July 27, 2009
I Hate the Heat

Man, fuck this weather. Over 30C the last two days, with 88% humidity yesterday and like 70% today. I live in a basement and it is almost too hot to sleep. The end result is that I, and apparently everyone else at work, have been super cranky. Even the customers seem worse than usual.

...Yeah. I am probably not fit for public today as I am all tired and 'rahhh pay attention to me' and contemplating how nice it would be to ragequit my job. I love how my job sends me tips about how to manage my stress by cutting back on commitments in the weekly wellness e-mails (no, I don't know why I signed up either) when my job is a good portion of the stress in my life.

July 24, 2009
Massive Mission 11 Spoilers

And a brief, non-DMC thought - Eliot from Leverage has a great deal in common with my Tseng and Rufus, I think. He's just a bit rougher around the edges.

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Moar DMC4

This time with spoilers through Mission 10, so I'm going to hide this stuff.

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July 16, 2009
DMC4 Intro thoughts

Because my roommate is chill and borrowed it from one of our friends, and then installed it for me while I was at work today \o/

-Dante gets impaled on a sword in the first mission. He really does totally get off on that.

-I am sad they missed a great opportunity to use the phrase 'the legendary dark knight Sparda', although they came close.

-Five bucks says Credo is evil >.> He has the little evil goatee and everything.

-Oh DMC scriptwriting and voiceacting, you never change (I leave it to the reader to decide if this is a plus or a minus)

-Neither does the music (I feel this is a minus)

-Gloria is badass, but oversexualised to the point where it passes through creepy and in to absurd. I really hope that it's supposed to be ironic or...something

-I am liking the new combat system - unless the style moves, I actually use the devil arm.

-GO GO OBNOXIOUS MISSION 2 END BOSS. Okay, so he wasn't quite as bad as Cerberus.

-The missions in this one seem a lot longer than DMC3.

Music Time!

Because I have been on an FFX kick all week, and in my brain, FFX = beautifully depressing alt-folk music. I will probably upload all of the amazing FFX FST someone made a few years back at some point, once I've sorted through my files (along with the amazing Turks FST of the same era, because FUCK YEAH TURKS), but in the meantime, have some random tracks that I love.

Drew Bunting - Gin (I share this one a lot, because I love it deeply. In my mind it's always been about Dante and Vergil and how they need each other to function even though their relationship is totally fucked up)
Iron & Wine - Jezebel (Someone this got stuck in my brain as an Ada/Leon song. No, I can't really explain it now either. Regardless, a haunting little song)
Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti (came to off aforementioned awesome FFX FST - to me, this is first and foremost about Yuna, but also secondly about Braska. It's not quite about their relationship, but it is most definitely about the type of people they both are - "I'll do anything for you" indeed)
Vienna Teng - Antebellum (I debated which Vienna Teng song to share, as I love almost everything she's done, but I've posted a bunch of her older stuff in the past. This one is my favorite off her new album, and it really worms its way into your brain)

And the most depressing one of all is not actually alt-folk, but instead EBM.

VNV Nation - Forsaken (vocal) (This exists in my brain as the song for a very depressing 'what if' Rufus/Tseng scenario born out of a mistranslation in the NA Playstation release of FF7 - if Rufus thought Tseng died at the Temple of the Ancients, his move in the whole situation with Diamond Weapon could be seen as a form of suicide, because say what you will, but the man does nothing by half-measures. The correct script translation pretty much kills it off, but it's a beautiful song about loss anyway)

And, while I'm at it, have a lovely sad little FFX fic I stumbled across the other day - Lives Last (character death, light one-sided Auron/Braska)

July 14, 2009
Your Awesome Mental Image of the Day

Four words: Tseng pistol-whipping raptors.

This post brought to you by Desai

(This hasn't actually happened yet - Tseng's just been taking potshots at them from his apartment window with the vintage Winchester rifle he just bought Rufus as a present. Meanwhile Braska is going 'aaaah where's Yuna aaaaaah' because he kind of turns into a gibbering wreck where his daughter is concerned)

July 13, 2009
FF Distant Worlds

Distant Worlds was on Friday \o/ Jon and I did end up dressing up in cosplay, and ended up being two of the like...four people who did, but instead of making me feel like a dorky tool, this actually made things even more awesome and full of win. So, point form, because I cannot write coherently right now.

The Awesome:
-Concert itself - the song line-up was amaaaazing. I think the piece that impressed me the most was the opera from FF6, as they actually had three opera singers doing it.
-Getting high-fives on the way to the venue
-The guy who came up to me and very solemnly said said 'Do I have the honor of addressing the president of Shinra?' to me, and then, after shaking my hand, turned to Jon and added 'And the leader of the Turks as well?'
-Having an ex-military guy first recognize my outfit, and then recognize the tactical gloves I bought for said outfit, and then spent the next five minutes telling me how they were the most awesome shooting gloves ever.
-"RUFUS I LOVE YOU" from the Sephiroth girl from AE - she looks waaaay different without the wig
-Sitting in the sekrit composer section - seriously, Nobuo sat a row behind us, and Jeremy Soule was two rows back. Crazy.
-FF Distant Worlds in Vancouver in October omggggg

The Not-Awesome
-Getting stuck with a Dodge Caliber from the rental car agency - thing has a tiny back windshield, awful sight lines, and the turning radius of a stoned cow.
-Having to wake-up at six-thirty to get aforementioned rental back in time (one day rental)
-Having my new Underworks binder (which btw is pretty sweet, more on that at a later date), after several hours of driving around, and walking around Kinokuniya and being fine, suddenly start digging in really badly half-way through after-concert dinner.
-Freaking out about parking at Kinokuniya (we had some trouble finding the lot, and I can't parallel park, so panic ensued)