October 31, 2002
Happy Holidays! (including Halloween)

Happy Halloween, everyone! I had a great time this year, although it was really cold. But it could have rained, like it did last year, and that would have been worse. My costume was a moon angel, with big silver dragon wings, although I got really cold at one point, and changed into my triple layer Clow robes for one street. My brother was a necromancer, so we had a funny little conversation, exchanging boasts and insults, sorcerer to sorcerer. We also continued our tradition of singing Christmas carols at the last couple of houses we stopped at. I was the Christmas angel standing in the back. After all the candy-gathering was done, there was much trading of candy, applying of make-up (mostly to the guys ^^), listening to loud music, and watching slashy episodes of CLAMP Campus Detectives. And I now have Final Fantasy 7. I must resist the urge to play it until the wee hours of the night/morning, and instead wait until this weekend. Aw, maybe I'll just install it tonight...

October 29, 2002
Happy Holidays! (including Halloween)

*sighs* I must remember to actually update this thing. Today was a decently good day, in retrospect. We screwed with the minds of less creatures (termites) in Biology, got to design our dream house in Spanish, and I choked on my Not!Lemonade during lunch...Actually, that last one wasn't really good at the time, but it's funny looking back on it. I was seeing if the Pope could tell if I was staring at him when he had his eyes closed, because he said he could, and he did, and he gave me a really funny look which made me laugh while I had Not!Lemonade in my mouth. And I'm calling it Not!Lemonade, because the packaging says that its lemonade, but it doesn't taste like lemonade. Most of this evening was spent watching my brother play video games, watching tv, or torturing coat hangers into submission for the wings for my Halloween costume. Other than those things, my day has been kind of meh. Actually, my life has been kind of meh for a couple weeks now. Hopefully it'll get better once cross county ends tomorrow.

I'm glad you like your present, Marion...given all the difficulties it gave me, I don't think it liked me ^^; And I know I've said it at least three times now, but happy (slightly belated) birthday. That project you're doing sounds really fun, hermana, even if you don't get to be Lady Macbeth. BTW, do you want me to send you the stuff I got typed up for our site? It's kind of sitting around on 003's hard drive. (Yes, my laptop demanded a name, and it reminded me of Watari's owl, so it is now 003 ^^). Heidi, you have to remember to get a picture of you in your costume this year...I didn't get to see your Ken outfit last year.

...I should probably head off to bed now. Ish late, and I'm tired.

October 24, 2002
Stress bad!

Un pocito note before I zip off to bed. I've kind of been in the realm of not-blogging lately. Dunno...just been stressed out, I guess. The annoying thing is, I don't know what I'm stressed about. Grah. Bad. So...um. Yeah. I learned how to play backgammon today, which will in no way aid me in the real world, but I know how to play backgammon. And it snowed yesterday. On the 23rd of October. Depressing, huh? Mmm...just got back from fencing. We actually fenced, and I got my butt kicked multiple times. But I did a good job for me, so I'm happy. And I love Megumi Ogata's voice. That is all for now. Good night.

October 20, 2002
She lives again!

Yeah, I kind of disappeared for a little while there...life's been kind of crazy this past week. One of my dad's friends stayed with us for a couple days. He's Scottish, and lives in the U.K. He's also an actor (has a background role in HP 2, actually), and a really, really good piano player. He left this afternoon. Something else happened that I won't discuss at length, as I'm still kind of embarrassed by it, but the short story is, my crush doesn't like me like I like her...Hopefully we'll still be friends. Uhhh....other than that, most of the school week was just too much homework and me feeling stressed. Yesterday, me, my dad and his friend went to Old Sturbridge Village. I tried to convince my dad to go to Higgins Armory (It's basically a museum of old armor and weaponry...very cool, and I haven't been there in ages), but no luck. OSV was fun anyway. It's a recreated 19th century village, with people dressed in appropriate costume walking around, and answering questions about life in the 1800s. Well, actually, the main village isn't recreated. It's all 19th century building taken from various parts of New England, and put together there. Pretty cool, I think. Today was uninteresting, except my brother's soccer game. I hung out with Link, and we had a very....interesting conversation. Grah. I need to relax. Like really relax. And I need to do my essay for English.

October 13, 2002

I found the paper with the e-mail address of the girl I met at Sasuga....it was on the floor outside my room. And I have a craving for chocolate, and we don't have any.

So much to blog about, so little time...

Very busy last two days. Yesterday my dad and I finally got around to going into Boston (er, Boston area ^^;), which I've been meaning to do for a while now. We went to the movies first - I saw Spirited Away, and my dad saw Igby Goes Down. Spirited Away was awesome. I loved it...it was very bizarre, but in a ridiciously cute way. I highly recommend it, no matter what age. I enjoyed it as much as the little kid sitting next to me as the the middle aged Japanese ladies sitting on the other side of me. After that, we headed into Cambridge to go to Sasuga, where I picked up YnM 5 and X17, as well as meeting a fellow X fangirl from Vermont. I got her e-mail, but now I can't find it *big sweatdrop* I also enquired after TB7, and the guy at the desk said that the publisher was out of stock, and it might be going out of print. AHHHH! I need TB7 ;_; Ummm....anyway. Got home, talked to Marion (great talking to you, BTW ^^) and then watched Inu-Yasha on Cartoon Network, which was actually pretty decent. I might watch it again next week. I also watched some of Yu Yu Hakusho, until I was like, "You know what, this is stupid. I have decent art and stories waiting for me in manga form." So I went and read manga for a while ^^. And I discovered that I really shouldn't read manga, X in particular, late at night. For example, something I said to no one in particular while reading X: "You givin' that tree some lovin', Kamui?" (look, he was sitting in a tree, okay?!). Today was a little more normal. Church, then we went for a little brunch at some friends' house. We hadn't seen them for a while, so it was nice. I ended going ice skating with one of them at an indoor rink near by. It was fun, although it would have been more fun if I had remembered to bring a pair of gloves...my hands were very cold by the time we got through. Youth group was also very fun...we had a kind of laid back meeting, and I just chatted with some of my friends there and Winter, who got dragged along. She also came over afterwards, and we watched some of CLAMP Campus Detectives and lit a bunch of candles in my basement. I had a candle/incense obsession a couple years ago, so I've got tons of it lying around. Oh, thanks for being such great friends, you two ^^

October 12, 2002
National Coming Out Day

I recently discovered (read: In the last half an hour) that today, or rather yesterday, was National Coming Out Day. So I thought I'd say something I've been debating about wether I should say or not, even if I'm an hour or so late. I have a crush, or think I have a crush, on a girl. Yes, me, daughter of a priest living in an average middle-class family in suburban America. No names shall be mentioned because 1) I'm not quite sure if I have a crush on her or if I'm imagining it, and 2) I know she has the address to this blog, although I don't know if she reads it (seeing as my blog address is in my AIM profile, a heck of a lot of people have it). Any of my friends that have a problem with that, screw you. And I mean that in the nicest way possible ^^ Okay. Now that that is off my shoulders, on to other things. Today was a very, very good day. I got lots of sleep, then went to a lecture by a Latina writer from the US-Mexican borderlands (She actually has lots of relatives down in you neck of the woods), which was very interesting. Then this afternoon, we had a track meet, even though we didn't have any school. And I am very, very proud of myself. I placed fourth out of nine girls, our team won, getting first, third, fourth, and fifth, and I got the best time for myself on our course so far. So I'm very very happy about that. My brother and I also watched The Faculty on TV, and even though its supposed to be a horror movie, we kept laughing. Ben claims its based on a true story, because he as an evil creepy Science teacher, and I kept laughing at Elijah Wood, as I kept picturing him as Frodo in the movie, especially in the scene where he gets high, and starts giggling, and sounds like a little girl. Then we watched Star Trek: TNG for a while, and now I'm here, blogging, and working on a layout for my blog archives.

October 10, 2002
Happy Birthday, Enigmatic Eccentricity!

Yes, today is Enigmatic Eccentricity's first official birthday. The very oldest entry I have archived (Here, if anyone really cares) is from October 10, 2001. Wow....I can't believe its only been a year...feels like so much longer. Me and my bloggie have been through a lot together *huggles blog*...including several changes of residence - first it was self-powered, on my Geocities account (files here, here, and here, in chronological order from earliest to latest). Then it moved to Deadjournal, moved back to my Geocities account, this time powered by Blogger (files here, here, and here, again in order from earliest to latest.). After that, it moved here to Shuurin*NU, first being powered by Blogger, and now by blog.

...Wow. That's a lot of history for one little blog in one little year. Hopefully me and my blog will both be around for many more to come. *huggles blog again* (And the fact that I'm personifying my blog is a good sign I should go to bed now.)

October 7, 2002
Sunshine in the Clouds

It seems like I'm the only cheerful person out of my friends in Blogland....Winter is having all sorts of panic attacks and emotional breakdowns, Lilly is angry, and I have a good guess at what, Marion is upset....honestly, people, am I the only one who's managed to stay in a good mood here? Well, me and Heidi, but she's almost always happy. Guess I'm the official cheer-er up-er *puts on The Smiley Face Song* All you sad/angry/upset/panicky people, go and listen to it. It'll cheer you up. I actually have the autograph of Harvey Ball, the man who created the Smiley Face. It's up stairs in my scrap book. Hum. I think I'm going to put blogging about the rafting trip of again, because I'm feeling bored, and very lazy. And I want to actually get some sleep tonight.

October 6, 2002
New and Shiny

So I finally got off my lazy butt and made a new layout for Stardust. As that is my Great Accomplishment for the day, I shall ramble about the rafting trip tomorrow. Now, I have some being lazy to do.

October 5, 2002

Very, very tired. Someone, bug me tomorrow about writing about the white water rafting trip I went on, and that I can't forget the hay people, the elves, Money, or the Parthenon. These two layouts are very pretty, because Marion has much design skill that makes me feel overly uncreative (Did that even make sense?). And I am afraid of talking to your sister on AIM, even though she's on, because I'm all shy and afraid of people like that.

...I should go now, and maybe collapse in bed and sleep. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

October 4, 2002
Referers, Referers, Referers...

So I was looking through my tracker logs to see how people found their way to this little blog of mine. All you people who came here searching for Touya/Yuki-ness (and there seemed to be a decent amount of you), you guys rock. Anyone who came looking for Yue/Clow-ness, you really rock, and might like here...scratch that, Unspoken Love is currently very pitiful and sad. Speaking of which, some one actually found this site through my poor neglected collective. Must...update...collective....

October 3, 2002
A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

So, I was looking through all of my old blog entries. And I have come to three conclusions. The first is that at some point, I really should consolidate all my old entries into one archive, so I don't lose 'em. The second is that my grammar and spelling while blogging has greatly improved over the past year. The third, which is kind of scaring me a little, is that my posts have progressively gotten so much less...out there in the past year. I'm going to blame it on the school system, just because I can, so - AGH! The public education system in Massachusetts is stifling my originality!

...There, that's better.

A Moment of Freedom...

My cross-country practice was canceled, so I finally have some free time to blog. Anyway, I'm looking over some of my really old blog entries, from before my blog was actually a separate site and just another page on my collective (They currently reside here for anyone who cares) and there's a very amusing bit about a Halloween party at a local science museum that me and a friend went to:

"I went to this sort of stupid Halloween thing at the science museum in my city with Emmy. We spent most of the time either thinking of funny ways to make it scarier (jump out, scream 'BOO!', and start bitting people's ears) or following this guy in medieval costume who had asked us if we had seen Arthur's crown around."

....Yes, me and my friends are very, very crazy. Anyway. On the last couple of days. We got our progress reports yesterday, and mine had a D in Biology listed, thus causing my dad to totally flip out. I went to talk to my Biology teacher today, and it turns out she didn't have half my homework recorded, even though I turned it in. So it turns out I have a B instead. So that's all better now. I also took the bus home for the first time in my life Monday. All went well, until I got off the bus, and went to walk home. I decided to go down a street that I thought connected with mine right by my house, but it ended up connecting to my street three blocks down. So I felt a little not-bright there. We also had a meet Thursday, and I did pretty good. I came in tenth out of fourteen for the girls, and managed to beat a girl on our team who usually does better than me. Not much else is new, except that I really should be working on my homework so I get it done before fencing tonight. Ah, the joys of public education...

October 1, 2002
New layout!

After many hours of work and leaving off my English essay, my brand-new Halloween/October layout is up! *cheers and throws confetti in the air* I think this is my first dark one in a while now. So, everyone enjoy Subaru, and I must go and actually do my homework now.

Oh yes, shout-out to Scully, because he was sad I never blogged about him ^^