doors down the hall from us at the Motel 6, and then Tama and Winter going to return it the next day and knocking on the wrong door ^^;

....Man, now I really can't wait until AnimeBoston. Although I feel all special and noticed. And managed to say entirely away from actually talking about the last couple of days, which included a car fire, a bomb scare, my computer dying, new sneakers, and people hiding on the roof of the church while playing hide and go seek in the dark...

September 19, 2002

Guess who just got the Lord of the Rings DVD in the mail from her grandpa? *bounces* Yup, me! And I wasn't even expecting it. Now I have more leverage to use against my mom to get a real DVD player seeing as we actually now own a DVD. I am one happy LotR fangirl right now! Now, off to go hang out on MicroMuse ^^

September 18, 2002

In a very good mood. I have a new cyber-bed...go ask her if you really must know. *looks at clock* My, look at the time. I must be going now!

September 17, 2002
"...Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side..."

Today was much better than yesterday, at least for me. Got to sleep late because I had an orthodontists appointment, actually talked to Tama a little, and was generally in a good mood. I am, however, very tired for some reason. Must be all the energy I used being cheerful. Being depressed is easy, but I need to get used to being happy again. Its better for my sanity. Anyway, I can't think of anything else to say...too tired. And I still need to call Tama, or rather wait for her to call me back...

September 16, 2002
A few little changes ^^

Added Kiti, the cool Subaru I met at Shoujocon 'cause...well, she's cool. And...*points to sidebar* I remembered and switched Ai Shiteru over to a blog crew, Lilly! And the comment boxes may or may not be working properly again...I'm not quite sure...

...Nope, they're not >.<

Nyargh, Part II

Today was not a very good day in the chronicles of Cocoa's life. Actually, the last few days haven't been very good days either, which is why I didn't blog...too depressed. The whole deal with Tama is going rapidly downhill. I really don't want to lose her as a friend, especially as I have to see her every day at school, and she's still friends with Hikaru, but I don't know what I can do if she doesn't make any effort in return. Then we had to return our cats to the animal shelter because they were really sick, and my family just isn't around enough to take care of them and give them the attention they needed. So hopefully some old lady who stays home all the time or something will adopt them and take care of them and love them. Of course, on top of all this comes this. I didn't actually know him, but from Winter always talking about how much she liked him, I guess he was a pretty good guy. Hopefully, he's in a better place now.

....There have, however been a couple high points. One is that the boys cross country team won both the meet Friday and the meet today, and I didn't come in last in either ^^ And today was my dad's birthday. Yeah. So that was my day.

September 11, 2002

...Yeah. That about sums up my day. Not great, huh? I'm unbelievably tired, and for some reason, Tama was irritating me. A lot. As a result, I'm a little upset with her at the moment. The fact that she has said nil to me in the last two days might have something to do with it as well...*sighs* Me and my Issues. Someday it'll all get worked out. After I come up with a topic for my Science Fair project. That's a major Issue at the moment, as it's due Friday. And I have no idea what I'm going to do. Anyway, today being September 11th and all, I feel like I should say something deep and meaningful. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything. So I'll leave it with this. Everyone out there in blogland, pray to what ever deity you believe in for peace in our world. I know I did. Because, you know, peace is a good thing.

September 9, 2002

Its absolutely roasting outside. Much more than it should be in September. Usually I'm whining about how my basement is colder than the rest of the house, but today I'm happy about it. Not much interesting happened today. I spent any free time I had in school reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which I started last night. I even read during lunch. I personally think its a very good book, as I don't find many this captivating. cross-country, we had a games day, and ended up playing football. I think football is a stupid sport, so I mostly stood around under the sun. Tomorrow we're going to go hike a near by mountain, which should be fun if its not too hot. We also have to pick a topic for our Science Fair project for Biology by Friday. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Any brilliant suggestions, people? Even not-so-brilliant suggestions?

Hmmm...It seems I have a new blog stalker...does anyone know this man? Does anyone know if I know this man? I'm better at remembering faces than names, and Dave isn't that uncommon a name...I know several. Anyway, hi Dave! *waves* Just wondering, how did you end up here? Especially if someone I know didn't give you the blog is not worthy of stumbling upon ^^

September 8, 2002

*points up* Hehe...this thing even lets you put in titles for entries! That's one of the random things I liked about LiveJournal...

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween....

....The subject came up between my mother, and the mother of one of my friends who lives across the street and who I go trick-or-treating with every year. So I thought I'd ramble on about my costume ideas so far ^^ The idea I like the most for a costume is Subaru's ceremonial robes, because they're very neat. Unfortunately, they're also very complicated. Given how long I spent on my costume last year, I could never hope to have them done by Halloween with all the other stuff I have to do. My back-up idea was to wear my Clow outfit again, as its basically done, but I wore it last year, and at Shoujocon as well. But now my new Fuuma pants have given me two new ideas that would be easy and cool at the same time. I could get myself a black sleeveless turtleneck, a red coat, and a black hat with a red band and be TB Subaru, or get a black turtleneck and a black trench coat (something I'm searching for anyway) and be Sakurazukamori!Subaru...the second one would be easier to explain to people who ask. Both would be fun though...Anyway, I still have some time to decide ^^

*points at comment box* EVIL!!!

*kicks comment box* Stupid text, display properly! *kick-kick*

D4 F|_||_|m4 p4ntz ownz j00!

Now that I have a little bit of free time, I shall blog, as per orders of Winter ^^ Let's is its normal boring self, our first cross-country meet is next Friday against Holy Name, one of the private schools, and I'm totally not ready. But yesterday was fun. Woke up earlier than usual, and end up going to a really neat vintage clothing/thrift store with Tama, Megan, and Emily. Tama and Emily both bought old dresses, and I ended up buying a pair of fake black leather pants for only $10. They are very, very cool, and as they look like some one found them in either Fuuma's or Sakurazukamori!Subaru's closet (more likely Fuuma's), they shall hear by be known as my Fuuma pants. If its cool enough out tomorrow, I'm going to wear them to school along with one of my mom's black sleeveless shirts and end up scaring people, because usually I wear khakis and simple white shirts along with my new boots. But I really, really love these pants. I have the urge to get a coat like Fuuma's and a pair of funky little glasses like his and stand around looking evil. Or get a Seishirou coat, which I'm currently looking for, and wear it with a black turtleneck underneath and stand around looking tortured and angsty like Subaru...Now there's an idea for a Halloween costume ^^ Anyway, after that, I went home, and Hikaru came over and we made a yummy fudge cake, and made a mess of my kitchen at the same time. But the cake was worth is. I think that's the only way I'm like Tsuzuki...I love sweets.

Mmmm...Hoshi-chan has a new home, I see. Good luck with that layout! And Marion has a pretty new layout. A layout that makes me want to go see LotR for the fourth time, and make a Legolas layout. Or a Gandalf layout. Or a Merry and Pippin layout. 'Cause they're all cool. Speaking of which, my youth group starts up again tonight, so I get to go be among Elfie devotees once again. I love my youth group.

Well, I must go wrestle with the new Stardust layout now. Jaa ne!

Ok ^^ Switched over to

Ok ^^ Switched over to something called BLOG because Blogger is evil, and I'm sick of it. Let's see how this new program works out...and if I can get my comments working properly again *kicks*

September 4, 2002
*sigh of relief* Finally, some

*sigh of relief* Finally, some time to blog. Been busy busy busy, mostly with school stuff. Our Spanish teacher, Mr. Mercado, finally showed up today. He's wierd, and says if he finds a better job, he's going to quit. I kind of hope he does. I some how managed to get my problems with Tama mostly worked out, although I think the Gravitation manga I gave her as a belated birthday present/peace offering might have helped some ^^ Classes are pretty good, aside from Spanish and our neat freak/obsessive perfectionist Biology teacher Mrs. Zendzian. The Pope has already nicknamed her 'The Biology Nazi'... Cross-country is going pretty well too, although it takes a lot of time up in the afternoons. Today we did a long run through the woods, and I managed to do it with out falling over dead or anything. Along the way, this short kid on our team ran ahead, and missed a turn-off and ended up with his leg up to the knee sunk in mud - two of the other guys had to pull him out. Speaking of knees, Winter did something very stupid while I was away, but if I discuss that I'll die laughing. Anyway. The rest of my cross-country team is pretty nice. They kept encouraging me every time I fell behind. Plus there's this kind of cute senior who looks a little like Bishounen Boy from Shoujocon (only a select few will understand that) on the team....

On a different note, NYC was awesome. We stayed in a little hotel kind of near Times Square and walked or took the subway the entire weekend. We took the train down Saturday morning, and rented some DVDs to watch on my mom's laptop. That night we went to see a music-like thing called Stomp. I don't feel like explaining it, so I won't. Sunday started with me and my mom spending about an hour at the Japanese bookstore three blocks from our hotel. It was huge. The manga section was almost the size of Sasuga. I came away with YnM 4 and X11 for myself, Gravitation 3 for Tama, and something for Hikaru, which I won't say, as its a present, and I don't want her finding out. After that, we went and collected my brother and his friend, and took the ferry out to Ellis Island, passing the Statue of Liberty on the way, and spent some time at the immigration museum there. It was pretty fun. Monday we went to the Natural History Museum in Central Park, which was awesome. I could have stayed for a lot longer. Then we came back up to boring MA on the train. Oh, I had the best pizza ever in a little pizzaria in Greenwich Village. It was very yummy. And I finally got around to renting a Gundam Wing DVD and watching it on my mom's laptop. It may be mecha, but I want more! I can't decide who's my favorite yet, after only five episodes, but I'm leaning towards either Duo or Quatre. Although Trowa gets points in my book for playing the flute...I play the flute. Um. Enough ramblings for now. I must go attempt to watch Prince of Tennis before the Almighty Bob kills me.