November 30, 2005
Not Dead, Really!

...Just resting XD; Anyway. Thanksgiving break was fairly uneventful - we had our first snow of the year Thanksgiving morning, which prevented us from going down to visit my grandparents, so we had a little dinner with just me, my mom, and my brother, instead. I spent most of the rest of break lazing around, watching Ben play Prince of Persia, and working on Sephiroth - missed my last deadline, but I think I'll be caught up by the next one.

My mom and I saw Pride and Predjudice last Friday - I enjoyed it a great deal, aside from the people sitting behind us who talked half the time, although I've never read the book. My mother's friend who's an English teacher has lent us the BBC miniseries version, which I've been working my way through this week.

Also joined this RPG, which looks to be off to a good start - I'm playing Braska. (Speaking of, *pokes Shinra's Finest people* some of you guys should post ^^)

November 26, 2005
Cons and Cosplay

So, I'm thinking about going to Arisia in January, just for a change of pace - haven't been in about four years. It wasn't really my thing then, but I think it was because I was a lot younger - a lot of their panel topics look really good, it'll be nice to hang with a more mature crowd, and apparently the period dance this year is going to be Phantom-themed. Will probably pull out some interesting old stuff, and maybe do a little something for the dance, costume-wise.

Anime Boson, I'm alreally pre-registered for, but I would like to try and get together some groups to split hotel costs - anyone game? The costume run-down:
-Summoner Yuna (which is mostly done, just need to do wig and put some final bits together)
-Teenage!Seishirou (needs collar pins, and pants that haven't faded in the wash, but otherwise done)
-Sephiroth (senior project + possible Masq entry, in-progress)
-Vergil? (If I've got some time after Sephiroth - I doubt I will, but you never know)

I also have a sort-of announcement, as I am now allowed to talk about it - I'm going to be one of the Hall Contest craftsmanship judges this year. Which means I will probably be disappeared off doing that parts of Friday and Saturday.

...I think my biggest challenge for Sephiroth is going to be dealing with my own lack of self-confidence. I've got the pants nearly done, just need to do waistband and hemming, and all I can think every time I look at them is 'Argh this sucks this sucks this sucks.'

November 22, 2005
Life Mocks Me.

I just spent something like three hours straight working on Java code. I science is not a good career choice. Mostly because I feel like gouging my eyes out right now or something.

There are also people from the oil company who have been here at least that long. I would like them to hurry the hell up, finish installing the new boiler or whatever, and leave. In part so I can have heat again, and in part because I am the only one in the house right now, and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Also, they are listening to shitty radio stations, and the house smells like oil.

I think I can also pretty much guarantee I'm not getting into MIT or Brown - got my scores back from my second round of the SAT I, and I only did ten points better in math (690), and fifty points worse in Critical Reading (750). I am also pulling a C average or so in Calc 2.

...Zuh. I am so dead today. I think I may find some food and watch tv or something.

November 20, 2005
Goblet of Fire

So, before I talk about the movie, I must first share my adventures in actually getting to the movie. My mother and I were going to go last night, with Grace and Anthony, and arrived at the movie theatre to find out all the showings up until the second to last one or so were sold out, and apparently had been since the day before. People, this should not be happening. The movies aren't that good. Anyway. Movie stuff.

Read More?

November 19, 2005
Mm, Accomplishing.

So, my dad and I went by the insurance company, and the RMV, and the long and short of it is that Riff is now completely and entirely mine. I had to pay just over a hundred dollars for that pleasure, but it's done. Just need to turn in the old plates and send the plate reciept back to my grandmother. We also went to a birthday party for one of his friends, and there was lots of dancing and so-bad-it's-good 80s dance music, and I discovered I don't like champagne. All in all a good time.

Today I've mostly just sat around and worked on Sephiroth - I've got the lining to the pants basically done (didn't want to test out my first drafted pattern on the PVC), and it's looking good. I have also discovered that Vergil is totally wearing faux-alligator skin pants or something. And I've now recieved what I think is the best comment on my new hair ever, from one of my brother's friends - "You look like a Final Fantasy character. Who dies."

November 18, 2005

I should totally be working on my CS hw for Tuesday right now, but I am dead tired, to the point where I am seriously considering skipping the lecture and going home to take a nap or something. So, as I finished the book I brought to read and don't feel like attempting Paradise Lost again, I've finally got my Halloween photos up, amoung other things.

-My new leather coat. (I was trying to flip my hair out of my face when the flash went off, but it's the best I've got of the coat)
-Hair after the first bleaching
-Super-ghetto Rufus cosplay. Which got messed up as soon as I walked outside, because the wind killed my hair
-Dante and Virgil at the gates to Hell, done by Michelle
-Indiana Jones! AKA my CS prof.
-Me as Virgil. Yes, that's a copy of the Aeneid.
-Jason as a hick
-Winter as a doll (the make up was less scary in person, my flash is a little bright
-Jon, the mage
-Virgil + candy = yay! (And I totally typed 'Vergil' before catching myself)
-Winter's brother, the black mage. AKA super-sketchy
-Mage + candy
-My dad's cat, Smokey
-Smokey again, with my feet and Jon's hands
-I look kind of like a vengeful god here or something...
-My brother, Capri Sun Man. At least he put something on
-Hair after second bleaching
-My new car, Riff XD;

November 17, 2005

It's official. Thursday is my least favorite day of the week, even more so than Monday. Why? I have classes from eight 'til three, a Java lab which always takes me an extra hour or two at home to complete, more of the impossible Calculus homework (I understand everything we go over in lecture, and then get 70s on all the homework assignments), and work for three and a half hours. Ugh.

On an entirely different note, I finished Devil May Cry 3 Tuesday afternoon. The ending made me tear up, which doesn't usually happen for video games. You should all go out and play it, it was really awesome. Even if the camera angles still suck. But it's got Vergil! Who I am giving in and cosplay, because guh. That man is hot. As are his clothes.

...I am so very very failing Calc 2. Or at least just barely passing.

November 7, 2005
Calculus Griping

As much as I complained about how much I hated Calc 1, I think I hate Calc 2 even more. And most of it is the professor. He has decided that assigning us two sets of 20 problems out of the hardest sections of questions, without going over half the stuff we need to do. I've only got half the stuff for tomorrow done, and I don't know how to do the other half. I'm totally going to fail this class.

...I think I may go work on my CS homework instead. I actually know how to do that.

November 6, 2005
Stupid Vergil

Being pretty doesn't get you out of this one, dear brother. Twelve times in a row now I've been totally owned. This is the height of uncool.

Also, to my copy of Good Omens - what is it? Why do you keep disappearing on me? Do I just not read you enough or something? I just want to share the love.

I have also now taken the SAT I again, aquired a new car, written almost three hundred words of Eva-Sparda fic (And they haven't even started talking yet, this is spiraling out of control), and bleached my hair platinum blonde. Like Malfoy-blonde. Eventually it'll be white, but I have to track down toner. Yes, there will be photos.

I'm so exhausted. Have been since school started, but the last two weeks have been particularly bad. I hate this.

November 4, 2005
Risen From the Dead

Yes, still here, just got buried under homework for a bit - guess karma decided to get back at me for spending all vacation slacking and playing Devil May Cry. But I'm caught up, at last, and my MIT application is in the mail and I don't have to worry about it any more.

Halloween dance was surprisingly fun. I wore the Sun Fairy outfit, and my brother and I threw together a necromancer thing for him to wear. Some of the music kind of sucked (agh, hip-hop), but I got up and danced anyway and generally had a good time.

Trick-or-treating was suprisingly fun - I did end up going as Virgil (or Vergil, take your pick), and I went with Winter, who was a doll, her friend Jason, who was a hick, and also my cousin/boyfriend, apparently (I guess both Vergils are two-timing whores XD;? Sorry Dante), and Jon, who was a mage, yet again. I got tons of candy, and also made the discovery that you shouldn't try and argue with D&D/Forgotten Realms fanboys about anything having to do with either, because they always feel that their side is the right side, or even that it's the only side. Which means I probably won't be part of your game if you start one up, Winter, because I'll spend the whole time wanting to kill your brother and boyfriend.

Other than that, I've been playing way too much Devil May Cry 3. Seriously, the game is addictive, although more challenging than the first one. Unfortunately, the camera angles still haven't been fixed, but the save system is better, and the bosses require strategy more complicated than 'hit them over and over as hard as you can'. We also bought the first Prince of Persia game, and I proved that I'm way better at puzzles than Ben by getting over the section he was stuck on in two tries. It's waiting for when I get truely stuck in DMC3.

I'm also contemplating setting some sort of creative challenge for myself this month...not actually NaNoWriMo, because I'm fully aware of my writing limits and couldn't manage nearly two thousand words a day on a bunch of projects, much less one. But I've been feeling inspired recently, and I kind of want to do something with that (Well, other than writing Eva/Sparda fic in my head during calc - yes, I've got a het OTP now)...I'm just not sure what a realistic goal for me is, though.

November 1, 2005
DMC3 Battle Music

Because Ari did it first, and then I added on to the list of songs that are good for playing DMC3 (especially boss battles) to. Re-uploaded her's, because the link's probably dead by now, and added my two, which come care of my brother.

MDFMK - Witch Hunt
Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain
Lightning Bolt - 2 Towers

The Lightning Bolt stuff is definately background music-ish - you'll probably be bored if you just sit there listening to it, but it's great for playing video games to. I generally put these three on a playlist, and just hook it up to the speakers instead of the PS2.