December 31, 2005

Doing this tonight, as tomorrow is Sunday and everything here is closed. In 2005 I:
-Had my first girlfriend
-Had my first disasterous break-up
-Failed the driver's test
-Passed the driver's test (although I still can't parallel park)
-Started RPing
-Rediscovered my deep undying love of video games
-Some how managed to survive junior year
-Got my first taste of college
-Wrote RPS >:D (last night, although Dante/Virgil is only technically RPS)

Anyway, a happy pre-emptive New Year's to all.

December 29, 2005

Thank God for internet cafes - means I actually got to check my e-mail here in Mexico. Got in yesterday - plane-flight was uneventful except for the man that had a bit of a panic attack, one of the flight attendents looked like Rude (sans sunglasses), and the weather here is beautiful. Unfortunately Cozumel is very much a tourist town so everybody on the island is trying to sell you something, it seems. We went snorkeling, though, this morning, which was nice. I've also been writing even more, because aparently being on vacation is good for my inspiration. Or something. Even wrote President Shinra-fic, although amusingly I still haven't picked out a name for him or his wife.

Anyway, here's aforementioned Christmas fic while I've got access. Warnings for shameless fluff (I <3 fluff) and the fact that the closets this has been to beta'd is me re-reading it several times. But it's probably got a little something for everyone - Christmas for all of my characters.

Read More?

December 28, 2005
Walk Like An Egyptian

So, today, instead of sitting around the house, we went to Busch Gardens (For those who don't know, it's a big amusement park, pretty much). The main intent was the ride the roller coasters, and that we did, many times. Montu was my favorite of the lot, although SheiKra is the scariest - 200 foot straight-down drop. I also managed to finally get my DDR fix - they had an Extreme machine - and was reminded of exactly how cool I find ancient Egypt (really cool, that's how cool). Combined with the fact that the lines were tiny - SheiKra was the only wait greater than fifteen minutes, we got in with employee tickets that were half the regular price and got us a 20% discount on food, and that the weather was lovely, it was a totally awesome day.

I also had a strange but kind of cool dream last night. There was me and somebody else, who I think might have been Yuffie-mun from Samira - looked kind of like Yuffie, but it wasn't actually Yuffie. We in this forest-place, with a deep gorge and really tall trees, and there was some kind of mission to be done, but we were both kind of 'Yeah, we don't know what the hell we're doing.' And then there was Leon (RE4!Leon, as opposed to RE2, or KH, which is a different Leon entirely), being hot, and, uh, smelling nice. Because apparently my dreams come with smell (Also, Jo? I am totally blaming this one on you). He had this brown cardboard box which was very non-descript - unlabeled, taped shut with regular packing tape, bit of black twine tied around it - but for some reason was really important. The mission had something to do with these two warring factions of humanoids (I say 'humanoids' because they looked like people, but they were angels or demons or aliens or something. I'm not sure what), one of which Sparda was a part of, and the box had something to do with it. But that bit was rather vague, so I mostly just remember the really tall trees and Leon smelling nice.

As for my at-this-point obligatory Rufus commentary, I've actually put him aside for the moment to focus on his father. Going through BC stuff, certain facts have come to light which make me think there's a lot more to the man than the fandom gives him credit for (I don't think I've ever seen a positive portrayl of him), and his backstory is, well, really effing important to Rufus'. So there may be more on that later. I'm also going to post some first-person Asher bits on his LJ, I think - I feel like playing with him, and have resigned myself to the fact that Shinra's Finest is going nowhere fast.

Anyway. Next post will either be from Mexico, if I can grab internet, or from back home in the Great White North, AKA Sibera, AKA Cocytus, AKA central Mass.

December 26, 2005
Quiet Day

Mostly hung around here today, although we went into the city for part of the afternoon. Mostly this kind of crystalized the desire to get the hell out of here, but I also aquired a new Vergil/Dante song ("Gin", by Drew Bunting), and an FF7 AU with Rufus owning a nightclub - fun, but a little strange.

Also, I realized last night that I keep forgetting that Before Crisis exists. I think part of it is playing in Shinra's Finest, which is mostly just FF7 orginal game canon...I think of FF7 and AC as canon, and acknowledge BC, but I forget it's there until someone else mentions it. Which, uh, is a bit of a problem working on Rufus's backstory, which I've been trying to do. It's also tricky to reconcile fanon-Rufus with some of the bits of game canon we're given, like the little fear speech.

...I'll post something intelligent here soon, I swear.

Christmas Part II

The relatives have been survived, for the most part, and the presents opened. My one big thing was my new baby - sleek silver little 20 GB Dell DJ mp3 player, AKA the DellPod (to match my brother's Creative Zen, AKA the iPud). I'm deciding on a name for it - leaning strongly towards Sparda or Rufus, but I'm open to suggestions. Also got RE2 for the PSX from Jo, which is what the Mysterious Package of Mystery was, and is wonderfully old-school, and a nice ring from my grandparents. Also can't remember if I mentioned it, but Skuld, your card came right before we left for Florida <3

Got messages, too, which I will reply to later, but...who was it who started off with 'Omigod'? I couldn't make out most of the message, so I don't know who it was XD; Also did write the Christmas-fic, but I'm going to have to do some wierd stuff to get it off my flash drive, 'cause I can't get the the USB ports on the only internet-enable computer in the house.

December 25, 2005
Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it reading this, as well as a happy Channukah to my scattered Jewish friends (it starts sometime this week, I know, but the only way I can ever keep track of the myriad Jewish holidays is because I get half of them off from work ^^; )

Anyway, haven't done any real present-opening yet, because we're waiting for the relatives to arrive. So I may go waste cell phone minutes and call people instead. There may also be fic-bits later if I can 1) escape the relatives long enough to write it and 2) can get my flashdrive plugged into this computer, because it lags way too much to want to write on it.

December 24, 2005

This little ramble has been building, well, ever since Rufus moved in, pretty much, although I think being down here is what finally catalyzed it. So this is kind of about him, and kind of about me, but mostly about cities.

I am inherently a city-girl, I think. It probably comes of being born in the largest city in New England, or at least nearly there - I always kind of think of Cambridge as being part of Boston, although it's more a suburb - and then mostly growing up in the second/third largest. These cities both have a certain sort of character to them - New England cities all do, I think. It comes of being three hundred plus years old, and having the city slowly build up around it, like sand accumulating on a beach. It means they are an absolute maze of alleys, one-ways, and rotaries (traffic circles to the rest of you), but at the same time, they start to feel almost alive. Even my city as some of that, and as a result, while I profess to hate it most of the time, I also have a strange sort of twisted affection for the place, because it has that character that many of the cities in the southwest, and down here in Florida never seem to have.

Which brings me to Midgar. I had the realization the other night that the Midgar in my head is not quite the Midgar we see in the game. Some of it is just the diffence that comes of taking a place in a game where every town consists of roughly five buildings (One inn, one item shop, one weapons shop, one house containing a plot point, and one extra) and making it into a real world. Underneath the plate always kind of registers as being like the more broken down parts of my city - it was a big Industrial Revolution boom-town, but never really got past that, and has huge sections filled with old brick factories and warehouses. Some of these have been converted and refinished - my school is in one of them - but many of them are abandoned. Likewise, when the Plate was built, in my Midgar, there were big swaths of old factories and warehouses that were mostly just abandoned. Asher and company actually live in a smaller one, the back half of which has partially collapsed, along with parts of the stairs. I think this particular view on the lower city is why I always have so much trouble imagining what it's like with the plate overhead.

Upper-plate Midgar, on the other hand, always registers as being kind of like the nicer bits of Boston. Lots of shops, nice houses (if Rufus lived in Boston, he'd totally be in one of the really fancy brownstones), with trees lining the sidewalks, and towering skyscrapers. It also always has that slightly worn quality about it - in Boston, it comes from the city's age, and in Midgar, from it's attitudes. It gives both cities that sense of depth and realism, though - that character. Shinra Tower is where game-Midgar and my-Midgar really start to diverge, though. Shinra Tower in the game has a weird sort of organic quality in it's design that could probably best be described as a Mac designer gone wild, and it doesn't fit with the rest of the design. Midgar is very much a cyberpunk city, and there is something very inherently 80s (and in my view, 90s gone nasty, although that's a matter of perspective) about cyberpunk, and in terms of design, it means steel and concrete, mirrored glass, sharp corners, and a little bit of griminess about it. So Shinra Tower always registers in my mind as one of the finanancial buildings in my downtown, which is big and rectangular and entirely done in mirrored glass on the outside. On the inside, it's more a traditional corporate builing, if a very big one with high-tech security and the like, and I'll probably always write it as such.

I've got much the same relationship with Midgar as I have with far more real cities. I must confess, when I first started playing FF7, I was a little thrown by the fact that it started in this giant, very modern city, instead of the more usual fantasy-esque landscapes of the earlier SNES games. But a couple of hours in, when it comes time to leave the city, I didn't want to go, and was rather upset when I couldn't get back in. I definately think my own feelings about Midgar, and my city, and Boston come out in Rufus and Asher and Ally's feelings towards that city. One of my vivid memories of the last year or so is taking the train into Boston the night after Claudia and I broke up, listening to the incredibly awesome Turks FST (which I will gladly share with anyone, as it's just that good), and watching the lights of the city around me as the train pulled into South Station. The feeling of that moment can't quite be captured in words, although I hope I at least touched that here.

December 23, 2005

You know what's really, really annoying? Loud Southern people any time before noon. As a result, I got a total of about six hours of sleep last night, only four and a half of them straight. We also went shopping today, so I have Fruits Basket 10 and two new dress shirts, one silver-grey and one light grey-blue. I also somehow wound up with a Dante plot-bunny...looks like this one might actually go somewhere, unlike my last few DMC ones. I also have a little Rufus fic that has a beginning and an ending and just needs one or two paragraphs in the middle to finish it off.

...I'm certain I had something more intelligent to say, but I'm too tired to think right now...

December 22, 2005
Rufus Stuff, Mostly

Ugh, this computer is so damned slow. Which means I may not be posting all that often. Anyway. A hunch paid off, as my mom never deletes anything from her computer - I installed FF7 on it two summers ago, and it's still there. Which means I've got FF7 to play around with yet again. Of course, playing through the Midgar sections and the dropping of the sector 7 plate last night meant I had particularly strange nightmares. There was some sort of nuclear reactor in the downtown of my city, and exploded, basically destroying everything and leaving little glowy orange stuff everywhere, and contaminating the water.

Did pick up a few Rufus-backstory bits, though, as I played through his first appearance as well - immediately prior to the game, he was assigned somewhere else, and supposedly no one has ever seen him cry or bleed. Also on the Rufus-stuff, a fic plug - The Conscience of the King. Tseng is...well, not my Tseng, but the rest of the characterizations are wonderful, and it has a most excellent Sephiroth-going-mad scene, and well, it's Rufus, and the Turks, and Midgar. Also, any of Bishounen Ink's Turk and Rufus stuff is totally awesome. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge" is such a Rufus-Midgar song.

Agh. I have so much I want to talk about, but if I stay on much longer, Ben is going to kill me - this is the only computer with internet. More Rufus stuff to come, as well as a bit of Tseng stuff - he kind of came along with Rufus. And probably Asher, too, because I can never forget him <3

Checking In

Well, survived the plane flight (although my mom left our passports in the house, which I think the stupidest trip mistake yet), although I still totally don't want to be here. Which means there will probably be rants about why exactly I don't like Florida. As well as Rufus-bits, Tseng-bits, and possibly Eva-bits because I have all these little images and they won't leave me alone.

December 21, 2005

Off to Florida and then Mexico - will probably have limited 'net access both places, so if you don't see me around, that's where I've gone. Happy holidays, all <3

December 19, 2005
A Mile A Minute

Happily on vacation, but things are still utter chaos around here. A lot of this has to do with many of the college app deadlines being January first, which means I have to finish them all before we go out of town on Wednesday. I actually have the essays, which are the only thing that takes more than five minutes to do, basically done, they just need editing because I'm not the most coherent of writers, as anyone who reads this can probably tell. On the plus side, this means that after this week, I won't have to worry about this any more, as the UBC app is pretty much just photocopying stuff and mailing it off. On the minus side, it means I'm feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment.

I also have a million and one other things going through my head that I want to write about, including cities, Rufus Shinra, family, fashion, and sex, none of which I can turn my attention to long enough to write about. On top of this, I've got two Braska-replies, a Rufus-reply, and an Asher-reply to write, preferably sometime tonight, icons I need to make, icons I want to make, and a nice shiny epic Rufus-fic distracting me.

...I'm totally insane, aren't I.

December 16, 2005
Lunchtime Conversations

So, we were talking about FF7 shit at lunch again, mostly because I was trying to help Josh troubleshoot his game difficulties, which lead to back to Rufus and his parachute and how he looks a little too banged up in AC for that to have happened.

Michelle: Maybe he used it and it just didn't open. Great big flying leap out the window and all.
Me: And then was all 'Oh shit!'. Although, the healing mechanics in FF7 are kinda vague.
Me: Like the whole Phoenix-Down-on-Aeris thing. Although I think that there may be a difference between dead and mostly dead. And Aeris is very very dead.
Michelle: If they're all dead, there's only one thing you can do...
Both: Go through their pockets and look for loose change!

Michelle is also like Hojo, only pretty, but we won't get into that tonight. Also, finals all over. I am on vacation now! Whoooo! And now I make more sexy Rufus icons.

December 15, 2005
Public Service Announcement XD;

I just felt the need to share this with the world: Rufus Shinra is really, really hot. Seriously. I can't stop staring at that.

And Jen wins so much for scanning that originally (Jen - or possibly Skuld - do you know what doujin that was from? Because ZOMGWANT.)

Also, Michelle's opinion on his unexplained survival is that he keeps a parachute in his desk. For emergencies, you know.

December 11, 2005
Insert Witty Title Here

Ugh, things have been busy these last few days. I had this awful toothache start up Wednesday night, and it ended up being a dental abcess. Which, for the record, hurt like a bitch. Our big group presentation in English ended up going off fine, though, although it was in the middle of a blizzard (we got about twelve inches), and I went home right afterwards, skipping my first real class of the year XD;

In other news, my writing is driving me crazy. Mostly because I'd really like to do something with Eva and Sparda, but everything I try to write starts turning to crap after about three paragraphs. And at some point in the past week, I've wound up with my own version of Rufus Shinra, who has more or less demanded that something be done with him. Unfortunately, while I ended up with characters, I don't end up with plots to go with them. Which isn't a problem with, say, Raphael and Isaac, because they just kind of hang around and I don't feel utterly compelled to write something for them. But apparently this isn't good enough for Rufus. Argh.

December 7, 2005

...I don't think I ever quite realized how much manga I had until I lined it all up - I've probably got at least two and a half or three normal shelves (my room has shelves the length of the wall), which for someone who doesn't buy a whole lot, is a lot. Anyway, list of volumes I know I own but cannot find, mostly as a note to myself, but also as a reminder to anyone I may have let borrow any of these in months past and forgotten about.

- Yami no Matsuei 10, Japanese
- X 13, Japanese
- X 16, Japanese
- X 18, Japanese
- Legal Drug 2, Japanese
- Paradise Kiss 2, English.
- Tokyo Babylon 1, English
- Fushigi Yuugi 1, English
- Magic Knights Rayearth 1, English

And the ones I'm not sure about, but thought I owned
- Fushigi Yuugi 6, English
- Petshop of Horrors 3, English
- Cardcaptor Sakura - Master of the Clow 2, English
- Gravitation 2, English

I'll probably poke through the bookcases downstairs later to see if any of them are there - some, like X16, I know are in the house somewhere.

December 5, 2005
I Hate Homework

Currently slaving over my CS hw - I sort of get it, but not really. And I'm still totally fucked in Calc 2, and have to write two to three pages of dialouge for an English presentation on Lolita on Friday, and I'm still behind on my senior project deadlines.

So, I'm posting on my blog instead! And listening to mp3s I've got on my flash drive. And contemplating that it's a little scary that my principal e-mailed all the seniors (we've got a mailing list set up for our school accounts) to remind all the guys they have to register for the draft when they turn 18.

...I hate Java so much right now.

December 2, 2005
Kingdom Hearts Adventures

Yes. Picked up my copy of KH again for my second play-through, because I needed some good action-adventure crack. I've discovered in the process that Capcom stole my soul (dialouge in quotes my own):

Goofy: Leooon!
Me: "*in best Ashley imitation* Leeeoooon, heeeeelp~!"

Yuffie: Over did it a bit there, Squall.
Squall/Leon: It's Leon
Yuffie: "Sure, whatever, Squall."
Squall/Leon: "*EMO TEARZ*"

...I love making up my own dialouge for games.