March 26, 2008
Two AM
There's something about two am that inspires me to go on long, epic computer quests, whether it be graphics-making, or a flurry of wiki-ing, or, as tonight, deciding to research and install some new WoW addons. I think it's that at two am, I'm sleepy enough to think that all of this is a brilliant idea, but awake enough to actually carry it out.

And then suddenly it's three am, and you realize you have to be up in six hours for classes. If you're a terrible person like me, you end up deciding to skip said classes to sleep in >.> The notes are up online, and I don't want to deal with people at the club just yet, as I am still too annoyed over elections ('joke' candidate didn't even vote for himself. Gah. I want to kick him in the balls, I think).
March 24, 2008
I Hate Mondays
So, election results are in. I lost to the 'don't care' candidate by one vote. The 'joke' candidate was one vote below me. My respect for the members of this club has sunk to a new low, I think. Particularly as I know already I'm going to end up doing all the position's work, because nobody else will, with none of the benefits, because I wasn't elected.
March 20, 2008
Managed to get the file exports to work again, so I've cleaned out the old databases, installs, and HTML files (I had <u>three</u> different archive sets), and upgraded to MT4.1

In life-news, slowly getting burned-out by my work/school schedule - I like my co-workers, but the hour to hour and half commute to work and selling overpriced produce to bitchy rich people is getting me down. I'm going to look for a closer job for the summer, but it's frustrating not being able to get jobs in my field because I'm not Canadian (almost all the grants and work opportunities are limited to citizens or permanent residents).

I also went and bought comic books on Sunday - Volume 8 of <i>Sandman</i> (Brief Lives, my favorite story art &hearts;), and Volume 1 of <i>Transmetropolitan</i>, which is awesome and cyberpunky, and which I think I may go buy more of today.

I feel like I should post more, but it would probably be all 'blah blah blah, my life sucks' because I'm an angry, bitter individual. Perhaps there will be WoW-blather later.
March 13, 2008

Jesus Christ, guys, I'm twenty now. I don't really feel any different, but it's strange to think that I'm not a teenager any more. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday here or on Facebook :D It was a low-key day - I skipped classes and slept in today because it's been a bad week, and I think I'm coming down with something. And then had cake and sushi and played Shadowrun. Jon gave me Burning Crusade and a pair of sweet mirrorshades, so it was all pretty good.

The depression and anxiety have definately been rearing their heads again, in part because I'm worried about elections (when I go for something, I get really competitive - it's why I don't do cosplay contests any more), and in part because I've really dropped the ball on biochem class - I failed the first midterm, missed one major assignment completely, and am worried about failing the course. So I really need to buckle down and get studying on it. It's giving me terrible insomnia, though, and a very short temper.

But soon spring and the end of classes will be here, and things will be better.

March 9, 2008
Web Questions

So the gaming club's hosting is up in a few months, and having seen the package we've got now, it quite frankly blows. I've been pretty happy with the webhost I'm using for, but it's been a good three years since I've actually looked to see what's out there in terms of hosting, and I figured now might be a good time. I know a bunch of you guys have your own domains - any hosts in particular you really like?

Second, I'm running for election as Games Librarian. One of the things that really needs to be done is re-cataloging all the stuff the club has - this is a mix of board games, card games, RPG books, novels, and magazines, and there's about twenty lockers of it. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to publish this to the web and make it available on the club site - basically have listings of titles tagged with type of material, genre, etc, maybe with a brief blurb about the source if I'm feeling really ambitious. The big thing is I'd like the tags to act as filters - be able to search for something that is both a board game AND fantasy, for instance. I'm not entirely certain how to do this, though - I know a lot of the blogging scripts out there now a days have built-in tagging systems, but as I am far too lazy to actually use them, I have no idea if tags can be compounded the way I mentioned. Input, anyone?

March 4, 2008

Gary Gygax passed away this morning. I know I'm not the biggest D&D fan, but I'm sad anyway - he really was one of the fathers of tabletop RPGs. RIP Gary, and thanks for all the games.