November 30, 2006

Final Bio lab paper? Done! It's not exactly a work of staggering scientific genius, but I got to use the word 'physiologically' and it's not total crap.

Now, to survive the oral presentation tomorrow. Which I still need to make my slides for, but with the paper done, that'll be like five minutes. Have to wait for my other group members to send me their stuff, too, so I don't cover anything they do.

Also, Vancouver? This is the sort of weather I came out here to avoid. Actually, wouldn't mind the cold outside so much if it was nice and warm in here, but my house is freezing - I've woken up multiple times the last two nights because I'm so cold. And yes, I'm doing everything I can think of short of wearing my winter coat to bed.

November 27, 2006
Snow Day!

So, I woke up this morning to find that the power was out, and the only lights on in the building were a handful in the hallways running on emergency generators. Which meant no classes, but also no heat, so I ended up curling up in bed under my blankets and going back to sleep until two. Had a sandwich from the caf, as well as an energy drink, because there was no power for hot water or anything cooked.

Went to track down Yana, because no power = no internet = bored me, and discovered she was heading out with some of her friends, so I joined them and we had a spontaneous snowball fight behind the Museum of Anthropology and laughed at how eight inches of snow makes the whole city shut down. We came back to find the power finally on (although not the heat in my building, unfortunately), and have been sitting around drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about the early 90s.

November 24, 2006
What The Hell?

I know nobody here has an answer, but I just kind of have to be confused at _someone_ - why have I suddenly been removed as a maintainer over at S_F? It's the total randomness of the timing that confuses me most, I think.

Well. Time to start archiving entries for nostalgia in case she does something truely idiotic like delete them. And the bitter passive-aggresive part of me wants to delete the images from my server in retribution, but that accomplishes nothing.

Lab today was interesting, although slightly less so than yesterday because there was a lot more watching involved - making gels, and one of the key ingredients is a potent neurotoxin, so we weren't allowed to mix or pour the actual liquid. And I really need to do laundry, but I also just want to curl up in my nice warm bed and sleep.

EDIT: Alright, went and archived all the S_F entries, as well as the Lobby and everybody's character LJs save Asher and Ally ('cause they're mine and going nowhere). If anyone would like to benefit from my insanity and have a zip file of them all, leave a comment XD;

EDIT 2: Don't get me wrong, I actually do like the Red Hot Chili Peppers a great deal. But if I have to hear 'Dani California' blaring down the hall one more time, heads will roll. Floormate, get some different music, and RHCP, please write about something that isn't drug use and/or SoCal. It's old.

November 22, 2006

Look, it's Ansem!

And why do I feel strangely compelled to read Hikawa's lines outloud in an Alfred-voice? 'Your prowness is simply astounding, mmmyes.'

And now a little Fifth Kalpa spoiler.

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November 21, 2006

I wonder which is preferable - being outright angry with one or two people, or just being vaguely annoyed with a whole lot of people.

Bleh. Back to forcing myself to write some of my Bio report so I'm not stuck doing all of it next Wednesday night.

November 20, 2006

I think a good way to start off a Monday morning is with skipping Bio to sleep in and then walking to English with Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' playing on my mp3 player.

Also, the death of God keeps coming up this past week. Like...three or four times. I blame Justin, he started this. Damned agnostic nihlist.

And damnit, I will not play WoW. Or Guild Wars, or FFXI. But particularly WoW.

November 19, 2006
More Nocturne

Dear Dante,
A demon hiring a demon-slayer is not the joke of the century. A demon hiring a half-demon demon-slayer is the joke of the century.

Also, yes, you have a crotch. We're all aware of this. You don't really need to draw even more attention to it with that gigantic skull...belt-buckle? I really don't know what that thing is, it's only purpose seems to be to draw attention to your package.


Also, stupid door, why won't you let me through? I have a demon with 25 strength (31, even). Is this not good enough for you? Do you really hate me that much?

And spoiler-filled thoughts on Hijiri.

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Holiday Schedule Stuff

Two weeks left of term, yaaay. The only things I've got left to do before finals are my last Chem lab report (which I think I may sit down and write up today), and a short paper and oral presentation for the Bio lab of suck.

Schedule for exam period - last day of classes is Dec 1th. I've got finals on the 6th and 8th, and then on the 14th. So I'm free between the 1st and 6th, and 8th and 14th, if people here want to do things. I mean, _I_ want to see people. I just don't know when is good for everybody.

I'm flying home the 15th, and flying back the 7th of January, so I'll be there for Christmas and New Year's. Unless someone else is planning something, I'm thinking New Year's party, my place? Probably the usual fare of lots of good food, games, movies, etc. I looked over the First Night schedule and nothing really stands out to me this year. I know Winter's not going to be there, but everybody else in NE, what say you?

(There will be a post for cards and wishlists and other such things forthcoming)

Nocturne and a Brief Rant

I think I've figured out Hijiri's little mystery. More on that later. The Fifth Kalpa is really pretty - they definately put the art style to good use there.

And I feel I must indulge in a brief, cryptic bitter rant, just to get it out of my system: I hate double standards. I hate that what would be totally unacceptable from me is acceptable from her. I hate that certain fucking idiots are encouraging her, and I hate that there's not one damn thing I can do about it.

And that is all I have to say on the matter. Things will look better in the morning, after I've had some sleep - they always do. And there will be fun holiday things to post ^^

November 18, 2006
More Nocturne Things

I got through the end of the Fourth Kalpa the other day. While my last Nocturne post was spoiler-free, this one contains huge spoilers for the end of the Fourth Kalpa. You have been warned.

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November 16, 2006
Quick Heads-Up

For all the Lower Mainland people reading (probably also applicable to the Island and northern WA), boil your water.

Now, back to studying for Chem. And by 'studying for Chem', I mean 'trying to study for five minutes before going and playing video games'.

Nocturne Character and Ship Thoughts

Pretty much spoiler-free, but cut anyway, because it will likely be long, and nobody cares. Well, Megan might, but nobody else does XD; I know seventy hours in is possibly a big late in the game, but eh, whatever. It was on my mind last night after the fire alarm, though.

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I'm going to kill someone. I've had two hours of sleep. I have to be up in five hours for my crappy-ass Bio lab. The fire alarm just went off. When I find who's responsible, I am going to kill them, because I am sick and tired and do not appreciate being woken up at three am.

November 15, 2006
Gaming Things

I am sad that I no longer have a Nocturne gaming-buddy - guess it's just me and GameFAQs now. Poking around the Fourth Kalpa at the moment - I've been playing Psychonauts some, but I'm determined to collect _everything_, which gets a bit mind-numbing.

Also, damn you Atlus. The Persona 2 reissue is, of course, already out of stock again - used copies are still pretty cheap, but now I'm waffling about it. Particularly as I also really really want a DS. And need a cellphone. And thus possibly a job that gives me hours sometimes.

EDIT: Also, this game is never going to make me stop quoting Good Omens. For instance -
Map label: 'The Road to Hell'
Me: " paved with frozen door-to-door salesmen!"

Gay For Virgil

Screw Bridget, all the poets are gay for Virgil. No, really - I think I may have found something that tops the shameless fanboy-ism of the Divine Comedy. Tennyson's 'To Virgil' - I think the title alone says it all.

Though I still claim Dante/Virgil OTP!

(Paper is done, yaaaay)


What I want to be doing: Working on my Supernaturnal/DMC crossover (yeah, I caved)
What I am doing: Writing my English paper.

Shouldn't have put it off, argh. But nooo, I just had to let Rosie and Justin talk me into going to Metrotown today. I'm half done, which means I won't be up all night doing it, but damnit, I'm sick and tired, I want to sleep. And I'm still cellphoneless because of BC's age laws - I'm not of age here until next March, which means I can't enter into a legal contract, which means I can only get a pay-as-you-go phone which are even crappier deals than the contract plans.

On the plus side, I gave myself a much-needed little ego-boost today by dressing up some - there are few things more awesome than walking to Chem in big strappy platform boots, black jeans, black button-down and silver tie, and my black leather trenchcoat with 'Anarchy' playing on my mp3 player. Although the appreciative stares I got from a few of the Wargamers is up there - it's always nice having people appreciate my aesthetic.

Also, entirely unrelated, but I keep meaning to say it and forgetting - Jo from Supernatural is pretty much my Eva, age 18 or so, incarnate. Well, maybe more plaid flannel and less bell-bottoms, but with Eva, we're talking 60s, so it's understandable. But the looks? The inexperience? Hell yes.

November 14, 2006

Hey, New England people - when are your Christmas breaks, and what are your plans?

Trying to sort out what I'm doing.

November 13, 2006
Things I Have Learned

-The Wargamers are significantly more bent than I previously thought
-Bacardi 151 tastes like burning
-Real porn is kind of boring
-Total straightness in a guy is a turn-off
-Watching very tall guys making out with very short guys is funny XD;

Yeah, so, we had a little mini-Wargamers party Friday night. It was, in short, made of awesome. I got more tongue in one evening than I have ever, pretty much.

Yesterday was a little bit more low-key - my dad is visiting, so I went and had dinner with him and we wandered around some. Right now, I am off to go to the movies with him, w00t.

November 9, 2006
Some Stuff

The hard decision has been made. I wish I felt better about it, but hey, if it made me feel good it wouldn't have been a hard decision. I'm back up to my usual LJ-reading standards now (if you're on the flist, you're being read), although I'm still not going to be on AIM and MSN - need a bit more personal time, plus I have an English paper to write and people visiting this weekend (Speaking of, Matt, drop me an e-mail when you know when you're coming by).

It's almost sad how easy I am to cheer up, though XD; I came in and checked the caf menu after another walk on Wreck Beach, and was instantly happier when I saw it was taco night tonight. So yes. If you ever want to bribe me, food is probably a good way to do it.

November 8, 2006

Argh. Well, so much for a good grade in my Bio class - got 66% on the midterm, after scaling, mostly because apparently the answer he wanted to the second long essay question was something entirely different from what the question seemed to imply and thus what I wrote.

And I feel like ass today - I'm half-tempted to skip the MISA Undergrad Research Night tonight, even though it will probably be interesting and informative, in favor of sleeping. I'm also currently facing one of the harder decisions I've had to make in my life, and it's really not helping right now.

November 7, 2006

It says something about my inability to learn languages that I looked back at my notes from the last time I took Japanese, about a year and a half ago, and I have no idea what half the stuff I wrote means any more. Damnit, languages, why must you mock me D:?

I did make a minor break-through on the crab-thing, though, in finally managing to identify that they're poikilotherms. Found one article that might be helpful, except that while the library webpage claims we have an online subscription to the journal it was in, we apparently don't, because it keeps asking me for login info. If someone else has access and would like to e-mail me the PDF, I'd be eternally grateful - link is here.

EDIT: Skuld sent me a copy - thanks ♥


I have to say, while I didn't enjoy The Picture of Dorian Grey that much when I read it two summers ago (didn't hate it, but I found it hard to read), I am most thoroughly enjoying The Importance of Being Earnest XD;

Brief Update

I officially hate green shore crabs, I think. Yes, my Bio lab is made of lame. I have to write about the response we're measuring in our experiment, which basically boils down to metabolism, which is stupidly hard to find things on.

I've gone to the language circles at I. House for the last two weeks now, and there is one guy who keeps coming to the Japanese circle who makes me hurt inside. I can tell he means well, but he's one of those really loud people who thinks everything he says is a lot funnier than it actually is, and thus won't shut up. And his pronunciation is soul-burningly bad. And I've forgotten so much, I hate it.

Also, I really hope someone has written Supernatural/DMC crossover fic, because if they haven't, I'm going to have to, and that can't lead anywhere good.

November 6, 2006

I'm not going to be on a whole lot in the next week and a half - will still post and check LJ occasionally, but while I usually pretty much guarantee that if your on my flist, I'm reading your posts, this will not be true, and I will likely not be around MSN and AIM either. I will, however, be checking my e-mail regularly, still, so if you need or want to get in touch with me for whatever reason, that's the way to do it - cocoa[at]tokyo-tower[dot]org, same one I use for MSN.

This is partly because I've got lots of stuff to do in the next week and a half, including people visiting (yay!), and partly because I need a little time away from my internet life to work some stuff out. The second bit may take more than a week and a half, honestly...I'll let people know when I'm back around more.

November 5, 2006
Oh Hey.

Matt, what are you doing Friday Nov 17th? *has no idea when you get back to BC*

If the answer is nothing, and you'll be in Vancouver, you should come to sushi with me and some of the Wargamers. It's gonna be awesome, you'll like them.

November 4, 2006
It Appears I Have Made A Sandwich

I've finally got this layout I've been working on for the last two months cracked, I think. Need to run it by Jo first, if she's ever actually _on_, but I'm pleased. Maybe I can finally do up some new layouts for my stuff now.

The rest of the evening has been spent on Nocturne - got through one of the Fiend battle, and the main storyline boss battle after that, which leaves me stuck at the final Fiend battle. Argh. I can tell already it's going to be one of those ones that make me want to cry and/or throw my controller at walls, but I can't get any further until I've finished it, so I may as well just suck it up.

Also, Dutch lavender-flavored candies = strangely delicious.

EDIT: Also, why do I think Alexia and Chiaki would get along splendidly? If they didn't kill each other first, mind you.

November 3, 2006
Game List

Because kidavi inspired me - what I'm playing right now, and what I want to play, spoiler-free. Making lists, yay!

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November 2, 2006

Dear Atlus,

I'm going to come and kill all of you in your sleep. And then take your games.


I was price-checking the DDS and Persona games (the first because I've wanted them for a while, and the second because Megan's gameblogging has got me intrigued), and the first of each are $60 used on Amazon, and the second of each are more like $25. Tell me, oh wonderous internets - are they worth getting while they can still be had for under $50?


Went out for a very long walk - something between a walk and a hike, really - down to Tower Beach. I got rather thoroughly soaked, as it was raining, as well as being high tide, which means the beach doesn't quite exist in some spots, forcing me to dash through the surf and get my sneakers totally dripping wet.

But it was just want I needed - to step away from the internet, from school, from dorm stuff, from the rest of humanity, and to just chill. The combination of rain and high tide meant it was just me, the waves, and the seagulls, which was perfect.

So. Things are better now. Not totally perfect and wonderful, but life rarely is. I've been a right bitch to various people this week, and I'm sorry. I can't promise it won't happen again, but I promise I'll try.

And now, hot chocolate and video games are in order.

Dear World

Fuck you too.

No love,

(No, nothing big. Just a shitty week, and I'm in one of those moods where I feel like picking a fight with somebody - been on the verge of it all day. I recommend keeping your distance.)

Moment of Revelation

I want to cosplay default RE4 Leon (have for a while, actually), but I've been going 'augh, so expensive' about it. I've also been contemplating doing STARS!Wesker, instead. And then I realized that half their gear? The same XD; I'll have to whip out the RE Archives book and take a good look, but I might be able to do two costumes for the price of one, w00t.

November 1, 2006

I hate it in when IRL problems with people get in the way of fan-fun. I really want to go to Tales of Anime, but man, do I know a horribly awkward situation when I see it. Yaoicon was bad enough, and I had lots of other people to back me up, in a way, there. Almost all of whom will be at Sakuracon that weekend (not saying Yaoicon was bad - I had fun. But it would have been a lot more fun if not for a few other people there). And I have to worry about that if I go to AB, too. Because it seems like everybody else is friends with Claudia again - I don't hate her or anything, but oh so awkward.

And yeah, going to Sakuracon is an option, but that con fills me with hate, on principle, and there are people I want to see at ToA, too.

Weekend Adventures

Yes, I haven't forgotten about it. Party Friday was low-key, but nice - about half the people who said they were coming didn't, so there were ten of us. Managed to avoid any of the infamous dares by rocking at the earlier games, including carving the cutest pumpkin ever - a Bitey pumpkin! Bitey is Liz and company's cat, who is a big orange tabby who, well, bites everything. And I really do mean everything. I also discovered what being slighty tipsy is like, and how much it takes to get me there - five delicious mixed drinks (Liz = the drink-master) and one shot. I also learned that Matt has a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance for a skinny half-Asian kid.

Saturday and Sunday were a bit more low-key - went to the movies with Liz, Marina, and Elisha on Saturday. We saw Marie Antoinette, which was pretty, but really, really boring. Less that two hours long, but it felt like waaaay more. We also watched some Gankutsuou, which I totally need to see more of, and then went and hung out at Tim Horton's at one in the morning 'cause it was the only thing open and we didn't want to wake Brooke up.

Coming home Sunday, the ferry was running an hour and a half late. Which gave me lots of time to watch more Supernatural, but also meant I had to stand outside in the cold (it's been near-freezing all week) for half an hour waiting for the bus to come.

I've got photos from the party uploaded to my computer - not gonna post them, but if you want 'em, poke me on AIM or MSN.

Happy Halloween

A little bit late, but I hope everyone had a fun day. Mine was largely kind of 'meh', but more on that later, most likely. Thought I wasn't going to be doing any trick or treating this year, but I got pulled into doing Trick or Eat with some people on my floor, 'cause half the people who signed up never showed. We got lots of canned goods for the food bank, lots of candy for us, and my advisor dressed as a moose and we stole a shopping cart from Safeway. So that was fun.

And is it bad that I want a DS just so I can play Phoenix Wright? 'Cause I do. Anna, kidavi...I blame you two >.>